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The Connection Between Metabolism & Sex Drive

Metabolism affects how you process food and plays a role in a healthy libido.

By Haley Gray

Sleep & Sleep Disorders

What Your 'Sleep Animal' Says About Your Sex Life

Knowing your type of sleep animal can help you identify the ideal time to mate.

By Haley Gray

Postpartum Life

Eating Your Placenta: A Flawed Health Fad?

Almost all mammals, except humans, eat their placenta after birth. Should we?

By Haley Gray

Peyronie's Disease

Leaning Left or Right? Here's Why Your Penis Curves

A man's penis may curve for a number of normal and harmless reasons. But some require attention.

By Haley Gray


The Impact of Opioids on Your Sex Life

Noticing changes in the bedroom following opioid use? Usually these effects aren’t permanent.

By Haley Gray

Love Languages

What to Do When Your Partner Has a Different Love Language

You love each other but express it differently. How do you make sure you’re on the same page?

By Haley Gray

Ovarian Health

Understanding Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Learning the symptoms of the reproductive syndrome PCOS can help prevent long-term effects.

By Haley Gray


Why Mood Changes Are Normal During PMS

Many women expects mood swings during PMS, but understanding why helps you take control.

By Haley Gray