Helen Massy

Helen has an extensive background as a health care professional and senior leader in the UK National Health Service, along with being a mother to three young children and a well-traveled military spouse. Over a decade of clinical experience as a respiratory specialist underpins her passion for opening discussion around taboo topics and decoding complex medical information. This eclectic mix of attributes brings a unique blend of clinical insight and life experience to her health writing.

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Talking to Your Kids About Your Cancer Diagnosis

If you've recently been diagnosed with cancer, telling your children is an important step.

By Helen Massy

Liquid Biopsies for Prostate Cancer Detection May Be the Future

The removal of tissue for examination has limitations. A simpler form of diagnosis could help.

By Helen Massy

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Type 1 Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Are Closely Linked

Men with the disease are more prone to developing ED at a younger age than those without it.

By Helen Massy

Pancreatic Cancer and Sex

Sex may not be top of mind, but all aspects of your relationship matter in the face of cancer.

By Helen Massy