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A Kom

A. Kom is a writer and social media manager in Boston. She has written over 500 articles over the past six years, most of which include local news stories. She also has two dogs and a cat.


A budding journalist and graduate of the University of British Columbia's journalism school, Akhila is passionate about the environment, politics and issues of social justice.

When she's not racing against writing deadlines, she can be found hunting for bubble tea and the best happy hours in the city.

Aleck Woogmaster

Aleck Woogmaster is based in New Orleans. He is the founder and Manager of Arts Love Letters and Company and has toured several major regions of the US as a songwriter and spoken word artist. A well-reviewed cooking instructor and creator of the FIFFIK Initiative, when Aleck isn't researching or writing, he spends a fair amount of time convincing people he is a real person even though he has no social media and a name that sounds like spam.

Alex Denny

Alex Denny is a women’s health editor at Giddy. After she went to university for creative writing, she expanded into different media, writing for copy agencies and creating social media content for various companies and non-profits. She’s ghostwritten nearly every legal blog on the internet, so next time you read about bike accident law in Florida, know you’re likely reading the words of Alex.

Alexa Sims

Alexa Sims is a freelance writer and poet living in Savannah, GA. She is passionate about sex culture, history, health and education. In her spare time she’s reading, writing, and talking about all manner of subjects ranging from sex to sociology, mental health, film, music, and pop culture.

Alisa Williams

Alisa Williams is a women’s health editor at Giddy. Her work has been published in the anthology Preaching Black Lives (Matter), the peer-reviewed journal Teaching of Psychology, The Englewood Review of Books, Ruminate, Just About Write, and more. She was previously the managing editor at Spectrum Magazine.

Allison Flynn Becker

Allison Flynn Becker is a registered nurse, teacher, and writer. She has a background working as a women’s health nurse for over a decade and has been writing professionally since 2018. In addition to her writing work, Allison continues to work as a nurse and teaches nursing at her local community college. You can find her at www.rnhealthwriter.com and on Twitter @RNHealthWriter.


Ally Sweeten is a freelance writer with a B.S. in Psychology. She has a love of the arts, especially photography, and enjoys learning about various health subjects through her writing. Furthermore, Ally is an avid long-time vegan who operates her own food blog at @thealmightytofu. In her free time, she can be found exercising or listening to music with her pets.

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith is an Australian freelance journalist, cultural commentator, and copywriter. She lives just outside New York City. Her work is found in Business Insider, VICE, News Corp, Singapore Airlines, Travel+Leisure, and Food&Wine.

Amber Middleton

Amber Middleton is a London, UK-based journalist who writes all about sex and relationships. If you recognize her, you probably matched with her on Hinge. Follow her on Twitter.

Amber Sayer

Amber Sayer is a Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness Writer and Editor, and contributes to several fitness, health, and running websites and publications. She holds two Masters Degrees—one in Exercise Science and one in Prosthetics and Orthotics. As a Certified Personal Trainer and running coach for 12 years, Amber enjoys staying active and helping others do so as well. In her free time, Amber likes running, cycling, cooking, spending time outside, and tackling any type of puzzle.

Anastasia Climan

Anastasia is a dietitian with over ten years of experience in public health and medical writing. You can find her work on various websites, including Livestrong, Healthfully, Verywell, Greatist, Giddy, GoodCell, and MyHealthTeams.

Andrew Hanlon

Andrew earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and has a background in public relations and English. After holding numerous editor titles at local newspapers, he transitioned into an online role as a sports writer before landing as an associate editor with Giddy.

Angelica Frey

Angelica Frey is a writer and translator living in Brooklyn.

Anna Herod

Anna Herod is a journalist who writes about health and wellness. Though born and raised in Texas, Anna currently reports from Hawaii.

Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a UK based freelance writer, with a focus on wellness, work and parenting.

Aria Vega

Aria Vega is a sex educator, writer, and podcast producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work explores sex, love, and dating, plus how they're depicted in the media.

Ashna Arachya soft smiles at the camera.

Ashna Acharya is a 23-year-old writer living in India. She is a big fanatic for history and neuroscience. Apart from medical writing, she is an avid reader and a great listener and also runs her own blog 'A Leap For Voyage' where she speaks her mind.

Austin Harvey

Austin Harvey is a 25-year-old writer from Pittsburgh, PA currently living in a one-bedroom apartment with several houseplants and ADHD. He enjoys puns and is best known as, “that tall white guy that looks like some actor, vaguely.”

Bonnie Azoulay Elmann

Bonnie Azoulay Elmann is a freelance writer with works published in Glamour, Health, Parents, and many more sites. You can check out her work here.

Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson is a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon, covering the environment, reproductive health, and whatever interesting stories capture her curiosity. You can follow her on Twitter.


Candice loves writing about love and relationships and believes that good relationship advice should be backed by science and research. She is also a travel editor and a content marketer based in Southeast Asia. When she isn't writing or globetrotting, you will find her mentoring teens, reading classics with a cup of tea or having conversations about relationships and skincare. Check out her work here.


