The relatively common condition can be avoided with proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.
The relatively common condition can be avoided with proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.
The causes of this painful condition are difficult to pin down. Just know to seek care ASAP.
Patients need to observe post-procedure measures. For adults, those include sexual restrictions.
Patients need to observe post-procedure measures. For adults, those include sexual restrictions.
As it turns out, a new study's findings may not be the great news some men might think it is.
How is the condition diagnosed and treated? More importantly, when?
How is the condition diagnosed and treated? More importantly, when?
Infant or adult males can be circumcised for religion, culture, health and aesthetic factors.
Infant or adult males can be circumcised for religion, culture, health and aesthetic factors.
There's no cure, but there are ways to improve sexual health if you have this condition.
There's no cure, but there are ways to improve sexual health if you have this condition.
The penis is unpredictable, and stiffness isn't always a marker of sexual arousal.
The penis is unpredictable, and stiffness isn't always a marker of sexual arousal.
The answer is tied to the length of sexual activity. And there is such a thing as too long.
Pelvic floor exercises can help with urinary incontinence and blood flow to the genitals.
Brevin Galloway signs an NIL agreement with Shinesty following a testicular torsion scare.
The surgery is typically fast and safe and requires minimal recovery time.
A twisted spermatic cord can quickly lead to dire consequences, such as the death of a testicle.
White males have the highest rates of the disease, likely due to a combination of factors.
Taking a stroll for as little as 30 minutes a day can improve sexual health.
Pain and inflammation of the head of the penis primarily affect men with blood sugar issues.
Let's take an uncut look at an online forum where users seek to undo their circumcisions.
Let's take an uncut look at an online forum where users seek to undo their circumcisions.
Let's take an uncut look at an online forum where users seek to undo their circumcisions.
What can you do if you experience medication-induced sex problems? Well…it's complicated.
What can you do if you experience medication-induced sex problems? Well…it's complicated.
What can you do if you experience medication-induced sex problems? Well…it's complicated.
Men who present with a bent penis may also have bent fingers.
Men who present with a bent penis may also have bent fingers.
After making the big decision about the little snip, the procedure went swimmingly.
After making the big decision about the little snip, the procedure went swimmingly.
Experts explain the muscles and tissues inside the phallus and how they form erections.
Experts explain the muscles and tissues inside the phallus and how they form erections.
Experts explain the muscles and tissues inside the phallus and how they form erections.
CPPS isn't one easy-to-define condition. It's a collection of symptoms diagnosed by exclusion.
CPPS isn't one easy-to-define condition. It's a collection of symptoms diagnosed by exclusion.
Genital length in paintings of male nudes has increased dramatically, a new study shows.
Size, shrinkage and how to gain length are concerns many men share.
Symptoms or not, schedule a prostate exam, a colonoscopy, cholesterol bloodwork and more.
Symptoms or not, schedule a prostate exam, a colonoscopy, cholesterol bloodwork and more.
It's a well-known term, but what exactly does it mean? Can your testicles actually turn blue?
Your phallus is an organ, not a muscle, so 'workouts' could be detrimental.
Ejaculate and the process that sends it out of the penis are both a bit complicated.
Short-term shrinkage is normal, but testes that continue to get smaller should be examined.
In addition to curvature, penile indentation is a common presentation of the condition.
Here's what your daybreak and nighttime erections can reveal about your sexual health.
Where you live, who performs it, your insurance plan and even time of year affect the price tag.
Testosterone replacement therapy is offered in many places. Good care goes beyond that.
Some types of bumps on your penis are more concerning than others.
Less invasive procedures are available for this painful and uncomfortable scrotal condition.
Understand what goes into treating the acute and chronic versions of the urological condition.
Everything you need to know about using vacuum devices designed for your phallus.
Seemingly spontaneous ED isn't typical, but it can happen and demands attention.
Why does my penis curve? Some men need to ask, and too few know the answer or the treatments.
Uncommon signs of this disease can point to other health problems, so don't ignore them.
Find out what can cause this buildup of scar tissue and how doctors can repair the urethra.
Despite a culture strong in morals, the Victorians were keen on what folks did in private.
As it turns out, the testes are very connected to your overall well-being.
Essentially a natural lubricant, the fluid may contain sperm and can carry infections.
After ejaculating, most men need some time before they're ready to go again.
The shape could be due to evolution or maybe chance, but at least those hard spines are gone.
It may feel unpleasant, but this condition is usually no reason to panic and is often treatable.
Age, weight and overall lifestyle can conspire to steal length—at least, by all appearances.
Normal levels of penile discharge vary widely but depend on the substance in question.
Robot-aided retroperitoneal lymph node dissection is a fairly new procedure with a big upside.
The medical community knows a lot about this penis condition, but misinformation persists.
Your chromosomes may play a large role in what's below the belt.
Though usually found in women, this STI can also hit men and potentially harm the urethra.
Find out why someone might need a testicle removed and if it could affect their sex life.
Diagnoses of these ailments, whether benign or malignant, are reasons to visit your doctor.
Testicles can be temperamental, so low-hangers are often nothing to worry about.
Blemishes and bumps might pop up down under, but most conditions are benign.
