Author Valter Longo, Ph.D., offers dietary advice for long-term health, including sexual health.
Author Valter Longo, Ph.D., offers dietary advice for long-term health, including sexual health.
There's no magic formula for a better diet. It takes commitment and a little education.
There's no magic formula for a better diet. It takes commitment and a little education.
Prevention can be tough, but the disease doesn't have to control you or your relationships.
What's the actual science and what's just something someone heard once?
Products with many additives have been linked to poor health outcomes for moms and babies.
Fitness is an essential element to improving general health, but remember, you are what you eat.
A lack of quality nutrients creates physical symptoms. Fortunately, the effects are reversible.
Create a gluten-free home, be safe in social settings and know how to react to gluten ingestion.
Your diet affects all aspects of your well-being, from function to fertility.
Though less discussed than gut health, your rectal community is as important for sexual health.
Losing a few pounds looks different for everyone, but the benefits are universal.
It might seem obvious, but sometimes the nuances are enough to thwart the best of intentions.
Some products really do work, but how do they affect your sexual health?
Some products really do work, but how do they affect your sexual health?
Some products really do work, but how do they affect your sexual health?
It's time to make that resolution to give your libido a clean slate.
It's time to make that resolution to give your libido a clean slate.
Let's dispel myths: Boobs may change throughout your life, but you can't grow them with dairy.
Two medical experts address this common myth about vaginal odor.
A recent study on rats suggests this fall snack may help improve erectile dysfunction.
Men who eat the least whole foods are 30 percent more likely to develop the disease, study says.
If you are expecting twins or more, you need to cover a higher metabolic demand.
More than 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes. Half of those don't even know they have it.
A healthy love life is the natural byproduct of overall health. These nutrients play a key role.
Healthy living is a priority for many people, but not all diet trends are helpful.
Beating oxidative stress can boost erections and enhance sperm health and fertility.
A healthy lifestyle can manage fat cells to prevent chronic disease and erectile dysfunction.
These nutrients benefit your body and mind and can do wonders for your sexual health, too.
You might want to stay away from this popular fermented drink when you're expecting.
Is a main source of calcium and protein a cancer concern or merely part of a healthy diet?
Diet culture may be outdated, but concerns over caloric intake still raise health questions.
All that energy for sex might come from carbohydrates.
This fatty acid may provide some relief for mental and physical symptoms of PMS.
Nutrition and activity are keys to looking and feeling your best during this natural transition.
Learn about the chemical reactions that provide the energy we need to live.
Empty shelves and price gouging have parents desperate, but hope is on the horizon.
It may not feel like it, but 2.5 percent of your body is metal—and sometimes you need a top-off.
This approach alone may not save us from climate change, but it's good for you…and the planet.
When society keeps piling on dietary rules and restrictions, a mind can cave to the pressure.
Too much or too little of the mineral can lead to ED, and sometimes the problem is hereditary.
Too much or too little of the mineral can lead to ED, and sometimes the problem is hereditary.
Nine out of 10 people with kidney disease don't know they have it. Don't let that be you.
Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder is much more than picky eating.
An acclaimed burlesque performer finally finds her own truth: I am not my hair.
Before you reach for a prescription, ask your doctor about steps you can take on your own.
You sleep and you sleep and you sleep and yet you're never refreshed. But treatment is possible.
What was once a marketing slogan remains in our cultural conscience, because breakfast matters.
From your libido to fertility, you are what you eat.
Watch out for the tipping point between self-improvement and self-destruction.
Getting the perfect booty doesn't have to mean spending thousands of dollars on surgery.
The benefits and risks of time-restricted food consumption largely depend on the individual.
If your period doesn't return in a few weeks or months after ending birth control, see a doctor.
Key nutrients such as magnesium and calcium might make your PMS symptoms more bearable.
You could take a supplement or a medication, but the best solution might be today's lunch.
How the condition began 15 years ago, the way life changed and what reality looks like now.
Don't worry, the discomfort of the menopausal transition won't last forever.
While the risk of cardiovascular problems increases as you age, lifestyle changes can help.
Your food has a long journey from being picked to being displayed on store shelves.
Not pooping may seem unrelated to sex…until pleasure turns to pain.
The research is inconclusive, but here's what we know so far.
A new paper reviewing multiple studies recommends specific mineral amounts for pregnant women.
Chronic gastritis may be impacting your brain (and sexual) health.
ACV has long been touted as a cure-all, but does it really deliver?
RRMS is the most common type of MS, leading to chronic fatigue and so much more.
Pay less attention to catchy marketing and more attention to Mother Nature.
Knowing the origin of your food allows you to make educated choices for a healthy body and mind.
Factors associated with vegetarian and vegan diets can affect your reproductive health.
If you thought turning 40 was tough, welcome to a whole new assortment of challenges.
You can ditch meat, for whatever reason, without losing your mind.
You can ditch meat, for whatever reason, without losing your mind.
Don't let stomach acid ruin your night. Take steps so you don't feel the burn.