Carolina Alvarado. R. resides in Venezuela. She is a freelance writer with a degree insocial communication and a Strategic Management MBA. Carolina has dedicated much of her career to creative writing, university teaching and social work. So far, she has collaborated in different websites, such as: LadyScience, Latinpreneur, GlobalComment, Psiquide, Cinetopic and Giddy. 

Casey Clark

Casey Clark is a freelance writer from New York City who specializes in beauty, food, and lifestyle content. Casey's work has been featured in Women's Health, Allure, Byrdie, Eat This, Not That! and RachaelRayShow.com. When she's not writing, you can find her swatching the latest lipsticks or out to brunch with her girlfriends.

Charlotte Ivan

Charlotte Ivan is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist based out of the Northeast. Her work is characterized by tactile, inventive language and a strong emphasis on imagery. You can usually find her slinking around a movie theater or writing a strange poem in her pajamas.

Chloe Toscano

Chloe Toscano is a writer focusing on disability awareness and advocacy. Her work has been featured in Allure, SELF, them., Salon, Wired, and more. You can follow her on Instagram at @chloevalentinetoscano and Twitter @ToscanoChloe or read more of her work at www.chloevalentinewrites.com.

Christine Luna

Christine is a wife, mother of four and a writer. Her mission is to use her work to help women in the complicated seasons of motherhood, including inducing childbirth in a safe (and fun) way.

Christopher Rios

Christopher Rios is a writer based in New Jersey, USA. Christopher has been a longtime writer and advocate for sexual heatlh and positivity. Christopher believes that everyone deserves easy access to sexuahl heatlh education. When not writing, Christopher is reading, growing plants, and tending to his two cats.

Clara Wang

Clara is a freelance writer based in Austin, TX who mostly muses about culture, sex, and the unbearable lightness of being a 5'0 Yellow girl quicker on her feet than Borat's lawyers. Her work has been featured in publications such as Eater Austin, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American Statesman, Daily Dot, DJBooth, and NiceKicks.

Coralle Skye

Coralle is a UK-based freelance writer with a passion for women's health, relationships, and sustainability. Her work has been featured in Giddy, The Date Mix and her personal blog, justcoralle.com.

Courtney Johnston

Courtney is a freelance writer and editor living in Indianapolis, who writes about finance, wellness and travel. Her work has appeared in The Chicago Tribune, The Culture Trip, Mellowed, The Balance, The Motley Fool, Yahoo Finance and others. When she's not writing, you can find her traveling, exploring new restaurants, or hanging at home with her cats. You can read more of her work at courtneywrites.com.

Danielle Holland

Danielle Marie Holland (she/they) is an essayist, freelance writer, and host, producer and founder of Sorry To Podcast This, a podcast collective focused on amplifying the stories and voices of those dedicated to justice and collective liberation. A queer single parent living on Occupied Duwamish Territory, Seattle WA, Danielle writes through the lens of intersectional feminism.

David Hopper

David comes from a writing and reporting background. He earned a master's degree in journalism from the University of Mississippi. After working at several newspapers, David was an editor of a boxing website for five years. In addition to writing for Giddy, the Austin resident writes about music for 360degreesound.com. In his spare time, his favorite thing to do is play basketball. 

Edgary Rodríguez R.

Edgary Rodríguez R. is a Latina journalist with experience in the audiovisual and writing fields. She writes about health, culture, politics, human rights, travel, environment, fiction and more.


Effie Machiavello is a health and wellness writer based in South America. As the self-proclaimed "Empress of side effects," she now does business out of her situation. Her writing focuses on solving clickbait-y rumors, digging rabbit holes, and shedding light on the fantastic little connections of the body. A German and a Latina walked into a bar and now I can't be in the sun.

Eleanor Noyce

Eleanor Noyce is a London-based freelance journalist covering LGBTQI culture, sex and disability. She is currently the Editorial Assistant at DIVA Magazine, the leading publication for LGBTI women and non-binary people, and she has by-lines in The Independent, Metro, i-D, Stylist, Refinery29 and more.

Ella Dorval Hall

Ella Dorval Hall (they/she) is a Sex Educator & Sex and Relationship Writer that uses a little bit of humor, a lot of honestly, and just the right amount of science. You can find Ella in front of audiences and behind Google searches telling listeners that their parts are in fact, very normal, that there are ways to overcome performance anxiety, why some orgasms don’t feel good, and so, so much more.

Ella Glover

Ella Glover is a freelance journalist with a focus on lifestyle, women’s health, worker's rights and harm reduction.

Ellie Cooper

Ellie is a writer based in India. She is currently publishing her first two non-fiction books on Travel and Erotica and writes for various publications. Ellie is passionate about exploring the subtle nuances within relationships, sex and love. She can usually be found in the mountains, off-roading on her motorcycle.


Emily Blaire is a tiny little writer girl based in Madrid. Her work covers topics like sex and dating,humor and satire, personal essays, and other things that disappoint her parents. Say nice things to her on Twitter at @chekhovsblunt.

Emily Courter

Emily Courter is a New England-based freelance writer covering women’s health and wellness with a particular passion for covering infertility and reproductive health. Check out her work here.

