The penis has thousands of nerve endings, so it makes sense that when something starts to affect said nerve endings, it can translate to decreased sensation, whether during sex, urination or otherwise.

"We see sensitivity issues in medical patients, neurological incidents, folks that use bicycles for long instances and patients with Peyronie's disease, [among other issues]," said Ali Afshar, M.D., a urologic surgeon with San Fernando Valley Urological Associates in California.

Decreased penile sensitivity is more common than men would like, primarily because of some common causes. Let's look at a few of these issues and potential treatment options.

ED is a common link

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is primarily a blood-flow issue. Many men who experience ED suffer from decreased sensitivity because the penile nerves don't get enough blood and they falter as a result.

Diabetes affects the smallest nerves and arteries in the body, which can cause decreased sensitivity or