Tiredness, cold hands, heart palpitations—these are all symptoms of anemia, a serious condition in which a person’s red blood cells can’t carry enough oxygen for their body to function properly.

In some cases, heavy menstrual flow can lead to anemia. Every woman is different, so not every woman with a heavy period will develop anemia. But for those who do, it is caused by the body losing more iron during their period than they are absorbing through their diet. This lack of iron means muscles and organs are not receiving the necessary oxygen, which can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms.

What causes anemia?

The causes of this condition are diverse and include:

  • Loss of blood for any reason, such as heavy periods, digestive bleeding or the presence of blood in the urine on a regular basis.
  • A deficit of iron, caused by imbalances in the diet. When your body doesn’t have enough iron, it can’t produce hemoglobin