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David Hopper

David comes from a writing and reporting background. He earned a master's degree in journalism from the University of Mississippi. After working at several newspapers, David was an editor of a boxing website for five years. In addition to writing for Giddy, the Austin resident writes about music for 360degreesound.com. In his spare time, his favorite thing to do is play basketball. 

Understanding Men's Fertility

Prescription Drugs and Links to Male Infertility

Certain medications—even ones given to you by your doctor—can negatively impact sperm health.

By David Hopper

Identity and Sexuality

How to Find an LGBTQIA+-Friendly Family Doctor

You deserve comprehensive and compassionate care regardless of your sexuality.

By David Hopper

Understanding Your Mental Health

Antipsychotic Drugs and Their Potential Sexual Side Effects for Men

These medications can cause ED, decreased desire and ejaculation complications.

By David Hopper

Understanding Your Physical Health

Between the Pages: 'The Quest for Sexual Health'

In an exclusive Q&A, sociologist Steven Epstein explores his book about society and sexuality.

By David Hopper

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

Keep Your Yeast Infection Risk Low

Thrush is not just for women, so reduce your chances for fungal growth around your penis.

By David Hopper

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Online Sex Therapy Means Help May Be Just a Click Away

While the treatment is generally the same, remote sessions have their own pros and cons.

By David Hopper

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Maybe Taking ED Drugs and Nitrates Is Possible

A new study suggests the meds have a lower risk than thought. But lower risk isn't no risk.

By David Hopper


Sex Toys to Your Left, Sex Ed in Aisle 4

Forbidden Fruit owner Lynn Raridon reflects on 40 years in the adult store biz.

By David Hopper