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Don't let the stigma and misconceptions about syphilis make a diagnosis worse than it is.
The sexually transmitted infection (STI) develops over time with different signs and symptoms.
There may be no symptoms but regular testing is crucial to avoid serious outcomes.
No longer a death sentence, this STD can be treated successfully—but it must be diagnosed early.
The state's number of infants delivered with the STD increased from 8 to 106 in five years.
To prevent serious problems from this STD, early treatment and frequent testing are essential.
Although the STD can be cured in this phase, the further stages may not be as manageable.
Failing public health systems may be responsible for the lack of timely treatment that cures CS.
Testing for this STD is most often a two-step process, but those steps may vary.
'The Great Pox' was a brutal, deadly disease that wreaked havoc on the world for centuries.