Taneia is a full-time public health professional and freelance writer specializing in health and wellness content. With a bachelor’s degree in public health and minority health and a master’s degree in public health with a health behavior concentration, Taneia aspires to become a sexual health educator working with low-income and minority communities, improving their health literacy. When she’s not at work or freelancing, she enjoys playing with her pets, Gooby and Jynx, journaling, shopping, and watching true-crime documentaries.

Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder and Your Sexual Health

There's no cure for this rare autoimmune disorder, but treatment can inhibit future flare-ups.

By Taneia Surles, M.P.H.

Prostate Cancer Genetic Variants ID'd in Men of African Descent

New research reveals how several cancerous genes are linked to this specific ancestry.

By Taneia Surles, M.P.H.

Men Are Subject to the Sexual Side Effects of Metformin

The first-line antidiabetic medication may induce erectile dysfunction, according to research.

By Taneia Surles, M.P.H.

Lung Damage Poses Risks to Your Sexual Health

Beyond smoking and COVID-19, many other factors can cause harm to your respiratory health.

By Taneia Surles, M.P.H.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Good Gourd: Pumpkin Seeds Show Potential Benefits for ED

A recent study on rats suggests this fall snack may help improve erectile dysfunction.

By Taneia Surles, M.P.H.

Diabetes and ED

Benefits of Acupuncture May Include Slowing Diabetes and Preventing ED

A study suggests the practice might help people with prediabetes prevent progression.

By Taneia Surles, M.P.H.

Androgen Deprivation Therapy Tied to Increased Cardiovascular Death

A study suggests potential risks with ADT, a common therapy for prostate cancer.

By Taneia Surles, M.P.H.

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

The Benefits of Antioxidants for Men and Their Sex Lives

Beating oxidative stress can boost erections and enhance sperm health and fertility.

By Taneia Surles, M.P.H.