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More than 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes. Half of those don't even know they have it.
A study suggests the practice might help people with prediabetes prevent progression.
Men with the disease are more prone to developing ED at a younger age than those without it.
When I was diagnosed at 17, I didn't realize the impact it would have on my intimacy.
A diagnosis may sound demoralizing, but this condition doesn't have to lead to diabetes.
The new drug, Mounjaro, lowers blood-sugar levels, a proven boon to overall and sexual health.
Researchers unearthed a potential connection between metformin and genital defects in baby boys.
Boosting microRNA-210 could curb vascular damage, study suggests, and possibly any resulting ED.
Managing diabetes may feel like an uphill battle, but the climb is simpler than you think.
Erections are all about blood flow, and high glucose levels can damage the passageways.