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Production of male gametes can't stop, won't stop just because a guy is getting older.
Testicular swelling from lymphedema may seem embarrassing but can be serious if left untreated.
SCIs can lead to sexual dysfunction, including issues with erections and ejaculation.
A variety of factors—benign and troublesome—can affect the scent of your genitals.
If your pelvic floor is tight, this popular physical activity may not be for you.
Also known as penile artery bypass surgery, this procedure is performed in very specific cases.
Cardio and Kegels may provide up to three times more stamina during sex, new research indicates.
Erections, libido and ejaculation can all fall victim to this chronic condition.
An intact foreskin that won't retract comfortably and causes problems may need to be removed.
This penis irritation can mostly be avoided with proper hygiene.