Pregnancy causes a bevy of strange symptoms. Among them are cravings for food combinations that otherwise sound disgusting: brownies and cottage cheese, pickles and ice cream, a taco filled with spaghetti. Food cravings are strong and difficult to resist; they're urges for foods that are more specific than normal hunger.

Why pregnancy cravings happen

Dr. Omar Manejwala, psychiatrist and author of "Craving: Why We Can't Seem to Get Enough," highlights that these cravings are as variable and numerous as they are largely unexplainable. Some pregnancy cravings may be for foods a mother already enjoyed; some may be for foods she previously despised. The cravings may arise due to appetite-stimulating hormones, a desire to override opposing food aversions (for example, that eating sweet food will counteract an aversion to bitter foods), gestational diabetes, or even because of changes in the brain structure. The list of theories is long, and none has been conclusively proved.

One theory that has been more or less debunked is that