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Even one infection may increase the risk of the disease, according to a new study.
There are a number of factors to consider in your sex life after being treated for the disease.
If a doctor's visit uncovers the disease, here's how it can be overcome.
Colonoscopy is still the gold standard procedure, but other options exist. Just get screened.
Some of the disease's causes are in your control, but many aren't. Knowing the signs is key.
People who meet certain criteria may wait longer than 10 years between screenings, a study says.
The colon and rectum are joined, but the disease's effects and treatment are distinct for each.
Researchers create detailed 3D maps of tumors that should yield better treatment.
Research finds more vegetables, fruit and whole grains may reduce incidence by 22 percent.
The World Cup champion, who recently died at 82, dedicated many years to raising ED awareness.