Helen Massy

Helen has an extensive background as a health care professional and senior leader in the UK National Health Service, along with being a mother to three young children and a well-traveled military spouse. Over a decade of clinical experience as a respiratory specialist underpins her passion for opening discussion around taboo topics and decoding complex medical information. This eclectic mix of attributes brings a unique blend of clinical insight and life experience to her health writing.

Time for Sex—Oh, Wait, the Kids Are Still Awake!

Whether you have teens, youngsters or a baby, you need a strategy to keep up an active sex life.

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Cancer shouldn't be the first thought if your prostate-specific antigen levels are high.

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Experiencing Symptoms of BPH? Here's What You Should Tell Your Doctor

Benign prostatic hyperplasia isn't life-threatening, but its complications can alter daily life.

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Let's Explain Male Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

CPPS isn't one easy-to-define condition. It's a collection of symptoms diagnosed by exclusion.

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Things to Consider for Vacation Sex

If making love is on your to-do list during a trip, do your research and maintain safety.

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