Ellie Cooper

Ellie is a writer based in India. She is currently publishing her first two non-fiction books on Travel and Erotica and writes for various publications. Ellie is passionate about exploring the subtle nuances within relationships, sex and love. She can usually be found in the mountains, off-roading on her motorcycle.

Sex 101

The Roots of Play Parties: An Exploration

Modern sex-positive gatherings are much different, and likely safer, than blasts from the past.

By Ellie Cooper

My Secret Play Party Experience

Would you accept an invitation? If so, go in with your eyes open and play to your strengths.

By Ellie Cooper

Communication in Relationships

Exploring Compersion: The Opposite of Jealousy

Feeling joy for others may just be a polyamory trend, or it could be a path to a whole new you.

By Ellie Cooper