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With care and communication, you can have a healthy sex life with genital warts.
Circumcision may reduce STI risk in general, for men and their female partners.
Diagnosing and treating the condition can help you heal faster and prevent recurrent flare-ups.
This transmitted sexual infection is caused by the most common STI: HPV.
Did you know that some people may be more at risk of certain cancers than others?
…and maybe a few things you did know about human papillomavirus, an extremely common STI.
Experts warn such cases may soon surpass HPV-induced cervical cancer instances in women.
Genital warts are common, but so are myths about them, their origins and their treatment.
There's some evidence suggesting a tie between the two conditions, but more studies are needed.
Educate yourself first before you tell your date or partner about your virus.