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Hearing Loss After Chemotherapy Is All Too Common

Auditory impairment is a side effect that many cancer patients may not know about.

By Stephanie Anderson Witmer

WIC Program Provides Improved Health Outcomes for Mothers and Babies

Research finds participation in the supplemental nutrition plan is beneficial.

By Stephanie Anderson Witmer

Surgery May Lengthen Survival for Some Ovarian Cancer Patients

A cytoreductive procedure can curb recurrences of the disease, a study indicates.

By Stephanie Anderson Witmer

There's Still a Shortage of Baby Formula

Here's what parents can do to feed their children while production and accessibility ramp up.

By Stephanie Anderson Witmer

Where Does the Most Common Type of Ovarian Cancer Originate?

A recent study comes up with a new answer, one that eventually could help with screening.

By Stephanie Anderson Witmer

Does the Affordable Care Act Cover Birth Control?

Some women still have to pay for it. Several rights organizations are fighting for them.

By Stephanie Anderson Witmer