Emory Oakley

Emory Oakley is a Vancouver-based writer and LGB(T)Q+ educator who regularly discusses the intersections of queer identities and mental health. He has a Bachelor's degree in social work and loves craft beer. When he isn't writing, you can find him outdoors exploring or enjoying a patio. Read more of his work at emoryoakley.com.

Eric Carlson

Eric Carlson is a freelance journalist and copywriter that has been featured in Planetizen and LemonWire. He also publishes his own work on Medium. When he's not writing, he composes and produces music. He currently lives by the sea in California.

Erin Coleman

Erin Coleman is a registered and licensed dietitian with over 15 years of freelance writing experience in the health, medical, nutrition, and fitness industries.

Geoff Nudelman is a lifestyle writer based in Portland, Oregon. In addition to covering men's health for Giddy, he regularly contributes to several titles, including Barron's, AskMen and Field Mag. You can check out more of his work at geoffnudelman.com.

Giddy Contributor

*The author's name has been withheld at their request due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

Giddy Staff

Giddy is composed of writers and editors dedicated to bringing you up-to-date, accurate and expertly sourced sexual health information.

Gigi Engle

Gigi Engle, ACS, is a certified sex educator, journalist and author of All The F*cking Mistakes. Her work regularly appears in many publications, including Cosmo, Glamour, Men's Health and SHAPE. In 2019, she was named Journalist of The Year at The Sexual Freedom Awards.

Gillian May

Gillian is a former nurse turned freelance writer who writes mainly within the health topics of alcohol addiction, trauma, and mental health. She uses her professional and personal experience to provide impactful health education that also tells a story. She currently lives in Colombia with her wife and 3 dogs. You can follow more of her work at https://gillianmay.ca.

Grace Gallagher

Grace Gallagher is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Her work covers reproductive health, relationships, parenting, beauty, wellness, and sometimes psychedelics. You can follow her on Twitter @gracegalla.

Hannah Wisterman

Hannah Wisterman is a culture, lifestyle and sex editor for Giddy. Originally from Houston, she obtained her degree in journalism from Texas State University, where she also did extensive web content work for KTSW 89.9. She resides in Austin with her partner and approximately 15 plants.

Helen Massy

Helen has an extensive background as a health care professional and senior leader in the UK National Health Service, along with being a mother to three young children and a well-traveled military spouse. Over a decade of clinical experience as a respiratory specialist underpins her passion for opening discussion around taboo topics and decoding complex medical information. This eclectic mix of attributes brings a unique blend of clinical insight and life experience to her health writing.

Holly Ellis

Holly Ellis is a women's health blogger and novelist. In addition to educating readers about their health with Giddy, Holly's fiction writing focuses on lifting the voices of LGBTQA+ women by crafting strong female protagonists who have the courage to take charge and pursue their dreams. Her debut novel, Living with the Past, will be released this fall. In addition to women's fiction and blogging, Holly is a college writing professor and director of writing for multiple colleges. Outside of her professional work, Holly owes her success to the unwavering support of her husband and family.

Ivana Xie

Ivana is from New York City, and she likes to write stories on niche topics for her audience. She wants to break societal stigma on mental illness and sexual health. Ivana also likes to play sports like rowing and volleyball.

Izzie Price

Izzie is a freelance writer and journalist with words in Refinery29, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, the Independent, the i, the Telegraph and Metro UK. She also edits and commissions part-time for Metro UK's Platform section. Her main areas of interest include sex, love, relationships & dating and women's health.


Jacob is an award-winning politics and culture writer with a strong emphasis on sexual orientation and mental health. When he's not writing, Jacob is a project manager at District One agency and a PhD student at the University of California Irvine, where he researches participation and inequality in municipal elections.


James Anderson is from Illinois but now resides in Southern California's Inland Empire. He has worked as an adjunct professor and has written freelance articles for a number of outlets. You can read and subscribe to his newsletter at waywards.substack.com.

Jamie Valentino

Jamie Valentino is a Colombian-born author and columnist based in New York City. He has written commissioned stories for VICE, Wired, Houston Chronicle, Google, Smarter Travel Media, Canadian Business, Xtra Magazine, and others. Jamie explores narratives intertwining the evolution of the human experience with culture, intimacy, identity, fashion, travel, technology. His articles have been republished in over 25 newspapers nationally.

Janet Conroy-Quirk

Janet Conroy-Quirk, MSW, is a journalist, activist, social worker and co-owner of National Plus Guide, a resource for plus-sized consumers and their allies. Janet worked in direct social services in New York City, serving the aging and homeless populations for over 15 years. She then shifted her focus to advocacy against weight stigma. She coordinates the NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) Community Voices blog, and believes strongly in the power of sharing stories.

Jennifer Post

Jennifer Post is passionate about writing, whether it's writing recipes, reporting business news, or informing people about health and wellness. A 2012 graduate of Rowan University's School of Journalism, Jennifer has written for publications like Business News Daily, How it Works, Fundera, and The Motley Fool. When she's not working, Jenn will be practicing her new embroidery hobby, reading historical fiction, or rearranging furniture all around her house to achieve the perfect vibe. Jenn loves all things true crime, but her favorite show is Parks and Rec.

