The old saying goes, "You are what you eat," but what does that really mean? It might just be easier to parrot a cliché than track down the truth, especially when it comes to something as hush-hush as our sexual organs.

The real truth: It's hotly debated whether our diet has anything to do with how our genitals smell and taste—even the experts are reluctant to make a call between fact and fiction.

The taste test

Even though the initial question is simple, the answer, according to registered dietitian Vivianne Swart, is quite complex. Does what you eat affect how you taste?

"Yes and no," Swart said. "Anecdotally, many people report positive changes in the taste of semen with consumption of sweet or hydrating foods, while reporting that foods like garlic or asparagus create a more bitter or pungent taste. There is sugar in semen, so perhaps it could increase the sweetness with sweet foods, but no studies have shown this.

"When it comes to the vagina, keep in mind that attempting to change the smell could result in infection," Swart continued. "The vagina has a delicate pH balance that needs to be