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Austin Harvey

Austin Harvey is a 25-year-old writer from Pittsburgh, PA currently living in a one-bedroom apartment with several houseplants and ADHD. He enjoys puns and is best known as, “that tall white guy that looks like some actor, vaguely.”

Men's Grooming and Hygiene

You're No Less a Man if You Can't Grow a Beard

Facial hair is often tied to 'masculinity,' but maybe our definition of the word is flawed.

By Austin Harvey

Understanding Your Physical Health

Don't Forget to Improve Your Memory

We can all be forgetful, but some simple habits, and a new perspective, can ease the burden.

By Austin Harvey

Penis and Testicle Conditions

The Straight Facts About Reconstructive Surgery for Peyronie's Disease

An invasive procedure on your penis can be scary, but a skilled surgeon can straighten you out.

By Austin Harvey

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

5 Do's and Don'ts for Improved Genital Health

These suggestions may seem obvious, but you need to heed them—get in shape and see your doctor.

By Austin Harvey

Understanding Reproductive Health

Know What Can Interfere With Your Birth Control

No matter what contraceptive you use, there are factors that can complicate things.

By Austin Harvey

Pregnancy and Postpartum Life

Relaxation Techniques to Practice During Pregnancy

Stress can be detrimental to mother and baby, but these expert tips can help.

By Austin Harvey

Understanding Your Vagina

​​Vaginal CBD Suppositories May Have Benefits, But Doctors Are Wary

Until more research is done, the FDA and physicians advise caution with this delivery method.

By Austin Harvey