So, let's say I have this "friend." And this friend is dealing with a very peculiar problem: Toward the end of each of her romantic liaisons, right when the gettin's good, she tends to clench in a way that exerts significant resistance against penetration.

Occasionally, it's so strong, her partner's penis (or fingers, toy, what have you) is expelled. It can be a little embarrassing, sure, but more frustrating than anything (I would imagine). Orgasm denial enthusiasts notwithstanding, who wants things to immediately shut down just when they're on the cusp of coming?

Usually, it's not a huge inconvenience—my friend just has to reinsert whatever was in her vagina and continue, albeit with a more conscious effort to keep everything down there relaxed. But other times, it just keeps popping out over and over again, like an X-rated Three Stooges skit.

Over the years, she's been too sheepish to bring it up to anybody, but this hasn't stopped her from wondering whether or not there's a fix or at least an explanation for what's going on.

Being the magnanimous