Jennifer Sizeland

Jennifer Sizeland is a freelance writer and assistant producer with 12 years of experience in the media industry. She has written for many publications including the BBC, the Independent, Metro, Manchester Mill, the Media Diversity Institute, Funny Women, The Femedic and her own sustainability blog called Land of Size.

Jeremy Glass

Jeremy Glass is a freelance writer living in the middle of Vacationland with his wife, daughter, and dog Sybil. Give him a follow on Twitter and vote out the Fascists.

Jessica Estrada

Jessica Estrada is a Latina freelance writer and editor based in Los Angeles. She has 10 years of experience reporting on various topics including wellness, mindfulness, mental health, spirituality, beauty, and fashion. Her work can be found in numerous publications including Well + Good, Refinery29, Bustle, Byrdie, The Cut, Cosmopolitan, The Zoe Report, and more. You can visit her website at estradajessica.com for more details, or follow her on Instagram and Twitter @_jessiestrada.

Jessica Toscano is the founder and editor-in-chief of IntrigueMag, covering health and fitness, sex and relationships, and more. She’s a contributor to Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, SELF, SheKnows, InsideHook, and other outlets. The remainder of her free time is spent with her love for travel in search of breathtaking views and strong coffee.

John Scott Lewinski

John Scott Lewinski hustles around the world, writing for a network of publications recording a total monthly readership of more than 30 million people. He covers lifestyle, travel, golf, cars, technology, liquor, fashion and hard news. As an author, he is represented by the Fineprint Literary Agency, New York.

Juliette Fairley

Juliette Fairley is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Born in Chateauroux, France, and raised adjacent to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, Juliette is a well-adjusted military brat who now lives in Manhattan. She has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TheStreet, Time magazine, Newsmax, and many other publications across the country. When she is not reporting and writing for the Epoch Times, she works as an actress in television and feature film.

Jumko Ogata-Aguilar

Jumko Ogata-Aguilar is an AfroJapanese and pocha writer and film critic from Veracruz, Mexico. Her work explores racial and cultural diversity in Mexico, sapphic representations of Black and Asian women in film and literature as well as anti-racismo and social justice.

Kandi Neal

Kandi Neal is an experienced writer with an equal love for teaching and practicing yoga. Even though she found yoga later in life, she has always loved to write. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from ASU and has written for a variety of publications. From newsletters to horoscopes, and everything in between, this writing yogini is happy to tackle any writing assignment that comes her way. When she is not putting the pen to paper, you can find her teaching or taking a yoga class to balance out that mind-body connection.

Kate Daniel

Kate Daniel is a freelance writer and journalist from the Pacific Northwest specializing in health and wellness and travel. She was previously a reporter for Whidbey News Group, where she received four regional awards for her work. You can find her at hekatecreative.contently.com.

Kate Oczypok

Kate Oczypok is a freelance writer and piano teacher living in the Washington, DC area with her husband Brad and dog Tito. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, binging TV shows and entertaining friends.

Kate Sloan

Kate Sloan is a writer and podcaster who specializes in sex, kink, and relationships. Her writing has appeared in publications like Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and Glamour, and her award-winning sex blog, girlyjuice.net, has been going strong for nearly a decade. She also cohosts the acclaimed podcasts The Dildorks and Question Box. Her book 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do is forthcoming from Laurence King Publishing in fall 2021.

Kathleen Wong

Kathleen is a Honolulu-based writer and editor who has been published by the New York Times, Vice, the Cut, Insider and more. When she's not writing, she can be found in the ocean or with her rescue dog. Read her work at kathleen-wong.com.

Kay Johnson looks up near a window.

Kay Johnson is a Sex Toy Expert and the Founder of Let’s Get Kinky a site that reviews sex furniture and sex toys.

Kelly Kling

Kelly Kling is an Austinite from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She's been a writer and editor for almost 10 years and began her career as a copy editor for her alma mater's newspaper, The University Star. In addition to being a women's health writer for Giddy, she is a digital proofreader for an advertising agency and a resume editor. When she isn't writing or editing, she's dancing, playing Mario Kart, or snuggling with her dogs while rewatching old comedies.

Kelsey Dunkle

Kelsey Dunkle recently graduated with a bachelor's in political science and is working towards her master's in public administration. When she's not working or having an existential crisis about working, you can find her reading and writing. Catch up at @dinkywriter on Twitter.

Kelsey O'Malley is a freelance writer who mainly focuses on disability representation. She also writes short stories, poems and many other things. You can find her other work on Vocal.

Khadeeja Arham

Khadeeja Arham is an interdisciplinary artist and writer who focuses on working through the possibilities of existence with understanding language, body, text, sexuality, and intimacy. She has a special interest in creating connections and narrations to the self and others, through mind maps of science and holistic research. She has graduated with distinction from National College of Arts holding a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design and is currently in the process of writing her own book. 

Kitti Palmai

Kitti Palmai is a UK-based freelance journalist covering business, technology, health and fitness. Her work has appeared in BBC, Business Insider, VICE, Stylist Magazine and other publications.