The autoimmune skin disease can spread from your arms to the area between your legs.
Men with diphallia, a rare congenital condition, may need surgery but can live a normal life.
Malignancies treated sooner rather than later can spare the patient a potential penectomy.
The link between men's cardiovascular health and sexual performance is difficult to overstate.
What's causing that pain down under doesn't necessarily have a hard-and-fast answer.
Many conditions, not just STIs, should make guys think about sheathing their sword more often.
While shrinkage does happen to the penis, it doesn't last forever.
Phimosis and paraphimosis can affect uncircumcised men, possibly to the point of surgery.
Dysfunction in this organ affects testosterone's availability and may inhibit erectile function.
Chronic conditions such as diabetes or MS may lead to a plunge in penile pleasure.
A complicated problem is fixed by a standard procedure with myriad paths to success.
You could be scratching your scrotum due to a number of causes.
The infusion gives people a roller coaster of sensations.
Primate study is the first to show SARS-CoV-2 infects prostate, penis and testicle tissues.
Too much or too little of the mineral can lead to ED, and sometimes the problem is hereditary.
Too much or too little of the mineral can lead to ED, and sometimes the problem is hereditary.
Most research is inconclusive, but men see results with meds, devices and injections.
Doctors need to determine the type of infection before they can prescribe the treatment.
Getting pierced in the privates has a few negatives, but the fun side is the payoff.
When your body is constantly aroused but your mind is not, daily life can get tricky.
Gamete morphology is as important as size and motility in terms of sexual health.
Yep, men can get UTIs; not as frequently as women do, but it still helps to know your risk.
Erectile dysfunction has multiple causes and treatments, but many patients get limited choices.
Erectile dysfunction has multiple causes and treatments, but many patients get limited choices.
As more male members flood the small screen, their presence becomes less and less shocking.
Difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating may have a mental or emotional reason.
Treatments and adjustments can help ensure the bend and intercourse remain compatible.
This treatment may be helpful for men struggling with ED due to psychological reasons.
If this important chemical messenger is out of balance, libido and mental health can suffer.
This centralized network of nerves and muscles can fall prey to painful problems. What helps?
From the unfortunate to the totally preventable, here are a few problems you want to avoid.
From the unfortunate to the totally preventable, here are a few problems you want to avoid.
Yes, men get the procedure, but it's meant to be permanent, so partners should learn the facts.
If you're planning to get some bling for your bone, you ought to consider several factors.
Platelet-rich plasma regenerative cell therapy shows promise for erectile dysfunction.
Predicting the timing of an HSV recurrence is impossible. Knowing what to look for isn't.
A negative view of your body could have a negative impact on your erections.
Choices you make—and some factors you can't control—may affect your sperm quality.
If the thought of waxing makes you wince, try these pro tips to make the process less painful.
Here's what you need to know if something goes severely wrong below the belt.
When your member is buried, it's still there but no longer visible on the outside.
Vasectomy methods vary, but they all involve vas deferens modifications to keep sperm confined.
When male breast tissue proliferates, ED can result, but the connections are complicated.
A little-known fibrous bundle in the perineum holds the key to male sexual happiness.
Simply letting soapy shower water run over your body parts doesn't cut it for daily maintenance.
You're acquainted with the downstairs neighbors, but you might not be familiar with their house.
The two organs control key underlying factors that support the entire process of erections.
If post-treatment fertility is an issue, take measures to preserve your chances to be a father.
Keeping prostate- and vascular-caused urinary symptoms in check may lead to better erections.
This routine procedure isn't limited to newborns.
Shortening the race by 20 kilometers wasn't enough to prevent the effects of extreme cold.
This benign scrotal condition is a mystery to most people. Get the basics and help your man.
The reason may not matter in the moment, but sometimes ED is the exception, not the rule.
If your hormones aren't in line, chances are your orgasms aren't, either.
If ED ruined your night of chocolate and roses, it's time to find the cause of a thorny issue.
Neuropathy and heart meds can affect results, but other options exist to treat dysfunction.
Your down-there companions have only a couple of functions, but they sure are busy.
Body-strengthening exercises can improve erectile dysfunction symptoms for many men.
Gains are within reach, but remember a couple of important caveats—and what's considered normal.
It's not always a sudden and forceful accident that brings agony to your penis or testicles.
Antidepressants, especially SSRIs, are effective for many men who ejaculate too quickly.
Specialized counselors shed light on hidden fertility issues, from sperm to disease.
Key differences between the primary and secondary types help determine the proper treatment.
The average length of the prepuce isn't easy to define, but it's also not a source of concern.
What is simultaneously chronic and stable? The second stage of the penile curvature disease.
Erections are all about blood flow, and high glucose levels can damage the passageways.
An estimated 50 percent of men with the penile disorder also suffer from depressive symptoms.
Erectile dysfunction fixes aren't one-size-fits-all. Most TV and online 'cures' are.
The noticeable bend of Peyronie's disease isn't always due to one distinct injury.
Tingling in your fingers and toes should ring alarm bells, and maybe your organ's death knell.
Poor management of blood glucose may impair the healing of tiny tears in penile tissue.
Even if the physiological side is good to go, the psychological side can battle the bulge.
