María Cristina Lalonde

A lover, fighter and freelance writer, María Cristina Lalonde writes about sex and relationships by day and trains to be a champion kickboxer by night. Ever in pursuit of karaoke and romance, she's lived everywhere from Chicago to Mexico City to Medellín to Lisbon to Bali—but Austin, Texas will always be home. Check out her work at


In the Race to Say 'I Love You,' Straight Men Win!

A cross-cultural study indicates that men tend to say those three little words before women.

By María Cristina Lalonde

Communication in Relationships

The Deep, Evolutionary History of Monogamy

Explore the theories for how humans became monogamous millions of years ago.

By María Cristina Lalonde

Understanding Reproductive Health

The (Often Tragic) History of Abortion Technology

For as long as we can remember, humans have wanted to get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

By María Cristina Lalonde

Can Pineapple Really Change the Taste of Semen?

You are what you eat. Here's how to make your semen taste better.

By María Cristina Lalonde

The Meteoric Rise of Eating Disorders During the Pandemic

Two-plus years of isolation and fear create the perfect storm for an eating disorder relapse.

By María Cristina Lalonde