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Rachel Crowe is a Denver-based comedian, screenwriter and freelance sexual health journalist. Follow her at @racheddar on Twitter or @thelma_and_disease on Instagram.

Understanding Your Vagina

Make No Mistake, Vulvas Can Get Smegma Too

Genital residue is often associated with penises, but it's just as common for women.

By Rachel Crowe

Understanding Your Physical Health

Here's Your Inheritance: Trauma

Can you suffer from the damage of past generations? In a word, yes.

By Rachel Crowe

Understanding Your Mental Health

Human Error In Talk Therapy

Weird vibes? Strange turns-of-phrase? How to tell a therapist isn't the right fit for you.

By Rachel Crowe

Identity and Sexuality

How Children Acquire Gender

Sex may be evident at birth, but only you can be sure of your own identity.

By Rachel Crowe


The Anatomy of an Orgasm: Before, During and After

You may know how to reach your best climax, but what's actually happening from start to finish?

By Rachel Crowe

Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

You're Eating a Credit Card's Worth of Microplastics Every Year

What are they, who's in charge of them and how did they get into your food?

By Rachel Crowe

Understanding Your Physical Health

What Chronic UTIs Can Mean

It's not just annoying. A long-term, persistent issue can have far-reaching effects.

By Rachel Crowe