Coralle Skye

Coralle is a UK-based freelance writer with a passion for women's health, relationships, and sustainability. Her work has been featured in Giddy, The Date Mix and her personal blog,

Life After an Abortion

It can take some time to adjust after ending your pregnancy. Resources and support can help.

By Coralle Skye

Types of Abortions and Their Side Effects

Find out how to obtain a procedure safely and what you can expect afterward.

By Coralle Skye

How Will Menopause 'Cure' My Endometriosis?

Unfortunately, endo symptoms don't always end with the menopausal transition for some people.

By Coralle Skye

Can I Sleep With a Tampon In?

Yes—but on one condition!

By Coralle Skye

Why Can't I Wear Tampons After Giving Birth?

Ditch your usual hygiene product to prevent an infection.

By Coralle Skye

Please Stop Believing These Delayed Orgasm Inaccuracies

Taking awhile to climax can be frustrating, but it doesn't mean sex can't still be enjoyable.

By Coralle Skye


What Happens to Fibroids During Menopause?

Not all of these benign tumors shrink or disappear, so don't ignore the symptoms.

By Coralle Skye

Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

Evidence Points to Possible Benefits of Ashwagandha for Libido

This shrub and its roots and leaves may give your sexual health a boost, but see a doctor first.

By Coralle Skye