Identity and Sexuality

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Narrowing the gender gap and maintaining women's rights improves entire communities.
There's pleasure to be found in a sustainable future.
LGBTQ+ discrimination in healthcare is prevalent. More so than for cishet patients.
While many sexual preferences can be fluid, an abrosexual person can change quickly and often.
Queer people have always been part of society, but polls show more people being open about it.
Zachary Gerdes, Ph.D. draws on scientific research to explain what it means to be a man.
The first ban on transition healthcare for trans youth is also the first ban to be overturned.
These decisions partially buck a recent trend of restrictive gender-affirming care laws.
The nonprofit organization released a historic national emergency declaration on June 5.
Historian Sandra Eder discusses how physicians 'invented' roles for the sexes in the 1950s.