Kurtis Bright

Kurtis is a graduate of CU - Boulder who writes about health, fitness, music, theater, and travel while living by the sea in Chile.


A foodie forever and a medical sleuth since always, L.E.'s a total geek when it comes to eating clean and living green. Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N. - Canada), Biblical Health Coach, and Environmental Health Specialist. As a former trade publications writer and editor, L.E. still ghostwrites, proofreads, and edits a myriad of resources for health and wellness practitioners, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Lateefah Jean-Baptiste

Lateefah Jean-Baptiste is a freelance journalist. She enjoys writing articles and features that explore topics and themes that resonate with millennials. Her work has been published in: Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, Bustle and HuffPost to name a few.


Laura Williams holds a master's degree in exercise and sport science from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and is a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She also holds certifications as a sports nutritionist, 200-hr yoga instructor, behavioral change specialist, and a sports conditioning specialist. She has been writing professionally for 12 years with a focus on fitness and health, and she's had bylines in print and online publications including Men's Health, Men's Journal, Reader's Digest, Thrillist, Verywell Fit, Healthline, and The Healthy. She currently lives on a farm in Costa Rica with her husband, son, and way too many animals.

Leandra Beabout

Leandra Beabout is a freelance health and travel writer based between Indiana and India. Her work has been published in Reader's Digest, Greatist, The Guardian, CNN Travel, Lonely Planet, and more. She was previously an English teacher and daily newspaper reporter.

Leoni Jesner

Leoni Jesner is a fitness, health and wellness writer contributing to a diversity of digital brands including Verywell Fit, Forbes Health, Insider and Everyday Health. Leoni is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and channels her expert knowledge as a qualified ACE CPT, Level 3 mat Pilates instructor and nutrition coach.

Lindsay Modglin

Lindsay Modglin is a nurse-turned professional health and wellness writer. She holds a professional certificate in Scientific Writing from Stanford University School of Medicine. As a passionate advocate for science-based content, she loves helping others create captivating material that supports research and education.

Lisa is a fulltime law student and a freelance writer living in South Africa. Her work is mainly found on Medium.com with articles published in The Startup and Curious publications. She writes about anything from mental wellness, philosophy to creative writing. When she is not studying you can find her exploring different styles of writing, reaching out to fellow writers for advice or travelling with her friends and family across the countryside in Southern Africa.

Lo Styx

Lo Styx writes about mental and sexual health, which are, unsurprisingly, in a perpetual little dance.

Lola Méndez

Lola Méndez is an Uruguayan-American freelance journalist. She writes about sustainability, travel, culture, and wellness for many print and digital publications such as CNN, USA Today, InStyle, Refinery29, in addition to her responsible travel blog, MissFilatelista.com. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @LolaAnnaMendez.

Lucy-Jo Finnighan

Lucy-Jo is a UK-based freelance writer with an interest in history, media and sexual health. Her work has been featured in Giddy, Girls on Tops and Screen Rant. More writing can be found on her website, https://www.lucy-joandherportfolio.com/.

Madeleine Williams

Madeleine Williams, MPH is an MD candidate passionate about health, nutrition, fitness and climate change.

María Cristina Lalonde

A lover, fighter and freelance writer, María Cristina Lalonde writes about sex and relationships by day and trains to be a champion kickboxer by night. Ever in pursuit of karaoke and romance, she's lived everywhere from Chicago to Mexico City to Medellín to Lisbon to Bali—but Austin, Texas will always be home. Check out her work at mariacristinalalonde.com.

Mariah Douglas writes about relationships, sex, travel, and other fun stuff. 

Marine Perot

Marine Perot is a freelance entertainment writer living in London. Her passion for film and television has led her to write for various publications including Paste Magazine, Radio Times, Konbini, Giddy, and more. When not writing, Marine enjoys going on adventures with her corgi and reading a good book.

Meg Walters

Meg Walters is a freelance journalist and features writer. Raised in Canada and based in South East London, Meg covers culture, entertainment, lifestyle, and health. Her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, i-D, Refinery29, Stylist, GQ, Shondaland, Healthline, HelloGiggles and other publications.

When not writing, Meg is probably daydreaming about traveling the world, rewatching an old rom-com with a glass of wine, or wasting time on Twitter, where you can follow her @wordsbymeg.

Megan Deak

Meg is a journalist and freelance writer based in Ontario, Canada. She is passionate about women's health and writes about reproductive health, the environment, politics, and economics. You can get in touch on Linkedin.


Meggie Gates is a writer in Chicago. Their work has appeared in Consequence of Sound, Bitch Media, Collider and Instyle Magazine.

Melissa L. Weber

Melissa is a freelance writer with a specialty in curiosity. In addition to women's health and medicine, she writes about physical sciences, math, conservation, gardening, humor, animals, kids and writing. She co-founded the Columbus Freelance Connection and teaches writing courses in Central Ohio, where she lives with her husband, dog and cat. You can visit her blog at Melwriter.com, as well as follow her at @melwriter on Twitter and Instagram.


