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Men and Menopause: Tips for Coping and Helping Her Cope

Support your partner during menopause in a way that fosters a healthy dynamic for both of you.

By Aleck Woogmaster

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Debates About Sex Addiction Are Counterproductive

Is sex addiction a real medical condition or simply an excuse for errant bedroom behavior?

By Aleck Woogmaster

Dating & Relationships

How to Cope with a Relationship Loss

When grieving a lost relationship, common practices definitely work, but so do new techniques.

By Aleck Woogmaster


Healthy Masturbation Ideas to Kick the Porn Habit

Solitary satisfaction can be perfectly gratifying without relying on commercial sources.

By Aleck Woogmaster

Heart Disease

Passion Products & Heart Health for Men

Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.

By Aleck Woogmaster


Sexually Active? Know the Common Sexually Transmitted Disease Risks

Improve the safety of your sex life by learning about the most common STDs.

By Aleck Woogmaster


How HIV May Affect Erectile Performance

Millions of men have ED, and HIV-positive men endure it on top of a life-changing diagnosis.

By Aleck Woogmaster


Sacred Sexuality: Discovering the Spirit with Sex

Understanding your and your partner's sexuality is a path to a deeper connection of intimacy.

By Aleck Woogmaster