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James Anderson is from Illinois but now resides in Southern California's Inland Empire. He has worked as an adjunct professor and has written freelance articles for a number of outlets. You can read and subscribe to his newsletter at waywards.substack.com.

Culture and Entertainment

Your Brain on Apps: The Cognitive Effects of Computerized Training

Are you interested in boosting your cerebral power? There might be an app for that.

By James Anderson

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

Early Penile Cancer Intervention Yields Far Better Outcomes

Malignancies treated sooner rather than later can spare the patient a potential penectomy.

By James Anderson

Depression and Anxiety

Suicide Prevention and Intervention

Evidence-based strategies addressing personal and structural factors can save lives.

By James Anderson

Understanding Your Mental Health

Suicide Risk Factors and Warning Signs

Learning how to identify overlooked signals can reduce suffering and loss of life.

By James Anderson

Understanding Your Physical Health

The Effects Testosterone May Be Having on Your Body

The anabolic sex hormone is involved in many bodily functions that are vital to men's health.

By James Anderson

Understanding Your Prostate

Ask These Questions if Your PSA Is High

Elevated prostate-specific antigen test results can point to cancer, but not in every case.

By James Anderson

Understanding Men's Fertility

Intrauterine Insemination Gives Sperm a Much-Needed Head Start

IUI can be used to circumvent some of the male-factor fertility issues preventing pregnancy.

By James Anderson

Identity and Sexuality

Affirmative Psychotherapy Helps Patients Find Truth

Verbal and nonverbal means demonstrate an affirming stance toward LGBTQIA+ identities.

By James Anderson