Freezing testicular tissue is developing as an option for prepubescent boys—and some adults.
Given the close ties between the disease and ED, men should know more about high-tech tools.
An invasive procedure on your penis can be scary, but a skilled surgeon can straighten you out.
These suggestions may seem obvious, but you need to heed them—get in shape and see your doctor.
This excruciating and dangerous condition can lead to the loss of a testicle. Know what to do.
A recent analysis finds little association between front-pocket placement and infertility.
Stuttering priapism often resolves on its own—or may lead to the more harmful ischemic kind.
So you have a lump. Your medical team will likely use diagnostic images to investigate.
Men who lose member length after a radical prostate cancer procedure can get some of it back.
The conditions conspire to create what may seem to be an insurmountable twosome. It's not.
You may 'drink and know things,' but if you want to do things, put the alcohol down.
What's good for the ticker is great for the phallus, and caring for both is pretty simple.
Men, steer clear of knockoffs and get the real deal: safe and effective prescription ED meds.
Diabetes, thyroid disease and prostatitis are among the ailments potentially linked to PE.
Sexual health experts weigh in on what causes men's sex drives to change throughout their lives.
There's little harm in the DIY approach, but there's also little or no clinical advantage.
Surviving the disease isn't always the end of the psychological battle.
Positive, negative and traumatic experiences affect libido, but these situations can be managed.
If seminal fluid is out of balance, your gametes may not get to where they're going: the egg.
Testosterone supplements are not the solution when sperm production is the problem.
A new study shows an antidiabetic medication lowers testosterone, but doctors aren't concerned.
Treatments are available that can bypass the sensory input otherwise needed for erections.
Lube is generally comfortable and safe, but not all varieties are suited for any situation.
Varicoceles usually don't require treatment unless they affect quality of life or fertility.
Maintaining sexual function in the face of constant discomfort is a challenge, yes, but doable.
Genitalia clichés are based on dubious research, but their impact is no less real.
Both hypo- and hyperthyroidism are associated with ED, but treatment is available.
Both hypo- and hyperthyroidism are associated with ED, but treatment is available.
Your seminal fluid, thanks to certain antibodies, doesn't always recognize friendly forces.
What are they, who's in charge of them and how did they get into your food?
The disease, which gradually clogs arteries, can lead to erectile dysfunction and more.
Honest communication and an open mind are key when meeting a potential lover.
Early detection—no surprise—and a multispecialty effort may help you avoid a penectomy.
The three big weapons attack more than just cancer. Know how they might impact your body.
Some 'healthy' foods aren't a great choice for men with diabetes. Avoid this elevated-GI fare.
Orchiectomy is still the gold standard, but some men can retain part of their affected testicle.
STIs and urinary issues cause most cases, so prevent the former and address the latter quickly.
This minimally invasive procedure can be used both diagnostically and therapeutically.
Cortisol is essential in regulating your nervous system, but there's such a thing as too much.
If you're able to attain but not maintain an erection, faulty veins might be the problem.
A man's fertility status post-chemo depends on a lot of factors, but parenthood is possible.
Largely treatable in its early stages, this skin infection causes problems if left unabated.
Have your balls atrophied? Testosterone supplements, alcohol use or steroids may be the cause.
Ready to level up your solo sessions and partner sex? There's a toy for that.
Often mistaken for an STI, penile eczema is itchy, irritating and also emotionally painful.
A loss of sensation in your penis might originate elsewhere, but the causes can be treated.
Therapy with a significant other can help men cope with—or maybe even improve—erectile problems.
If climaxing is causing more 'ouch' than 'aah,' there could be a treatable source.
Reactions to radiation, chemotherapy or surgery vary, so educate yourself about what's coming.
What your penis hue says, if anything, about your health.
A condition called hematospermia is surprising but not likely serious. Learn about the causes.
Lymphedema of the penis and scrotum is rare, but serious cases may require surgery.
Research results are conflicting, but doctors warn weed won't do you any fertility favors.
No Nut November is a fun challenge, but don't buy into the fringe health benefit claims.
Surgery isn't an option in the penile condition's initial phase, but there are other choices.
For couples with male-factor infertility, IUI and ICSI are good alternatives to traditional IVF.
A urologist can determine whether your swollen scrotum needs treatment, and you have options.
The sexually transmitted disease's long-term health impacts can cause permanent complications.
This grown-up version of red light, green light can help men overcome premature ejaculation.
Most products haven't been tested or researched, so do your homework and talk to your doctor.
Most individual fertility issues can be assessed and treated, but some cases are 'unexplained.'
A years-long media push has boosted awareness and mental health regarding this penis condition.
Often overlooked in men, anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder have sexual side effects.
Making a splash outdoors sounds adventurous and sexy...but can it lead to diseases and STIs?
Two prevalent STIs make the list, but so do conditions not directly tied to reproduction.
The longtime actor stressed testing and early detection during his final months.
This penile condition causes tears and pain. It can be remedied, usually without circumcision.
SRPE, a rare disorder, can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn't affect your sexual function.
Talking will help in the long run, but pleasure can be achieved in the absence of an erection.
This congenital condition is often fixed in newborns, but if not, men can suffer its effects.
