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Cervical Cancer

HPV Vaccine Substantially Reduces Cervical Cancer Rates

Countries with high vaccination rates ‘on the path to eliminating cervical cancer,’ experts say.

By Risa Kerslake

Understanding Your Breasts

Oh No, I Have Nipple Hair!

Whether you have a lot or a little, there is no normal when it comes to hair on your areola.

By Risa Kerslake

Understanding Women's Fertility

When Trying to Conceive, Men and Women Should Just Say No to Marijuana

Research results are conflicting, but doctors warn weed won't do you any fertility favors.

By Risa Kerslake

Vaginal Conditions

This Uncommon Type of Vaginitis Can Be Difficult to Diagnose

While DIV is often confused with other vaginal conditions, treatment is possible.

By Risa Kerslake

Breast Procedures

Millennials Are Turning 40 and Getting Their First Mammograms

Recommendations may vary, but starting screening earlier saves lives.

By Risa Kerslake


Natural Menstrual Sponges Are Not Your Eco-Friendly Tampon Alternative

Experts explain why these sea creatures shouldn't be anywhere near your vagina.

By Risa Kerslake

Pregnancy and Postpartum Life

Your Second Pregnancy May Look a Little Different Than Your First

If you think you know what to expect with your next bun in the oven, think again.

By Risa Kerslake