Four years ago, I started taking an antidepressant called Paxil. I'd just ended a five-year relationship and moved cross-country for a job that I loved, but I was suffering from emotional burnout. I was feeling panicky and thinking irrationally negative things. It was the start of a prolonged episode of anxiety that made it hard to rest, work productively and enjoy life in my new city.

The drugs worked, combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy and some serious slowing down, and the anxiety dulled. But I was frustrated by how the antidepressants impacted my ability to concentrate. I was also ready to enjoy being single for the first time in years and was suffering from one very common antidepressant side effect: it was almost impossible to orgasm.

Easing off the drugs wasn't as easy as I expected. I felt restless and moody, and I was worried my anxiety was coming right back. It took three attempts, tapering more slowly each time, but eventually, I was able to wean