Anejaculation is the opposite of ejaculation and there are many reasons for it.
Treatment-resistant conditions dwell under the umbrella of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
Yes, inguinal hernia repair takes place near the sex organs. Don't assume the worst, though.
A blockage in the abdominal aorta limits blood flow to the legs and another important body part.
HPV causes more than 60 percent of cases—and most sexually active people have had it.
Addressing a lack of testosterone may head off blood sugar issues or help manage current ones.
Gentle, consistent cleaning is needed to keep uncircumcised penises healthy.
The absence of testosterone and other hormones may signal future bone loss.
Penis size surgery may seem perfect, but there are risks in getting too big for your britches.
From 'pencil dicks' to 'chodes,' the truth about average girth might surprise you.
Don't put it off any longer. It's time for a complete physical and other tests.
If you suffer from these conditions, update your menu with sources of flavonoids and lycopene.
The results might be less drastic than you think, but consider banking some sperm.
Urethra repair isn't any guy's dream, but this procedure is a long-term fix.
As an essential component of erections, NO can be a big yes in avoiding ED.
This generally harmless condition can still cause painful issues that men will need to address.
Whether men get circumcised for health or cosmetic issues, the outcomes are positive and proven.
Erections are great normally, but one that will not go away is a medical emergency.
A daily routine can aid the mind, body and soul—and maybe ease erectile dysfunction symptoms.
The causes of ED often differ between older and younger guys, but the effects are the same.
Men who want kids should know that getting their tobacco fix could be the same as getting fixed.
Managing both conditions comes down to common sense. Talking to your doctor is a great start.
Some things even you—an expert in the field—may not know about one of your favorite activities.
While this disease is uncommon, it's also dangerous, so early detection is key to beating it.
An analysis of nearly 200,000 men could lead to improvements in screening and prevention.
A glimpse at global stats reveals the extent of cultural and religious differences.
Check out this handful of surprising scourges—there are many—that can affect your 'handful.'
A well-known culprit in poor diets, excessive sodium can also directly affect erections.
Therapy designed specifically for sexual function bridges patients' mental and physical issues.
This congenital condition is rare, but some men learn about it when they're unable to conceive.
From hyperpigmentation to sun exposure, there are plenty of harmless explanations.
CAD is another heart condition tied to ED, but the impact can be lessened if you're proactive.
The 12-month study will try to shed light on a potential new way of healing penile scar tissue.
Studies indicate an indirect but important relationship between gum disease and ED.
Mental health issues can deliver a double whammy to erectile function, so weigh your options.
While mostly harmless, this fluid-filled sac in the scrotum can lead to the need for treatment.
A lump is the most common indicator—self-exams help—but be aware of other signs of the disease.
No one wants to contract an STD, but what if you get diagnosed with two of them? Ouch!
A penile fracture is a painful—and mercifully rare—injury that can occur during overzealous sex.
Breaking down taboo subjects is the first step to a fulfilling sex life.
Most guys may think lasting a long time in bed is a blessing, but for many, it's a curse.
It's true, STIs are a common source of epididymitis, but also be aware of other possible causes.
Whether soft or hard, some penises are veinier than others. Here's why.
Kick the cancer sticks or risk erectile dysfunction.
Guidelines among medical bodies vary, but testicular self-exams play a role in cancer detection.
Spermageddon is here, according to harrowing headlines. Are we really facing a coming crisis?
A newly dubbed condition has emerged from patient forums and is entering the mainstream.
Whether due to bacteria, STIs or prostate issues, unusual leaks are telling you to see a doctor.
Gels, injections, pellets, patches: Doctors weigh in on the best treatments for hypogonadism.
It's not a magic potion, but as part of a lifestyle, these foods can confer healthy rewards.
Healthy blood pressure equals healthy blood flow, which equals healthy erectile function.
The mechanics of diabetes-related damage are complicated, but controllable.
For men with retrograde ejaculation, the big O is accompanied by the big 0—as in no semen.
It's not dangerous, but it will cause inflammation of the dorsal vein in the penis—and pain.
Men shouldn't feel embarrassed to show a crotch-area outline while working out.
Men who are generously endowed—and their partners—will tell you to be careful what you wish for.
Procedures for BPH have side effects. A diminished sex life doesn't have to be one of them.
Depression and anxiety can cause ED, and vice versa, so tackling mental obstacles is vital.
The first can cause the second, which can be a sign of the first. It's all about blood flow.
Medical outcomes can be positive but leave patients unsatisfied if expectations aren't set.
Patients will hear a lot of diagnostic lingo before and during treatment. Here's what it means.
An osteoporosis drug is being studied for its potentially positive effects on male fertility.
No cardiologist, urologist or primary care doc can read minds. They can only help if they know.
Prolonged exposure to an elevated blood glucose level causes many issues. This test monitors it.
Ads for these sex health products make bold claims. But urologists know what really works.
Blood in your urine or other conditions that may need treatment. Let a urologist make that call.
The average age at diagnosis is just 33, but the reasons are mostly theoretical at this point.
Treatment takes a toll on the body, but you can take steps to manage day-to-day difficulties.
Mental struggles can impact your bedroom performance. Here's how to get out of your head.
