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Here's a guide to what you need to know. The first priority is screening.
New research highlights a possible gap in screening for the disease in the 65-plus population.
These exams may seem intimidating but can be quick and easy. They may also save your life.
The 'why' of the increase is unknown, but a new study shows the need for screening and vaccines.
Most cases are caused by HPV, but a small risk exists for people who aren't sexually active.
A new study reaffirms a strong link between this gynecological cancer and human papillomavirus.
Female-to-male patients with cervixes often fall through the gaps for serious health procedures.
Determining risk for this deadly disease is difficult, but cutting-edge research shows promise.
If a Pap test reveals abnormal cells, you may undergo a loop electrosurgical excision procedure.
This treatment option may encourage the cervix to produce normal cells.