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Myths about endometriosis can spread unfounded fear and cause delays in diagnosis and treatment.

Reviewed by Lori McNeal, M.D. , | Gynecology, | Gynecology

The Basics
Symptoms and Diagnosis
Living with Endometriosis

The Basics

The Facts About Endometriosis

Knowing the basics of this commonly overlooked disease can empower more women to seek treatment.

While it doesn't automatically mean infertility, endometriosis may require immediate attention.

When medicine excludes the LGBTQIA+ community, trans people get hurt.

One woman in 10 is affected by endometriosis—physically, psychologically and sexually.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Endometriosis

Understanding your symptoms is the first step to getting diagnosed with endometriosis.

Bouncing from one specialist to another is common when seeking an endometriosis diagnosis.

Both chronic conditions have similar symptoms, and getting an accurate diagnosis takes time.

Battling the pain of endometriosis can be exhausting, and sometimes you need a break.


Treatment of Endometriosis

The causes of endometriosis are still relatively unknown, but helpful treatments are available.

Many women are self-treating chronic pelvic pain with CBD, but let's see what science thinks.

Consider first the many effective alternatives that can reduce endometriosis pain.

Try these top 5 ways to manage endometriosis from the comfort of your own home.

Living with Endometriosis

Living With Endometriosis

You can live with endometriosis and thrive, even though its root causes aren't known.

Three women share their harrowing journey to an endometriosis diagnosis.

Sometimes a creative touch is needed to manage endometriosis pain.

If you suffer from endometriosis, including your partner in your struggle can bring comfort.