Olivia Cassano

Olivia is a UK-based journalist and content editor with over six years of experience writing about wellness, reproductive health, and femtech. She's passionate about fighting health misinformation and democratizing access to health content that is free from stigma or biases.

How to Manage Sex and Vaginismus

This cause of pain during penetration can be dealt with, but you might need to reframe intimacy.

By Olivia Cassano

Your Yeast Infection Isn't Dangerous, Just Unpleasant

The condition is extremely common. Here's what you need to know about symptoms and treatment.

By Olivia Cassano

What You Need to Know About Vaginismus

Here's what you need to know about the vaginal condition's causes, symptoms and management.

By Olivia Cassano

A Guide to Nursing at Work

Are you balancing breastfeeding as a working parent? Then you need to know your rights.

By Olivia Cassano

A Holiday Guide to Seasonal Depression

This time of year may be especially difficult for people with seasonal affective disorder.

By Olivia Cassano


Past Abuse Can Lead to Worse Menopause Symptoms, Study Finds

Psychosocial stressors can impact the severity of going through the change.

By Olivia Cassano

Frequent Aspirin Use Is Linked to Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk

The protective association is not affected by other factors, a new meta-analysis indicates.

By Olivia Cassano

Pregnancy and Postpartum Life

Learn the Early Signs of Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? There are some common symptoms women experience that may give you a hint.

By Olivia Cassano