That the ketogenic diet has come under scrutiny by nutritional experts is no surprise. Its strict requirements would raise anyone's eyebrows, and a July review by Frontiers in Nutrition wasn't the first to point out some key flaws: It's not necessarily a more effective weight-loss tool than any other diet, it has low long-term sustainability and it may open the door for plenty of diseases, from cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer's to diabetes.

However, the study skipped the side effects the diet may have on vaginal health. The term "keto crotch" undoubtedly originated from the depths of social media. However, even with limited scientific investigation, we know it's a complicated problem.

Sandra El Hajj, M.D., a naturopathic medical doctor specializing in preventive global health, and Jamie Hickey, an NASM, FMS certified trainer and ISSA certified nutritionist, helped shed some light on why the keto diet may cause vaginal discomfort.

Why is keto so popular?

People who want to lose weight tend to want the process to