Michele Kirichanskaya is a freelance journalist and writer from Brooklyn, New York. A student of the New School MFA Program and Hunter College, when she is not writing, she is reading, watching an absurd amount of cartoons, and creating content for platforms like GeeksOUT, Bitch Media, Salon, The Mary Sue, ComicsVerse, and more.

Michele Theil

Michele Theil is a freelance journalist based in London with expertise covering Gen Z, internet culture, race, sex, and relationships. She can be found tweeting about Harry Styles and current affairs on @micheletheil or posting memes on Instagram at @shellytheil. All of her other articles are available at micheletheil.com.

Michelle Bryan

Michelle Bryan knew she wanted to be a writer when she was eight years old. Her uncle left her an antique typewriter, and she began writing mystery stories from her childhood bedroom closet. She wrote her first poetry manuscript titled "The Waves" and went on to study Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. As a Michigan native, Michelle began professionally writing about agriculture, organic foods and farming, and later personal finance. While never sticking to one genre, today, she is a freelance lifestyle, women's health, entertainment writer, and a spoken word artist, all while keeping up with her mystery blog.

Michelle Hair is a writer, artist, and shibari practitioner living in San Francisco, California. She holds a degree in Performance Studies from UC Berkeley, where she focused on queer identity, gender studies, and rhetoric in pornography.

Michelle L'amour

Michelle L'amour is an international burlesque artist, producer and teacher. She has been seen on America's Got Talent, MTV, Showtime, and Sex Life on the Epix Network. She is the host of the podcast Look Down There and the creator of InToPleasure: A Virtual Pleasure Positive Event happening on April 2. For information, see www.intopleasure.com.

Mike Werling is the deputy editor for men’s health at Giddy. His 24-year career as an editor in print and digital media has included stints with boating, financial services and business magazines, among others. He covered sports last century and was once a regular columnist for an ironically short-lived magazine called Tall.

Miles MacClure

Miles MacClure is a Chicago-based artist and writer. He received his MFA from the University of Chicago and his BA from Willamette University.

Mira Miller

Mira Miller is a Toronto-based freelancer who covers health, culture, sexuality, body image and more. In her spare time, you can usually find her listening to the soundtrack of a musical, watching Broad City or dreaming about her next meal.

Nandini Maharaj

Nandini Maharaj is a freelance writer with a Ph.D. in public health and counseling psychology. She writes about health, work, identity, and relationships. Her writing has appeared in HuffPost, American Kennel Club, Animal Wellness, Introvert, Dear, and POPSUGAR. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@NandiniMaharaj_).

Nayanika Guha

Nayanika Guha is a freelance writer who focuses on writing about social justice, identity, and community. She has a background in psychology and social work, which informs her writing and world view. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Lily, Refinery 29, and more. Follow her on twitter @nayanikawrites


Nicole Bradley-Bernard is a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. Currently, she is working with Giddy as a freelance writer and for TheList.com as a features writer. Nicole has been featured in publications such as FINE Magazine, YourTango.com, Momentum Magazine, New York Gal Magazine, Food & Dating Magazine, and more. Her favorite topic to write about is health and wellness (although she has and does cover a little bit of everything). When she's not writing, Nicole can usually be found drinking way too much coffee and hanging out with her pet chinchilla, Chandler Boing.

Niki Davis-Fainbloom

Niki Davis-Fainbloom (MA) is a sexual educator, writer, and researcher. She has developed a niche in writing content that normalizes and educates typically taboo topics such as pornography, fetishes, and pleasure. She has been featured in over thirty magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Mind Body Green, and Refinery29 and has facilitated over 500 sexual education workshops at locations across the globe.

Olivia Cassano

Olivia is a UK-based journalist and content editor with over six years of experience writing about wellness, reproductive health, and femtech. She's passionate about fighting health misinformation and democratizing access to health content that is free from stigma or biases.

Paul Schrodt

Paul Schrodt is a freelance journalist who writes about pop culture and sex for Giddy, Men’s Health, Mental Floss and more.

Rachael Davies

Rachael Davies is a UK-based, queer sex and relationships journalist.


Rachel Crowe is a Denver-based comedian, screenwriter and freelance sexual health journalist. Follow her at @racheddar on Twitter or @thelma_and_disease on Instagram.


Rachel K. Godfrey is an artist, arts educator, and culture writer. Guided by an interest in how we can build a softer and more spiritually sustainable world, she centers the arts, identity formation, technology, and social justice education in her writing, research, and facilitation. In addition to writing about her personal relationships to art, she is dedicated to highlighting the work of global-minded artists, educators, and other creative professionals using personal passions to nourish their communities.

Rachel MacPherson

Rachel MacPherson is a health journalist, certified personal trainer, and pre-natal/postpartum coach. She's passionate about cutting through the noise to report the facts and empowering people to care for their health in positive, affirming ways with actionable advice. She lives in Canada with her kids and cats. View her work at rachelmacpherson.ca.

Rachel Sanoff

Rachel Sanoff is a freelance writer and editor in Los Angeles. Her work has been published in MTV News, Jezebel, The Guardian, Bustle, Catapult, and other places on the internet. She was previously the features editor at HelloGiggles and O.school.