They're OK as a starting point, but don't count on home kits to tell you everything.
After diabetes rendered standard ED fixes moot, I found a new sex life with an implant.
If the bend goes from mildly amusing to sexually detrimental, get serious about treating it.
The field of epigenetics is revealing reasons for potential infertility across generations.
Congenital abnormalities—passed down from dad or mom—play a role in some infertility cases.
Well done or rare, too much red meat might make for fewer erections.
Testosterone deficiency is common in men with diabetes, and that can lead to sexual dysfunction.
While rare, this inherited disorder causes issues for men who want to have children.
Here's what you should know if you're thinking of reversing 'the snip': It doesn't always work.
The infection in your urethra could be caused by a bacterium that experts are still studying.
The ancient practice's whole-body benefits could very well perk up certain pleasurable parts.
When cortisol circulates in excessive levels over time, sexual function may suffer.
You expect it to affect nerves in your feet and legs, but your testes? Yep, there, too.
No matter the size of your penis, you can still spark fireworks in the bedroom.
Not lasting long enough can have emotional and relationship consequences. Get answers.
Here's what's going to happen to your genitals as you get older, and it's not a pretty picture.
Lots of men struggle with infertility. Knowing the facts can help you avoid unnecessary shame.
It's probably time to stop caring about this totally normal phenomenon.
How much do you know about the process that factors heavily into male fertility?
If you're sprinting past the finish line too quickly, consider these lesser-known causes of PE.
Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes, but chronic stress can be a literal downer for guys.
Though advances in HIV treatment have raised survival rates, a higher cancer risk still exists.
Regular investigation can be an important part of preventative care.
Rare and benign, this condition causes a hard, swollen vein that can be uncomfortable.
Your brain and body depend on sugar, but how much is too much or not enough in your diet?
They're the key to success in male fertility, so know how to improve sperm quality.
Sometimes you feel more, sometimes less. Why does it change?
Learn about the environmental factors and products that can wreck a man's fertility.
Learning how to deal with this common penile birth defect can be a lifelong process.
Three procedures are lifting the look of this oft-ignored part of the body.
The color and consistency of your semen can clue you in on certain health issues.
Both hyper- and hypothyroidism can affect men's sexual function. The good news: treatment helps.
The ball is in your court when it comes to finding relief from this kind of genital pain.
Here are five tall tales about men and procreation that still make the rounds.
Let's find out what, exactly, drug use does to your swimmers.
Here's a look into whether these products are up to par with professional lab work and more.
Years of sexual experience don't make you immune to this common issue in the bedroom.
Penile dysmorphic disorder is real, and so are its potential effects on your sex life.
Separating fact from fiction about erectile dysfunction can help reignite your sex life.
Just like other parts of the body, your genitals can benefit from antioxidant-rich foods.
Addressing the symptoms of this scrotum condition is simple enough, even if you can't avoid it.
A decrease in semen volume can be caused by many factors, as well as indicate other troubles.
Fatigue, insomnia, mood swings and hair loss are just a few of the far-reaching effects.
Floppy members could be a real problem, but NASA’s lips are sealed.
Here's how the STI can progress from infection to non-erection—and how to avoid it.
Here's how to talk with your healthcare provider about the swelling in your scrotum.
Learn how to protect your ability to have children before, during and after treatment.
Lots of penises have a curve, slight or significant, but when is it worth considering surgery?
More reasons not to use anabolic steroids: Shrunken balls, low sperm count and infertility.
Research suggests prostate cancer is deadlier and more likely to reoccur among smokers.
From fractures to curves, here's a hard look into lesser-known penis problems.
Certain dietary and lifestyle changes can tame inflammation and improve your libido.
If you're anxious about having a testicle or lymph nodes removed, learn what you need to know.
UTIs are always a nuisance, but if they're happening with regularity, it's time to see a doctor.
Knowing the process can take the anxiety out of getting tested for erectile dysfunction.
Find out what genes and family history have to say when it comes to testicular cancer.
Never ignore pain in your penis, because it may indicate a serious underlying problem.
Most men will experience some form of ED, but these numbers are clues to reducing your risk.
A surprising cause of erectile dysfunction is an overload of an essential mineral.
A medication commonly used to treat hair loss has been linked with erectile dysfunction.
Cancer of your penis? It can happen. Find out how to identify and treat it.
Here's what to do if you've been overenthusiastic or careless with your friend downstairs.
Your desk-jockey and couch-potato habits might impact your chance of having kids.
Getting regular genital exams is an important part of preventive health care.
From finding a facility to providing blood and a semen sample, here's how the process goes.
Testicular cancer is traumatic, but understanding the side effects of treatment is vital, too.
Swollen veins in a man's scrotum can affect his life and, by extension, yours.
Knowing what causes it can certainly help you avoid it. We're here to help.
Learn the differences between the two forms of this testicle condition and what you can do.
Beyond prostate issues, several other conditions may be causing your frequent bathroom trips.
Younger guys facing trauma-induced erectile dysfunction can consider penile revascularization.
The start-stop and squeeze methods can address PE and improve your sex life.
If your boys hurt all the time, it may be a sign of this serious condition.
Certain healthy lifestyle behaviors can 'energize' your sperm and improve their motility.
