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Eddie is an innovative device designed to treat ED comfortably.

In other words, we’re much more than a cock ring.


“Giddy solves the problem 100% ... it allows us to slow down and relax more, which has emotional benefits.”

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Eddie: Backed by Science, Designed for Comfort

An over-the-counter, body-safe, natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

5 Reasons to Choose Eddie

Why our ED device is preferred to other ED treatments:

  1. Proven effective.
  2. Designed for comfort.
  3. Prescription-free.
  4. No side effects of ED pills.
  5. Lower cost.

Easy to Size

Eddie is available in four sizes

Eddie is available in 4 sizes. Refer to the Size Chart, which uses your condom size or girth measurements, to find which Eddie is right for you. Getting the right size is crucial to maximizing Eddie’s effectiveness, so we offer Size Insurance at checkout that guarantees you can resize your Eddie for free until you’re satisfied.

Eddie with comfort tension band

Sleeker. Smarter. Sexier.

Order here
Eddie with comfort tension band

Sleeker. Smarter. Sexier.

Order here

Compared to Other ED Products

Eddie by Giddy

  • Proven effective
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Prescription-free
  • No side effects of ED drugs
  • Low price

ED Meds

  • Questionable effectiveness
  • Doctor visit & prescription required
  • Dangerous with certain medical conditions
  • Can cause harsh side effects
  • High annual cost

Pumps & Rings

  • Questionable effectiveness
  • Can cause pain, bruising
  • Can cause retrograde ejaculation
  • Sometimes awkward, embarrassing to use
  • Lengthy prep time

Your Experts

We assembled a team of experts to help you on your journey to better sex, and a more fulfilling life. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences helped create the ED Guide video series, which addresses the mental, emotional, and relationship aspects of ED.

Rachel Madorsky

Rachel Madorsky

Couples' Therapist and Dating Coach

Dr. Edwin Morales

Dr. Morales


Dr. Bob Harding

Dr. Harding

Integrative & Functional Medicine

Dr. Lauryn Lax

Dr. Lax

Integrative & Functional Medicine

Dr. Susan Ansorge

Dr. Ansorge


Dr. Chris Kyle

Dr. Kyle


How to Order




  • 1 Eddie
  • 3 Comfort Tension Bands
  • 3 Sport Tension Bands
  • Bonus content for date nights
  • Instructions for Use and product details
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Best Value



  • 2 Eddies
  • 6 Comfort Tension Bands
  • 6 Sport Tension Bands
  • Bonus content for date nights
  • Instructions for Use and product details
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Carrying Case



A flexible carrying case for Eddie and tension bands. Made of soft, durable silicone, the case can securely store 1 Eddie and multiple tension bands.

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Money-Back Guarantee

We want men and their partners to feel confident and stress-free about Eddie. That’s why all customers are eligible for a refund within the first 60 days of receiving their order (fees apply).

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does Giddy treat ED?

Eddie by Giddy is a wearable, utility-patented, FDA Registered Class II Medical Device designed to help men with erectile dysfunction (ED) maintain sufficient penile rigidity.

Our educational video series, called the ED Guide, was designed to help men and their partners with the mental, emotional, and relationship aspects of ED. The ED Guide is led by experts in urology, psychology, functional medicine, nutrition, fitness and more.

After placing an order, you will receive your Eddie in a discreet, unbranded package. Once received, follow the instructions included in the box to access your Giddy account dashboard and personalized ED Guide video series.

How do you wear Eddie?

Eddie can be applied whether your penis is soft or hard. First, place Eddie at the base of your penis, in front of your testicles, with the opening (or the “legs” of the device) facing down. There’s no front or back to Eddie; your penis can be inserted into either side of the opening.

Once your device is around the base of your penis, apply one of the tension bands by firmly holding the easy-grip tabs on either side of the band, and stretching it around the legs of the device. Use whichever tension band (Comfort or Sport) provides the desired strength of constriction from the device. Alternative methods are available for those with limited hand strength. For more information, please reach out to us at [email protected]

When do I put on Eddie?

Eddie can be applied during any stage of an erection; from flaccid to erect. Some of our customers find it easier to put Eddie on while their penis is soft, while others find it easier to put the device on while fully erect. Put on Eddie before or during foreplay, or before sexual intercourse; whatever provides the best result for you and/or your partner.

While Eddie by itself was not designed to help you achieve an erection, the ED Guide video series provides information and exercises about sex, intimacy, arousal, achieving erections, and more. Before using Eddie with a partner, we recommend using it alone first; to become familiar with wearing and removing the device and tension bands.

How is Eddie different from a cock ring?
  1. Eddie is an FDA-Registered, Class II Medical Device developed by urologists and engineers specifically to help men maintain an erection.

  2. Eddie features a groundbreaking educational video series called the ED Guide that focuses on the mental, emotional, and relationship aspects of ED.

  3. The design of cock rings is flawed. Cock rings are shaped like a circle, which can be uncomfortable to wear on your penis because the penis is actually shaped like an oval.

  4. The utility patented “omega” shape of Eddie was designed to fit the penis more comfortably, as it conforms to the natural physiology of an erection.

  5. Eddie comes with variable strength tension bands that offer better comfort, and a more customizable for whatever you’re feeling in the moment. Easy-grip tabs on the bands make them easy to hold, pull, and use with the device.

  6. Instead of a solid, closed cock ring that can be difficult to remove, Eddie features a fast and convenient quick release mechanism.

  7. Cock rings are usually made of basic materials like metal, glass, or even wood. Eddie is made from medical-grade polycarbonate/ABS alloy and coated in proprietary thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

  8. Eddie is available in 4 sizes (A, B, C, and D), fitting approximately 98.99% of American men.

How long will Eddie last?

For cleanliness purposes we recommend replacing your Eddie every 4 months, or as needed based on your frequency of use. Because tension is applied with each use, your Eddie and tension bands will naturally stretch and lose tension over time. You may also replace your Eddie if you have changed sexual partners, or if you or your partner is suffering from a contagious medical condition.

What if I want a different size?

If you receive your Eddie and think you need a different size, we recommend watching our quick video about how your device was designed to feel; it won’t feel like traditional constriction devices (cock rings) or other products you may have tried in the past. To watch the video, click here.

If you purchase Size Insurance, we will happily provide a resized device free of charge. Please note:

  • Size Insurance can be purchased up until the time you receive your order. Size Insurance can NOT be purchased after your order has been delivered.

  • Resizes must be made within the first 60 days of receiving your most recent order.

  • Resizes must be a different size than all previous orders.

  • Size Insurance is non-refundable.

  • If you do not have Size Insurance at the time of receiving your order, new or resized devices are available at full price only.

More info about size insurance can be found on our Product page here.

Click here to place a Re-Size order
How long will Eddie last?

To receive a refund, please submit a photo of your device cut in half (standard household scissors should work). Refunds are only available within the first 30 days after receiving your order. Refunds are provided for the full cost of your order, minus $24.95 per device. We charge this amount for two reasons. One, because our product is a medical device, meaning it cannot be returned, re-packaged, or recycled. And two, to cover the costs of shipping, handling, fulfillment, credit card processing, and other third party services required to complete your order. Refunds are not available after 30 days of receiving your order.

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Eddie with comfort tension band

Sleeker. Smarter. Sexier.

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