A new diagnosis can be overwhelming, but with practice, you can learn to control the disease.
Some foods and supplements can decrease the effectiveness of the pill. Here's what to know.
What do people who dedicate themselves to helping others do to help themselves?
Eating disorders affect hormonal health, but do hormones increase your risk of developing one?
What are they, who's in charge of them and how did they get into your food?
Get to know more about what you’re consuming—it’s all there, in black and white.
Only time and more trials will tell us if the controversial decision was the right one.
While the diet may feel restrictive, it's worth it for the health of you and your baby.
This former indicator of wealth has since become common in a much broader population.
Some 'healthy' foods aren't a great choice for men with diabetes. Avoid this elevated-GI fare.
They enhance the flavors, the colors and the aroma of food—and they're good for you, too.
When bathroom urges regularly interrupt your nightly rest, it's time to take some action.
Don't let fad diets dictate what's healthy and what's not.
It's a life-threatening condition you may not even know you have.
While it's true that people need them to thrive, are we taking too many dietary supplements?
Sleep can be an ongoing challenge, but there are medications and lifestyle changes that work.
A good night's sleep is critical to overall well-being, including your sex life and erections.
Not feeling right? You might not be getting enough water, even if you have your daily 64 ounces.
Carbs, proteins and fat all play a role in complete nutrition.
Research shows eliminating certain foods and adding others may alleviate your symptoms.
It's not uncommon for a weight-loss trend to go viral, but this one looks a little different.
Understanding the role diet plays before, during and after your period can help manage symptoms.
If you have celiac disease and are having trouble conceiving, a new diet might help your odds.
The impact on your emotional and cognitive health can be profound in the short- and long-term.
You hear about dietary options all the time, but here's some help to decide what's best for you.
No matter how a product is advertised, check the ingredient and nutrition labels first.
The actress aims to eliminate the shame around pregnancy complications.
What to do the morning after when you've had one too many the night before.
Flatulence and more—everything you never really wanted to know about gas.
New evidence suggests hot flashes can be alleviated by dietary changes.
Be warned, you can't believe everything you read on a label.
Whole grains, fruits, veggies can lower the risk of aggressive cancer and high PSA, studies say.
Easily mistaken for a nut allergy, this syndrome is a unique and lifelong condition.
A plant-based diet can help reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction, a new study concludes.
Are these products health and wellness magic...or a complete waste of money?
Everybody has bowel movements, but no one talks about it. Maybe we should.
While autoimmunity remains incurable and its cause unknown, dietary changes may help.
Choosing the best device for your milk production is a big decision. Here's what to know.
Certain foods help boost concentration and energy—others may do just the opposite.
Put down that cup of joe. Try these instead and cut down on the jitters.
You can live a full and happy life…yes, even without gluten.
If you suffer from these conditions, update your menu with sources of flavonoids and lycopene.
Let’s separate fact from fiction about the health benefits of ejaculate.
An easily overlooked nutritional deficiency can seriously starve the brain.
Your baby needs a lot of attention, but you deserve some, too.
This nutrient-rich golden liquid gives newborns natural protection in their first days of life.
As an essential component of erections, NO can be a big yes in avoiding ED.
The 'LA's Finest' actor opens up about his relationship and talking to his teens.
The popular diet trend requires a major tweak to truly be healthy.
An underactive thyroid is a lifelong condition, but it's highly manageable with early detection.
A well-known culprit in poor diets, excessive sodium can also directly affect erections.
The often criticized diet has some disturbing side effects for women.
It's the little things that mean the most to help with this common, yet devastating, illness.
The ultimate guide to healing so you can get on with your life.
Don't believe every piece of nutrition advice that gets posted on social media.
Changing your diet and introducing exercise to your regimen may up your odds of stopping cancer
You can't turn back time, but these lifestyle changes may help you look and feel younger.
Choose how you want to drop pounds, but be careful of ineffective or dangerous practices.
Research indicates a direct link between what we eat and how we feel.
Have you ever woken up and been briefly unable to move at all? Hint: It's not the sandman.
Your flow shouldn't stop you from living your life.
Changes to your eating and lifestyle could be the key to managing chronic bowel symptoms.
It's not a magic potion, but as part of a lifestyle, these foods can confer healthy rewards.
The obsession with taking up less space damages self-esteem and health. Gaining muscle can help.
Be more empowered in your decision if the doctor recommends a cesarean.
If you're skeptical about the benefits and safety of fasting, here's what you should know.
If you're feeling lightheaded and sleepy today, that could mean serious trouble down the line.
Well done or rare, too much red meat might make for fewer erections.
Phyllis Frempong, R.N., explains the role diet plays in fibroid management.
Parents play a significant role in how children perceive their bodies and develop self-worth.
Stop wasting cash on expensive fads and shop for these science-backed skincare ingredients.
Nurture your body by choosing foods that correspond with the ebb and flow of your hormones.
This common condition is almost as misunderstood as the vagina itself.
Here’s how to get your mind and body ready to make it to the finish line of your first 5K.
