Kurtis Bright

Kurtis is a graduate of CU - Boulder who writes about health, fitness, music, theater, and travel while living by the sea in Chile.


How Many Times Can a Man Ejaculate in One Day?

Here's what determines how frequently a man can climax and when he should give it a rest.

By Kurtis Bright

How Is Hypersexuality in Men Treated?

It's time to learn about problematic compulsive sexual behavior and what goes into treating it.

By Kurtis Bright

Sex 101

The Refractory Period Might Be Proof Evolution Has a Sense of Humor

After ejaculating, most men need some time before they're ready to go again.

By Kurtis Bright

Your Libido Might Be a Casualty of Androgen Deprivation Therapy

ADT can help shrink prostate cancer tumors, but it can also affect your sex drive.

By Kurtis Bright

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Your 20s?

Younger men are increasingly experiencing ED, and most of the reasons are avoidable.

By Kurtis Bright

Sometimes, Radiation for Prostate Cancer Is the Best Option

Understanding radiation therapy versus prostatectomy is the first step toward the best decision.

By Kurtis Bright

Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Out of Sync: How Circadian Rhythm Disorder Disrupts Your Sex Drive

Sleep disruptions that fight the natural cycle of light and dark can lead to ED and low-T.

By Kurtis Bright