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Here’s How to Overcome ED Linked to Performance Anxiety

Mental and emotional issues can be as much of a struggle in the bedroom as outside of it.

By Geoff Nudelman

Why Scheduling Sex Is Actually Sexy

It’s never been more important for partners to set aside time for intimacy.

By Geoff Nudelman

Get Your Sweat On: How Exercise, Heart Disease and ED Are Connected

It all comes down to the tiniest blood vessels in the male body.

By Geoff Nudelman

Exploring Masturbation for Men

Engaging in solo play is good for your mental and physical health. Just don't grip it too hard.

By Geoff Nudelman

Erectile Dysfunction

WTF Is Andropause (And Is It Real)?

The short answer is yes, but the path to diagnosing it is much more complex.

By Geoff Nudelman

Sex Tips

Can Snacks Get You Ready for Round Two?

Some foods increase testosterone and improve function, but may not offer the boost you expect.

By Geoff Nudelman


How Chemotherapy Can Cause Low-T

Lowered sex drive is among the most common—but least discussed—symptoms of treatment.

By Geoff Nudelman

Heart Disease & ED

Heart Disease and ED Are More Closely Linked Than You'd Think

A strong, healthy ticker is the foundation for strong, healthy sexual function.

By Geoff Nudelman