Did your sexual desire diminish while taking SSRIs but hasn't returned? It could be PSSD.
Did your sexual desire diminish while taking SSRIs but hasn't returned? It could be PSSD.
While mental health issues can be treated, it’s estimated more the 40 percent don’t seek help.
SSRIs may carry bothersome side effects for men, including dysfunction in the bedroom.
SSRIs may carry bothersome side effects for men, including dysfunction in the bedroom.
Recent evidence may be the final nail in the coffin to the long-hypothesized connection.
Know the differences between these two mental health conditions and how to handle them.
Given the staggering statistics, more people with TRD are struggling with trust and intimacy.
Your mental health is important, but improving it doesn't have to inhibit your sex life.
Men do suffer from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. But what is it and how is it treated?
Just a little drink to help the medicine go down. What could go wrong?
Antidepressants famously impact sex drive, but discontinuation comes with its own problems.
Understanding the shakes and zaps when SSRI/SNRI medication is discontinued.
A week off my birth control pill revived my sex drive. My antidepressant wasn't the cause.
Difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating may have a mental or emotional reason.
Treating mental health is hard enough, but assembling the best medical team can be overwhelming.
The FDA has provided general guidelines for women to go over with their doctor.
SSRIs don't have known interactions with hormonal contraceptives, but other options might.
Antidepressants, especially SSRIs, are effective for many men who ejaculate too quickly.
Despite identical symptoms, Black patients often receive higher doses than white counterparts.
Maintaining sexual function in the face of constant discomfort is a challenge, yes, but doable.
The correct way to store medicine, how long to keep it and when to hand it over to a pharmacist.
When bathroom urges regularly interrupt your nightly rest, it's time to take some action.
From dance clubs to the therapist's couch, Special K leads the psychedelic therapy revolution.
Why do we expect our psychiatrists to be miracle workers?
A loss of sensation in your penis might originate elsewhere, but the causes can be treated.
If you prefer a nonpharmaceutical option, TMS should be high on your options list.
The extreme behaviors associated with the disorder make day-to-day living difficult.
The invasive procedure is only available as a last resort for treatment-resistant patients.
Meds aren't usually the sole cause of erectile issues, and their effects can be minimized.
The challenges of finding the right specialist depends on your diagnosis, history and goals.
The causes of ED often differ between older and younger guys, but the effects are the same.
Managing both conditions comes down to common sense. Talking to your doctor is a great start.
Mental health issues can deliver a double whammy to erectile function, so weigh your options.
If you suffer from depression, antidepressants can be a lifesaver. But do they pose risks?
Just as your needs may change, so should your mental health care.
The road to mental health recovery is long, and dating along the way brings its own challenges.
Ads for these sex health products make bold claims. But urologists know what really works.
With reflection and communication, your sex life can transform into a validating experience.
Mental struggles can impact your bedroom performance. Here's how to get out of your head.
Experts say we might be staying on these medications for years longer than we should.
Bipolar disorder led me on a journey from numbing drugs to healing, creativity and self-love.
An annoying health issue with serious, long-term repercussions is nothing to smile about.
As FDA trials progress, there's some key info to know about this (potential) path forward.
There’s still hope, even if you feel like you’ve tried everything.
The decision to take medication for ADHD wasn't easy, but for me, it was the right one.
An estimated 2.2 million adults in the U.S. have it—effective treatments are available.
While Tourette syndrome can present challenges, it's possible to effectively manage symptoms.
Depression can leave you feeling unmotivated and sluggish—even in the bedroom.
Here are steps to take, and not take, if a partner tells you they're battling depression.
Antidepressants can affect sexual function, but giving up your medicine is not the answer.
Here's the lowdown on what's happening down low if you're taking medications for mental health.
A watchful eye and intentional choices can reduce the suffering caused by PTSD.
Bringing a baby into the world can bring emotional upheaval. Here's how to support your partner.
Taking SSRIs doesn’t have to wreck your sex life.
How much does your state of mind shape your sexual health?
How much does your state of mind shape your sexual health?
Parkinson's gives you enough to handle without having to worry about sexual difficulties.
Here are ways to recognize and treat depression—in yourself or someone you know.
Depression can affect your body as much as your brain, so treat all aspects of the disorder.
A clinical diagnosis of panic disorder opens the doors to treatment and recovery.
Understanding therapeutic strategies can help you help a loved one battle panic disorder.
Empathy and openness in discussing both physical and psychological issues are essential.
Seeking treatment for PTSD may help prevent premature dementia and hypertension in older adults.
Exercise can reduce the symptoms of PTSD and improve sufferers' quality of life.
Depression is manageable, but avoiding treatment can undermine every aspect of your life.
These tools and techniques may help alleviate the devastating effects of PTSD symptoms.
Depression is a complex root cause of erectile dysfunction, but some simple changes can help.
It's not all in your head when it comes to ED, but some of it might be.
If the relationship is no longer serving you, here's how to confidently navigate an exit.
Yes. Or no. It depends—and here's everything you need to know to resolve your issues.
Numerous studies show a strong interplay between depression and erectile dysfunction.
The metabolic process affects how you process food and plays a role in a healthy libido.
Reducing anxiety is critical in PTSD treatment, and there are countless ways to get started.
Relationships can be terrifying when you have social anxiety. Banish the fear and trust romance.
Knowing when to seek treatment is essential to prevent depression from controlling your life.
Unchecked, depression can negatively impact all of your relationships, including intimate ones.
Today, we know more about both erectile dysfunction and depression than we ever have.
Feeling down can impact your interest in getting down. Here, how to reignite the spark.
Knowing about the safety and efficacy of natural sex supplements can benefit your sexual health.
Studies have found correlation between PTSD and ED, so coping with one may help with the other.
Post-traumatic stress disorder affects not only those suffering, but also partners and family.
Don’t let depression dampen your romantic life.
While a lifeline for many people, SSRI antidepressants are notorious for their side effects.
While a lifeline for many people, SSRI antidepressants are notorious for their side effects.
Recognize the roadblocks to orgasms and learn the potential solutions to getting off.
There are critical steps to manage PPD, a serious condition that affects moms after childbirth.
Mental health issues often cause problems with ED. But you don’t have to suffer in silence.