Aleck Woogmaster
Aleck Woogmaster

Aleck Woogmaster is based in New Orleans. He is the founder and Manager of Arts Love Letters and Company and has toured several major regions of the US as a songwriter and spoken word artist. A well-reviewed cooking instructor and creator of the FIFFIK Initiative, when Aleck isn't researching or writing, he spends a fair amount of time convincing people he is a real person even though he has no social media and a name that sounds like spam.

Androgen deprivation therapy is a useful tool for doctors and patients, sometimes on its own.
The body's response to illness, fever and infection can contribute to infertility.
As it turns out, the testes are very connected to your overall well-being.
Telemedicine has its perks, but intimate issues sometimes require a personal touch.
Mental factors and medication can affect sexual performance.
Writers emphasize the importance of listening and 'positive masculine patterns.'
Vascular issues may damage the smooth muscle cells that are integral to getting an erection.
You do have options if you want to change the size or appearance of your penis and scrotum.
Capable of a potency up to 100 times that of morphine, this opioid poses a real risk.
Phimosis and paraphimosis can affect uncircumcised men, possibly to the point of surgery.