Alex Denny
Alex Denny

Alex Denny is a former women’s health editor at Giddy. After she went to university for creative writing, she expanded into different media, writing for copy agencies and creating social media content for various companies and non-profits. She’s ghostwritten nearly every legal blog on the internet, so next time you read about bike accident law in Florida, know you’re likely reading the words of Alex.

ASD presents in many ways, making it difficult—not impossible—to diagnose, especially in adults.
Autism spectrum disorder presents in ways as varied as the people who are on the spectrum.
People with autism can enjoy intimacy and have successful romantic relationships.
Some people with autism struggle with romantic relationships while others have no problem.
ART procedures such as IVF are generally safe but include possible downsides and costs.
In vitro fertilization is the most common form of ART, but several options are available.
ART, which includes more than IVF, has been life-changing for more than 9 million families.
Your favorite flattering pair of jeans could contribute to a slew of health conditions.
This important part of the anatomy is integral to menstruation and reproduction.
Even with proper maintenance, your augmentation won't last forever.