Kurtis Bright

Kurtis is a graduate of CU - Boulder who writes about health, fitness, music, theater, and travel while living by the sea in Chile.

Here's What You Can Expect During a Circumcision Procedure

The surgery is typically fast and safe and requires minimal recovery time.

By Kurtis Bright

You Need to Know the Symptoms and Causes of Testicular Torsion

A twisted spermatic cord can quickly lead to dire consequences, such as the death of a testicle.

By Kurtis Bright

Can a Beer a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Some suds may promote a healthy gut microbiome and improve your health and libido, a study says.

By Kurtis Bright

Imaging Could Take the Place of Repeat Prostate Cancer Biopsies

New technology may reduce the need for multiple tests and make active surveillance easier.

By Kurtis Bright

How Do I Deal With an Ingrown Hair on My Penis?

It may not seem like a big deal, but a bump down there can actually cause big problems.

By Kurtis Bright