A traumatic brain injury can significantly impact sexual function, both physically and mentally.
Priapism may be fodder for comedians, but it can also cause long-term damage.
Support a partner with perceived ejaculate volume reduction by taking a proactive approach.
Here are some tips to beat breast tissue development and help you in the bedroom.
Here's what you need to know about the physical symptoms that might point to epididymitis.
Help your partner manage these conditions so both of you can enjoy a satisfying sex life.
Find out if testosterone replacement therapy can restore the energy and sex drive you've lost.
Penile curvature can make sex uncomfortable. Learn the moves that hit all the right angles.
Dive into the facts about erectile dysfunction and blood pressure medication.
Like the other parts of your body, your prostate needs the right foods to stay healthy.
Learn about non-invasive treatment options that can perk up your sex life.
A blow to the testicles isn't always a cause for concern, but it helps to know why it hurts.
If you're having trouble getting ready for love, your beer belly could be the culprit.
Urinary tract infections are less likely in men than women, but they happen—here's what to know.
What's the deal with the veins in your penis? And what should be a cause for concern?
No one's genitals are immune to this irritating fungus. But you can do something about it.
Men who want to be a father can make lifestyle changes to ensure they produce quality sperm.
Correcting this penile birth defect may boost self-confidence, but be aware of the risks.
Here are some nuggets of information about everything that's packed into the scrotum.
Check out the pros and cons of each procedure, because only you can choose what's right for you.
Various health issues can cause blockages for your sperm—and fertility.
Optimal sperm health benefits from a well-regulated scrotal environment.
Foreskin or no foreskin, your bits need a good cleaning. Find out how to get in there properly.
Many men enjoy a few drinks now and then, but such consumption carries sexual side effects.
Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, but that doesn't mean you can't prevent it.
Discovering why you aren't feeling it like you used to can help improve your sex life.
Sex may change with age, but these six tips will help keep you active and satisfied.
The virus may be responsible for your erections—or lack thereof.
The (bad) choices you make in five areas could increase your chances for erectile dysfunction.
Even after 'the snip,' you can still enjoy a robust sex life, without the fear of pregnancy.
Experiencing an erection while pooping isn't abnormal, but it's also probably not recurring.
Your self-exam in the shower is just the first of many possible tests your doctor may recommend.
Breaking a sweat may be your secret weapon in the fight against erectile dysfunction.
You can't always prevent fertility problems, but you can avoid some of the risk factors.
Certain genetic disorders can cause infertility in men, but treatment options are available.
This penile birth defect has a few ramifications, but men can overcome them all.
Testicular cancer has a superb survival rate, but you need to get some details ASAP.
Since the two conditions are so closely tied together, treating one should improve both.
The verdict is in: Good cardiovascular health is essential for keeping your hard-ons hard.
Even young men can suffer from the psychological and physical reasons guys can't get it up.
It can be administered in five ways, three of which are at-home easy.
Surgery. Chemo. Radiation. They're all options. Here's what they might mean to your life.
An awkward-sounding procedure is really a simple, effective and important diagnostic test.
Learn how the shape and swimming style of sperm affect male fertility.
It makes up a fraction of your penis, but the glans is pivotal to male health and sexuality.
Kidney disease can cause sexual problems, but you have options to treat one and avoid the other.
Tobacco can have a negative impact on many aspects of your health—including your sex life.
Unexpected scrotum dampness can point to something beyond being too warm.
Penile injection therapy is often used as a second-line treatment for erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction isn't just about your penis—often it's a sign of other health problems.
Beat premature ejaculation with gels, sprays and condoms that decrease sensation.
From causing bad moods to ED, low testosterone can take a toll. Here's how to help your partner.
If you notice a discharge from your penis, STIs aren't the only cause.
Don’t panic—here’s when to seek professional help about changes to your private parts.
Learn what you can do to maintain your erections so diabetes won't wreck your love life.
Knowing when your boys need an intervention—and acting quickly—could be the key to keeping them.
Several factors play a role in the frequency of visits to this specialist.
Examining your testes regularly may help you detect abnormalities, including testicular cancer.
Diabetic men are more prone to erectile issues than men at large. Get answers that help.
They work for many men, but erectile dysfunction medications have potential complications.
This common condition in the scrotum can sometimes disguise a more serious genital issue.
So, like, what happens when you get stuck inside a vagina?
Before you go seeking new highs, check that these products won't put you at new lows.
You shouldn't ignore either testicular condition, so take the time to get to know both of them.
Pain reduction, curvature improvement and sexual function restoration are all possible.
They're not a solution of first resort, but may help if you've run out of other options.
If your jizz is yellow, there’s probably no need to worry.
Reaching for the scalpel may not be the first option for dealing with varicoceles anymore.
Recreational use is one thing, but younger guys who need ED meds may have other issues.
Treating one condition can often help with the other—if you're willing to talk about them.
A loved one can make a real difference after a man receives a testicular cancer diagnosis.
Nighttime erections aren't just a weird penis feature. They're an indication of overall health.
If your doctor recommends treatment for prostate cancer, pick the path that's best for you.
Research gaps prevent us from knowing the full repercussions of HIV and AIDS on fertility.
