S. Nicole Lane

S. Nicole Lane is a deputy editor for Giddy. Her work has been published in Playboy, SELF, Vice, Autostraddle as well as other corners of the Internet.

Culture and Entertainment

When Indecent Exposure Happens to You

Being subjected to public masturbation can have lasting effects.

By S. Nicole Lane

Understanding Your Vagina

A Date With My Dilator

These tube-shaped devices aren't pleasurable, but they're essential for overcoming painful sex.

By S. Nicole Lane

What Is a Silver Nitrate Treatment and Why Is It Going on My Cervix?

This common treatment can have varying side effects.

By S. Nicole Lane

Why Do I Get a Stomachache After Sex?

Having heavy cramping may be a sign of a more serious condition.

By S. Nicole Lane

Sex 101

Unraveling the Myth of 'Penis Captivus'

So, like, what happens when you get stuck inside a vagina?

By S. Nicole Lane

How Does Endometriosis Surgery Impact Sex?

Intimacy after an incision isn't out of the question, it just takes work.

By S. Nicole Lane

5 Endometriosis-Friendly Sex Positions

Painful sex isn't the end of intimacy—you just need a new approach.

By S. Nicole Lane

Why Some People Are Into Period Sex

There's nothing 'icky' about the benefits. Trust us.

By S. Nicole Lane