Most biological women don't need to be told (or reminded) that our hormones affect our mood, sleep and even our appetite. From the moment we enter puberty, we ride the sometimes choppy waves of hormones in our body.

But what if we could feel less at odds with those currents and instead learned to go with the flow (pun intended) by adjusting what we eat to harmonize with our natural cycle?

Over the past several years, we have learned how to use what we eat to manage and treat illness. So, too, can diet help with the hormonal changes we experience every month. Just as we can cycle sync our exercise, we can eat in a way that coordinates with our cycle and ease some of its side effects.

A woman's hormonal cycle consists of the following four phases, in order. Read on for tips on how to adjust your diet by phase.

Early follicular phase

The early follicular phase begins the first day of menstruation, when the body is shedding the unneeded protective lining of the uterus