Diabetes can cause side effects in unexpected ways and places, especially in the bedroom.
Studies of testosterone's effect on diabetes also offer insights into erectile dysfunction.
The link between ED and diabetes is clear, but your doctor can tell you more.
Challenges of diabetes and erectile dysfunction are intertwined but readily manageable.
If you're diabetic and struggling with sexual dysfunction, the two may be connected.
Since the two conditions are so closely tied together, treating one should improve both.
Whether T2 is a new or old challenge in your life, these refresher FAQs can help.
You expect it to affect nerves in your feet and legs, but your testicles? Yep, there, too.
It's not a magic potion, but as part of a lifestyle, these foods can confer healthy rewards.
A new study shows an antidiabetic medication lowers testosterone, but doctors aren't concerned.
A new diagnosis can be overwhelming, but with practice, you can learn to control the disease.
Diabetes comes with many secondary complications, including potential sleep problems.
Given the close ties between the disease and ED, men should know more about high-tech tools.
The tingling in your fingers and toes could indicate future penile problems for men.
Erections are all about blood flow, and high glucose levels can damage the passageways.
Managing diabetes may feel like an uphill battle, but the climb is simpler than you think.
If you have diabetes, you have an elevated risk of ED. Find out what you can do about it.
Researchers unearthed a potential connection between metformin and genital defects in baby boys.
Boosting microRNA-210 could curb vascular damage, study suggests, and possibly any resulting ED.
The new drug, Mounjaro, lowers blood-sugar levels, a proven boon to overall and sexual health.
A diagnosis may sound demoralizing, but this condition doesn't have to lead to diabetes.
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When I was diagnosed at 17, I didn't realize the impact it would have on my intimacy.
A man with diabetes stands near trees with his back to the camera with a glucose meter on his arm.
Men with the disease are more prone to developing ED at a younger age than those without it.
Acupuncture is performed on the back of a man.
A study suggests the practice might help people with prediabetes prevent progression.
A woman pinches part of her stomach while administering an insulin injection.
More than 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes. Half of those don't even know they have it.
A doctor sits at a table explaining diabetes symptoms to a man on the other side.
There are key differences between types 1 and 2 of this life-changing, chronic health condition.
an older man in a track jacket sips from a blue water bottle
These are the indicators of what could become a lifelong chronic health condition.
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You can mitigate the effects of this disease and live a fulfilling life—a great sex life, too.
A glucose machine is in the center of a blue male glyph.
ED, Peyronie's, low-T and other conditions have been tied to the chronic disease.
woman in gray cardigan checks her blood sugar on her finger tip
Females with the disease report vaginal dryness, low desire, painful sex and more symptoms.
a man and woman sit at kitchen counter and check her blood sugar on her fingertip
Lifestyle modifications and medications allow patients to live long, fulfilling lives.
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Erections, libido and ejaculation can all fall victim to this chronic condition.
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Panelists discuss the benefits of real-time diabetes technology and the need for more access.
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Start now on diabetes prevention. Its risk factors are modifiable with lifestyle adaptations.
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Urinary tract infections are a common complication of high blood sugar, but there are solutions.
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The risk factors for both are mostly influenced by an individual's age and obesity.