Immediate side effects are well-known, but what happens after years or decades is less clear.
An Italian study indicates getting COVID-19 could mean erectile issues for younger guys.
You need to be aware of how these conditions can affect fertility.
Working on your solo game can open new doors with your partner, too.
More men are discovering that their partners prefer some grooming below the belt.
If you've ever wondered, 'Will my penis fit in there,' it's best to assume the answer is no.
An absence of sperm could go undetected without intervention and seriously impact fertility.
For guys concerned about their performance, every minute matters.
Men make up one-third of infertility cases. Here’s what they can be doing to turn that around.
How much does your state of mind shape your sexual health?
How much does your state of mind shape your sexual health?
These unpredictable attackers are a significant but often beatable factor in infertility.
Some men with benign prostatic hyperplasia may develop ED, but treatment options are available.
Pain and erectile issues are just two of the reasons to call the doctor—the sooner the better.
Varicoceles are the most commonly identified and correctable cause of male infertility.
Cancer may take your testicles, but it can't take your manhood.
Surprise: Your regular STI screening doesn't include one. Here's why it's best to be proactive.
If your scrotum is swollen, you may have a hydrocele. Here's what you need to know.
Penis and testicle conditions are more common than you may think. Here's what you need to know.
Taking small steps can protect your sexual health. Learn more about your penis and testicles.
There's more to your genitals than meets the eye. Positive habits can keep you in the clear.
You beat testicular cancer. Here's how life may look for you now.
Testicular cancer is curable if detected and treated early. Here's what every man should know.
About 1 in 250 men in the U.S. will develop testicular cancer. Here's what you need to know.
PE can strain any relationship. Recognizing the issue is the first step to fixing the problem.
Diagnosed in boys after birth, hypospadias is a urological condition that is highly treatable.
No erect penis is perfectly straight, but a strong curve could indicate Peyronie's disease.
Although epididymitis is a common genital inflammation, it's still largely unknown. Learn more.
ED can have a wide-ranging impact on more than just your sex life, but you don't have to let it.
Understand your options and choose the right treatment for you.
Because the penis plays a vital role in bodily functions, maintaining its health is essential.
Some exercises purport to add length to your 'love muscle.' Hey, it's worth a shot!
In addition to a lump in the testicles, lesser known symptoms should also get your attention.
One of the most common cancers in men under age 44, testicular cancer is highly treatable.
When standard chemo doesn't work, stem-cell transplants act as a second line of defense.
Pleasure is only the beginning. Did you know orgasms can also be beneficial to your health?
A mindful nutrition plan can help reduce the severity of symptoms
Many physical and mental health conditions, as well as lifestyle choices, can affect ED.
The short answer is yes, but the path to diagnosing it is much more complex.
Treatment for testicular cancer can affect the survivor, both physically and psychologically.
Increasing blood flow is the key to this innovative use of stents to aid erectile dysfunction.
The size of a man's testicles can provide a fascinating insight into his well-being.
Amphetamines won't impact your sexual health permanently, but it's normal to be concerned.
Cancer has men thinking about their future children—whether they planned to have them or not.
Nothing prepares you for a drug that wipes out everything in its path—even testicular cancer.
Let's discover the truth behind some important misconceptions about testicular cancer.
Clearing up some bad info about conditions from premature ejaculation to testicular cancer.
All those lies older kids told you in the schoolyard debunked at last.
Scientific evidence is piling up: Modern men are beginning to lose their reproductive prowess.
Low-T is common in many middle-aged men and can stem from a number of causes, including aging.
Feeling depressed? Forget the social stigma and get help—for your body as much as your mind.
If you're struggling to stay erect, your first call should probably be to your cardiologist.
If you're struggling to stay erect, your first call should probably be to your cardiologist.
An early-stage testicular cancer diagnosis could mean cutting radioactive scans down by half.
Male breast enlargement and erectile dysfunction share a common cause, but both can be treated.
If you have urination difficulties, identify the root cause so you can receive appropriate care.
Most dudes are familiar with the sensation, but it's nothing to get your boxers in a wad about.
Testosterone greatly contributes to a man's physical development and overall sex drive.
Scientific advances in conception continue to offer fresh hope for men facing infertility.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
From medical checkups to lifestyle choices, stay on top of your reproductive health.
Many times it's no big deal, but there may be situations where shrinkage is more serious.
Lowered sex drive is among the most common—but least discussed—symptoms of treatment.
A man's penis may curve for a number of normal and harmless reasons. But some require attention.
No two dicks are the same, and that slight arc might actually improve your sex life.
Men can get yeast infections, too, and just knowing that fact can help you prevent them.
Hypospadias, repaired or not, leads to numerous issues, but treatment and support are available.
Know how to spot chlamydia, the most commonly reported STD among U.S. adults.
Sure, check up on your swimmers in the privacy of your home—but only as preliminary research.
Your whole body—including, yes, your genitals—changes as you age. But your boys are not doomed.
A health scare leads a teacher to become an advocate for men's health.
Self-pleasure can be casual or a big event, but in any case, it has some great benefits.
There may be reasons for the rumors, but no actual proof that vasectomies contribute to ED.
With specific care and attention, you can keep this unwelcome penis affliction at bay.