Rae Nudson

Rae Nudson is the author of All Made Up: The Power and Pitfalls of Beauty Culture, from Cleopatra to Kim Kardashian, which uses historical examples to examine how makeup affects self-empowerment, how people have used it to define (and defy) their roles in society, and why we all need to care. She is a writer specializing in nonfiction essays and reported features on women’s history, women's health care, beauty, fashion, and pop culture. Her work has appeared in Esquire, The Cut, Catapult, Hazlitt, Topic, Medium, Racked, Paste Magazine, Syfy Wire, The Week, The Billfold, Vox, and more. You can follow her on Twitter @rclnudson.

Reniel Anca

Reniel writes about relationships, sex, health, fitness and other fun stuff. You can follow him on Twitter or Instagram @reighnyielle.

Rich Lopez

Rich is a Dallas-based journalist, editor and photographer who currently covers arts and culture for the LGBTQ publication Dallas Voice. His work has been published in the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the Houston Chronicle, Glasstire, Dallas Observer, Instinct Magazine and Queerty. getrichintexas.myportfolio.com.

Risa Kerslake

Risa Kerslake is a registered nurse and freelance writer specializing in women's health topics including fertility, IVF, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormones, vaginal health, and cancer. Her work has appeared in Parents, Healthline, Reuters, Shondaland, What to Expect, and more. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two daughters, and Australian Cattle Dog. Find her at RisaKerslakeWrites.com.

Rita Borg is interested in LGBT issues, sexuality, disability, and access rights. She has lived in nine countries, but can now be found exploring Yorkshire very slowly by wheelchair.

Rivka Yeker

Rivka Yeker is a Chicago-based writer, creative consultant, cultural organizer, and generally passionate person. You can learn more about them and their work here.


Rob Staeger is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in various publications, anything from The Village Voice to AHOY comic books. He's written several juvenile nonfiction books, including a biography of Wyatt Earp, a chronicle of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and a book about ancient mathematicians. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and an indeterminate number of ferrets, testing all of their patience as he learns to play guitar.

S. Nicole Lane

S. Nicole Lane is a deputy editor for Giddy. Her work has been published in Playboy, SELF, Vice, Autostraddle as well as other corners of the Internet.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris is a UK-based freelance journalist who writes about women’s health and has a particular interest in Endometriosis and the Gender Pain Gap. She is currently completing her Master’s in Public Health at the University of Nottingham and plans to pursue a PhD in Endometriosis research. Follow her on Instagram & Twitter and read her work at https://authory.com/SarahHarris.

Sarah Kilgallon

Sarah Kilgallon is from Boston, MA and holds a BA in English Literature and a MFA in Creative Writing. Her articles and stories have appeared in magazines, journals, and anthologies, and her visual work has been featured in US and international group exhibits, calendars, trade journals, and galleries. She's currently working on articles regarding women’s health, mental health, and holistic wellbeing, with a special interest in women’s health and lifestyle over the age of 50. She strives to create works (written & visual) with emotional integrity and truths. Her website: sarahkilgallon.com


Sarah (she/her/hers) is a bilingual multimedia journalist specializing in health, science, & culture reporting. She received her bachelor's degree in psychology from the State University of New York at Geneseo in 2017, where she also interned at an outpatient substance use clinic. Since graduation, Sarah has lived and taught in Latin America, where she earned a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), as well as a Fulbright grant. In 2021, she began graduate studies in psychology at The New School for Social Research.

While Sarah studies to become a clinical psychologist, she continues writing journalism. She has written and reported for publications including The Daily Beast, Mashable, the Center for Health Journalism, Rantt Media, Giddy, and L'Atelier BNP Paribas. You can see more about her and her work on Twitter and at her website.

Sarah Tascone

Sarah Tascone is a Cleveland-based journalist and writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. She has been writing about health and women's issues for thirty years.

Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood is a queer and nonbinary freelance content writer based in New England. They have a passion for writing about sexual health and wellness, and they work to normalize talking about “taboo” topics, especially within the LGBTQ+ community. They also help LGBTQ+ business owners market their businesses with strategic website content. When they’re not working, they’re hanging out with their rescue dog, reading, and growing their collection of bookish candles.

Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah Zimmerman is a freelance writer out of Northern California who covers sex, marriage, parenting, identity, mental health, and women's health, with honesty and humor. You can find her in P.S. I Love YouRavishlyCafe MomPregnant ChickenThe SEAM, and at sarahzwriter.com, and on social media at @sarahzwriter.

Shannon Jordan

Shannon Jordan is a freelance writer and editor, with particular interests in physical and emotional wellness and social justice. She has four children through birth and adoption, along with a pup, three cats, and a lapful of foster kittens.

She has a biology degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and a midwifery license from New Mexico. In alternate universes, she is an infectious disease specialist, photographer for Nat Geo, midwife, marine biologist, herbalist and whatever allows her to pet a tiger. But in this universe, she is happy to be a writer.

