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Why You Shouldn't 'Spring Clean' Your Vagina

It may be time to spruce up areas you've been neglecting during the pandemic—just not this one.

By Emily Blaire

The Most Common Risk Factors for Premature Menopause & How to Treat It

Factors that can lead to premature menopause are many, but the cause is often unknown.

By Emily Blaire


What I Learned from Attempting to Conquer My Sexual Bucket List

The biggest surprises were…well, just read on and you might be quite surprised, too.

By Emily Blaire

Digestive Disorders

How IBD Affects My Sex Life

Thankfully, it's true love, because it takes some of that when one partner has a bowel disease.

By Emily Blaire

Living with ED

What to Do When ED Strikes During Sex

ED doesn’t have to kill the moment, if you know what to say and do when it happens.

By Emily Blaire

CBD for Sexual Health

Is Marijuana Lube All It's Cracked Up to Be?

Cannabis-infused products promise an added high when you’re getting down.

By Emily Blaire


Do You Need to Tell Potential Partners You Have Herpes Simplex Virus?

Health pros advocate for disclosure from individuals who have HSV. Some sufferers disagree.

By Emily Blaire


What to Do if You May Have Been Exposed to an STI

A possible STI is not the end of the world. Keep a level head and act quickly for best results.

By Emily Blaire