Technology has made testicle implants realistic, but the surgery carries risks, and costs.
You're in bed, but your partner can't get or stay hard; and won't talk about it. Now what?
Inflammation of the epididymis can be painful and dangerous. Here’s what you need to know.
You had a vasectomy, but now you want to conceive. What are your options?
Penile implants may be one of your best options if you have erectile dysfunction.
ED affects millions of men, across sexualities, and treatment is available for any and all.
This penis condition is common but not well understood. Know how to debunk balanitis myths.
Here's a guide on how to avoid it—and treat it if you get it.
From berries to meat to fish, check out our menu of nutritious foods with powerful benefits.
It's a remarkably common phenomenon, but some PE cases may be more problematic than others.
Aesthetic surgery involving the male genitalia is an ancient practice. Know the facts.
Here's what it means when nothing comes out.
This swelling of veins in the scrotum can cause concern but is mostly benign. Get the facts.
Considering a penile implant to cope with erectile dysfunction? Knowing the facts can help.
If you plan to wait before starting a family, consider the role age plays in male fertility.
Dating is stressful enough without having to teach your partner all about your ED.
Unhappy about the size of your penis? Consider penoplasty, or plastic surgery of the penis.
The show's revealing 'dick montage' has helped normalize the flaccid member.
Learn about your spunk—it can tell you a lot about your health.
Find out the facts behind the stories people believe about this common prostate condition.
We’re shedding light on some misunderstandings about the testicular condition called hydroceles.
What you think you know about Peyronie’s and late-onset penile curvature might be wrong.
Trichomoniasis can be symptomless, which makes awareness and routine screenings paramount.
How delaying climax can help your hard-on.
Giving birth to a baby with hypospadias causes new circumcision considerations.
The male reproductive system may look uncomplicated, but there’s a lot going on down there.
Penises come in all sizes and shapes. Learn to love what you have.
Couples should know the pros and cons before deciding on a vasectomy or tubal ligation.
Whether you’re planning to have a family now or later, here’s what to know about healthy sperm.
Electronics have been linked to male infertility, but men can take steps to reduce the risks.
Caring for an uncircumcised penis requires diligence, but some simple steps can make it easier.
Your skin may be affected by sex more than you think, for better and for worse.
Is your limp response to booze a one-night thing or a persistent problem?
Learn how chlamydia is related to erectile dysfunction, and what you can do to protect yourself.
Cycling is good for you, but understand the factors that might affect your sexual performance.
Intense cycling can involve hours of pressure on your most vulnerable areas. Should you worry?
It’s already getting you through your day. Can coffee get you through sex, as well?
It’s no secret that alcohol makes it hard to get hard, but why, and what can you do about it?
Long story short: Cocaine use can make it difficult for a guy to get an erection.
Rethinking your sex positions may lead to a solution for lasting longer in bed.
While men may give their foreskin little thought, it can be a source of confusion for women.
If you have perceived ejaculate volume reduction, try these easy steps to address it.
Epididymitis is a common condition in men between ages 14 and 35 that may cause infertility.
Even after treatment, this birth defect of the penis may pose complications to patients.
It may cause changes down there, but testicular cancer likely won’t impact your sexual ability.
Taking a few minutes to conduct a self-exam of your testicles could be a lifesaving decision.
Implants are an option for men with erectile dysfunction, but largely as a final option.
It’s difficult to detect, but if a varicocele goes unnoticed, serious consequences can occur.
A varicocele may cause infertility, though the extent of a direct connection is still unclear.
Penis health isn’t all you should focus on. Don’t forget about your testicles.
While not usually serious on their own, hydroceles can extend their reach if left untreated.
The extra layer of skin on an uncircumcised penis can cause some specific health issues for men.
If you’re considering the procedure, it’s time to learn the pros and cons of circumcision.
While most males were circumcised as babies, some adult men are choosing to undergo the snip.
A penis curvature often caused by trauma, Peyronie’s disease can affect your comfort during sex.
A little known disorder, Peyronie’s can affect the appearance and function of your penis.
You’ve survived testicular cancer. That’s the good news. Now, let’s consider what comes next.
A decline in penis sensitivity can be a hurdle, but there are ways to bring the feeling back.
Your semen quality could be an indicator of your overall health, for better or worse.
Popular ED medications can be abused if you don’t follow doctor’s orders.
It’s possible for a man to 'break' his penis, which could cause a long-term health concern.
Because the causes of PE are so varied, finding the right treatment option can be a challenge.
There’s much to consider before getting a vasectomy. Here are the things you need to know.
So you went through with 'The Snip.' Now what?
A healthy sperm count points to good overall health, so keep your count high with these tips.
Facing fertility issues? Treatments and lifestyle changes can bring new life to your sperm.
Safe hygiene habits are a good place to start when it comes to improving your sexual health.
Penis discomfort is not uncommon, but it’s important to identify the problem and seek help.
It’s all fun and games, until the post-shave itch begins. Here’s how to avoid it.
Even if you don’t think grooming the pubic area is important, a current or future partner might.
Not ready to take on waxing certain areas at home? You have options.
Waxing is by far the superior hair-removal method, but it’s still a mystery to many men.