Shea Andreone

Shea Andreone has a blog called Twig-Hugger. She has also been published in The Next Family, Mother Figure, Single vs. Married, LA Parent, Your Teen Magazine, Chicken Soup For The Soul, and Expressing Motherhood. In addition to blogging, she has written numerous plays and scripts. Shea lives in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter, son and Hazel the dog. She enjoys family time, pizza, and the great outdoors (especially rainbows).


Steph Auteri has written about sexuality for the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Pacific Standard, VICE, Rewire News Group, and elsewhere. Her more literary work has appeared in Poets & Writers, Creative Nonfiction, Southwest Review, under the gum tree, and other publications. She is the author of A Dirty Word and the founder of Guerrilla Sex Ed.

Stephanie Anderson Witmer

Stephanie Anderson Witmer writes about health and lifestyle for magazines and websites, including Prevention, Women's Health, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, Yoga Journal, Civil Eats, Millie, and Parade. Follow her on Instagram (@stephandwit) or visit her website (www.stephanieandersonwitmer.com).

Sukanya Charuchandra

Originally from Mumbai, Sukanya Charuchandra is a freelance science writer based out of wherever her travels take her. She holds master’s degrees in Science Journalism and Biotechnology. You can read her work at sukanyacharuchandra.com.


Taayoo Murray is a New York City transplant who is a full-time boy mom, freelance writer, and teen goal-setting coach. She's also a published author of the interactive workbook, "Making Me Happen." She has been published in Health, Business Insider, HuffPost Wellness, Livestrong and others. When not working, Taayoo enjoys hanging with her three best friends and drinking white wine.

Tabby Kibugi

Tabby Kibugi is a freelance writer from Nairobi, Kenya. She mostly covers stories on lifestyle, relationships, sexual health and reproductive health. Her work has been featured in Insider, Metro, Reader's Digest, Flo Health, She Knows and more.

When not writing, she likes to catch up with psychological thriller films. She is an avid pet-lover who genuinely believes that cats make better pets than dogs. You can read more of her work here.

Tayla Blaire

Tayla Blaire is a freelance writer based in South Africa. While she writes about all things lifestyle, she gravitates to health and wellness, with a particular interest in mental health after studying Psychology. Besides Giddy, you can find her work in Glamour, HuffPost, Refinery 29, Insider, Success, Stylist and more.

Tenesha L. Curtis

Tenesha L. Curtis, MSSW has been formally trained as a psychotherapist specializing in addictions counseling. She currently works as an indie author, screenwriter, and book editor. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, she currently lives near Decatur, Georgia with her husband and dogs. Connect with her to learn more about her current projects at TeneshaLCurtis.com.

Teshie Ogallo

Teshie Ogallo is a 27-year-old Kenyan female writer who loves sharing her personal experiences navigating life in her 20s living in both Kenya and South Africa. When she's not obsessing over fashion and coming up with new ideas for her fashion line, you can find her typing away at her laptop as she fulfills all of her heart's writing desires.

Tiffy Kink

Tiffy Kink is a New York-based sex blogger whose goal is to spread sex positivity and break down barriers for the sexually deprived and repressed. Through her blog, AquaKink.com, Tiffy talks about her interactions with sex and masturbation, introduces her readers to body-safe sex toys, and dating advice.

Trent Johnson

Trent Johnson is an associate editor at Giddy with a primary focus on topics under the Sexual Health and Culture and Lifestyle banners. When not thinking about all things sex, he’s haunted by the collective sports histories of the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Chargers. Trent is based out of Houston, Texas, and has a love/hate relationship with his cat Beerus.


Trish Giramma is a health and wellness writer and book editor with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare marketing and communications. When she's not writing or editing, she is posting her "Study of dog…" series on Instagram and volunteering in dog rescue.

Tyler Francischine

Tyler Francischine is a writer and communications specialist living in Los Angeles, California. She received her journalism degree from the University of Florida and has spent more than a decade covering topics like mental health, relationships, music, art and activism for outlets like Giddy, American Way, Melted Magazine, The Miami New Times and The Gainesville Sun. When she's not writing, she can be found at a concert, watching a sunset or floating in a body of water.


Dr. Varuna Srinivasan is a sexual health media expert, activist, and writer. She is the founder of Tara Health Media (IG: @tarahealthmedia), a digital platform built around sexual health education and empowerment in POC communities. Her work has appeared in numerous popular US-based publications such as Washington Post, Paper, Health, Parents, etc. She has also featured in Vogue, Rewire News, Business Insider, CTV, and Canadian Broadcast Channel as an expert in her field.In 2020, Varuna was named 'Woman of Courage' by Serena Williams and in 2021, she was one among 5 nominated for the 'Journalist of the Year' by SH24, an NHS-led sexual health initiative.She identifies as a bisexual, immigrant, South Asian woman. You can keep up with her at @drvarunasrinivasan on Instagram and TikTok.

Xenia Ellenbogen

Xenia Ellenbogen (she/they) is a freelance sex and mental health writer. She focuses on reproductive justice, LGBTQIA+ issues, menstrual equity, gender, and trauma. She holds a BA in writing from The New School.