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Kurtis Bright

Kurtis is a graduate of CU - Boulder who writes about health, fitness, music, theater, and travel while living by the sea in Chile.

Penis and Testicle Conditions

Risk Factors—Besides Trauma—That Can Throw Your Penis a Curve

The noticeable bend of Peyronie's disease isn't always due to one distinct injury.

By Kurtis Bright

Diabetes and ED

Diabetic Neuropathy Is Very Real—And It Will Come for Your Penis

Tingling in your fingers and toes should ring alarm bells, and maybe your organ's death knell.

By Kurtis Bright

Mental Health and ED

Guilt and Low Self-Esteem Deflate Erectile Function

Even if the physiological side is good to go, the psychological side can battle the bulge.

By Kurtis Bright

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

Testicular Torsion Requires Immediate Attention

This excruciating and dangerous condition can lead to the loss of a testicle. Know what to do.

By Kurtis Bright

Testicular Cancer

Imaging Tests Play a Significant Role in Detecting Testicular Cancer

So you have a lump. Your medical team will likely use diagnostic images to investigate.

By Kurtis Bright

Mental Health and ED

Depression and ED Form a Debilitating Feedback Loop

The conditions conspire to create what may seem to be an insurmountable twosome. It's not.

By Kurtis Bright

Understanding Your Physical Health

Does Booze Ever Have a Place in Bed?

You may 'drink and know things,' but if you want to do things, put the alcohol down.

By Kurtis Bright