Michele Theil

Michele Theil is a freelance journalist based in London with expertise covering Gen Z, internet culture, race, sex, and relationships. She can be found tweeting about Harry Styles and current affairs on @micheletheil or posting memes on Instagram at @shellytheil. All of her other articles are available at micheletheil.com.

Is There a Link Between Migraines and Endometriosis?

The connection may be a bit fuzzy, but many women suffer from both conditions.

By Michele Theil

Understanding Your Vagina

What Is a Hymen? No, It's not Proof of Virginity

We explain the elusive tissue that means so much to society.

By Michele Theil

Heavy Bleeding With a Birth Control Implant Is (Usually) Not Dangerous

Your body is most likely shedding uterine lining or adjusting to hormones, but be aware.

By Michele Theil

Culture and Entertainment

Professional Cuddlers—Who Are They and What Do They Do?

For people without the physical affection they need, touch practitioners can come to the rescue.

By Michele Theil

Some Like It Bleached

Yes, anal bleaching is a popular beauty trend, but is it right for you?

By Michele Theil

Are Smokers at Higher Risk for Contracting HPV?

The link between cigarettes and human papillomavirus is more pronounced than you might think.

By Michele Theil