Jennifer Sizeland

Jennifer Sizeland is a freelance writer and assistant producer with 12 years of experience in the media industry. She has written for many publications including the BBC, the Independent, Metro, Manchester Mill, the Media Diversity Institute, Funny Women, The Femedic and her own sustainability blog called Land of Size.

A Guide on Sex for Men

Here's your guide to sex, orgasms and how to make it all better.

By Jennifer Sizeland

The Biology of Sex

What is sex and why do we do it? And why do we always want more?

By Jennifer Sizeland

What Is Water Retention and Why Does It Happen?

Bloating is pretty normal, but occasionally it can be a problem.

By Jennifer Sizeland

Should You Donate Your Placenta?

Explore your options beyond throwing this amazing organ away.

By Jennifer Sizeland

Becoming 'Sober Curious'

What are some strategies we can use to reduce the emphasis of alcohol in our lives?

By Jennifer Sizeland

Can Breast Milk Heal Wounds?

Human milk may have more benefits than we realize.

By Jennifer Sizeland

Understanding Your Breasts

What Is the Purpose of Breasts Outside of Breastfeeding?

The scientific field fails to latch onto a provable theory behind our permanent mammary glands.

By Jennifer Sizeland

Take Addiction Recovery Step By Step

Step programs are the gold standard in substance use recovery, but do they work for everyone?

By Jennifer Sizeland