When body chemicals get out of whack, it can affect every aspect of your life.
Just like other parts of the body, your genitals can benefit from antioxidant-rich foods.
Yes, you can wear a bra to bed.
Drinking water and knowing how to wash your face are not enough for flawless skin.
Certain dietary and lifestyle changes can tame inflammation and improve your libido.
This common condition can affect fertility, but help is available.
Anemia can be a serious side effect of heavy periods, but treatment options are available.
Running is a straightforward and accessible exercise, but that doesn't make it the best choice.
Can you strive for fitness while appreciating your natural form?
With heavily restricted diets picking up in popularity, here's how they can affect your body.
For long-term health, encourage your children to focus on nutrition, not body image.
What you eat can profoundly impact hormone levels and overall health.
Aging takes a toll on the body, but a healthy lifestyle can keep you robust through the years.
Like the other parts of your body, your prostate needs the right foods to stay healthy.
A diet of plant-based whole foods boosts sex drive and helps with performance issues such as ED.
Stress can compromise your immunity and increase the risk of relapse after prostate cancer.
High blood pressure isn't the only reason to cut your sodium intake.
Alzheimer's disease is becoming more prevalent, but you can slow its development.
With dietary supplements and workout adaptations, you don't have to suffer through your period.
Changes in your urine stream could point to one of two prostate issues. Find out what they are.
Anemia affects millions of women a year, but it’s largely preventable.
You may be able to improve your sexual health by drinking more water and staying hydrated.
Enjoy your veggies but don't want to give up meat entirely? Try flexitarianism.
Crohn's disease, a form of IBD, affects millions of people in the United States.
Eating dairy-free doesn't have to hurt—your favorite snacks and meals are still within reach.
Many factors, including supplements, influence a child's health.
As testosterone levels decline with age, men may experience a range of symptoms.
A plant-based diet may aid recovery, while processed foods are best avoided.
Long-term use of certain oral contraception may help prevent some reproductive cancers.
Simple lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on prostate health.
The list of possible dangers is long, but avoiding risky items may enable you to bear a child.
Self-care is a good remedy for the negative side effects of radiation therapy.
Keeping blood sugar in check by watching your diet can also help with erectile function.
Challenges of diabetes and erectile dysfunction are intertwined but readily manageable.
Seeking treatment for PTSD may help prevent premature dementia and hypertension in older adults.
Coping with cancer is daunting. Learning about the next steps and hopeful outcomes can help.
Approaching each condition separately can help with both.
The pill may be a miraculous drug, but it's not perfect. Here's what you need to know.
Are you making a fresh start? Here's how you can return to healthy living after an addiction.
All those clichéd healthy-lifestyle recommendations matter more when you're trying to conceive.
Use our guide of do's and don'ts to get the care you need while caring for someone else.
Experiencing the miracle of carrying a life may leave your breasts feeling less than perfect.
Ignore the conflicting information out there about how to get in shape. Here's the bottom line.
Exercise and meditation can enhance sexual performance, but what if you take supplements, too?
Focus on foods that enhance heart health, sexual health and overall health—all at the same time.
Eating for two comes with crucial responsibilities, some of which you may not expect.
The metabolic process affects how you process food and plays a role in a healthy libido.
Studies give newfound cancer-fighting status to popular foods, including a loved pizza topping.
Reducing anxiety is critical in PTSD treatment, and there are countless ways to get started.
If you need to boost, lower or maintain your estrogen level, pay attention to these 10 foods.
A common hair-loss product that uses finasteride can affect a man's role in conception.
Simple diet choices can make a big difference in avoiding and beating candidiasis.
Incorporating certain foods into your diet can help keep your vagina healthy.
Getting a good night's rest could be as simple as watching what you consume, and when.
From medical checkups to lifestyle choices, stay on top of your reproductive health.
There's no stopping your changing body, but you don't have to lose all the aspects you love.
COVID-19 has put us all on edge. Can we ever get back to normal?
One in 78 women will get ovarian cancer. Know your risk factors, find it early and beat it.
Over 35 and pregnant? Here are tips and advice for moms-to-be.
There are a number of fallacies around soy and what it does, or doesn't do, to your body.
A healthy diet may help reverse negative effects that are causing sexual dysfunction.
Almost all mammals, except humans, eat their placenta after birth. Should we?
Proper nutrition and exercise are top priorities, but three additional methods can help, too.
Your pregnancy journey should include exercise, but be careful of how much.
During pregnancy, intense specified hunger can go beyond just wishing for a cookie.
Your daily multivitamin may not be giving you all the essential nutrients that you need.
If you’re wary of drugs or surgery, some foods and supplements may offer an alternative.
Here’s how to keep your caffeine intake within safe limits without experiencing withdrawal.
Some foods allegedly get you in the mood for sex. Did you know other foods can do the opposite?
Libido is affected by a number of variables. Is one of them that hot new diet you’re trying?
Libido is affected by a number of variables. Is one of them that hot new diet you’re trying?