The hit TV series' storyline reflects the sexual desires that affect our relationships.
The hit TV series' storyline reflects the sexual desires that affect our relationships.
The hit TV series' storyline reflects the sexual desires that affect our relationships.
Some people are celebrating lips of all shapes, colors and sizes as labiaplasty cases skyrocket.
Discussing vulvas has become a little less taboo, but patients must advocate for themselves.
Discussing vulvas has become a little less taboo, but patients must advocate for themselves.
The messy, culinary binge-eating phenomenon has taken social media by storm. Bon appetit?
The messy, culinary binge-eating phenomenon has taken social media by storm. Bon appetit?
Remember the male gaze-powered movie that fueled everyone's pool-sex fantasies in the late '90s?
Remember the male gaze-powered movie that fueled everyone's pool-sex fantasies in the late '90s?
We no longer seek mates solely for our survival. We're influenced by culture and society, too.
We no longer seek mates solely for our survival. We're influenced by culture and society, too.
Every nine seconds, a woman is assaulted. Each day, three women are murdered by their partners.
Research highlights the 'singles tax,' the high cost of handling finances without a partner.
Here's what you should know about the commonly misunderstood romantic identity.
Author and sex therapist Silva Neves explains why it's important to study sexuality.
'The Watcher' actor wants to shatter the stigma around vaginal dryness and menopause.
'The Watcher' actor wants to shatter the stigma around vaginal dryness and menopause.
The 'Sex Education' star is accepting submissions from women through February.
Studies show that excessive use of the platforms may negatively impact sexual function in women.
Debuting in spring 2023, the site will celebrate the cultural significance of human sexuality.
Debuting in spring 2023, the site will celebrate the cultural significance of human sexuality.
It can take some time to adjust after ending your pregnancy. Resources and support can help.
Study reveals how prejudices keep males out of healthcare, early education and domestic careers.
Author Sophia Smith Galer debunks the myths surrounding intimacy and sexual education.
Author Sophia Smith Galer debunks the myths surrounding intimacy and sexual education.
The discovery of the long-overlooked genitalia could change our understanding of reptilian sex.
Your story can break the silence, but it shouldn't break your spirit.
Here's how the representation of nudity and sex has evolved on the cable giant over the years.
From the garter toss to bridesmaids' attire, ceremonial customs have changed over the years.
The country singer recently posed topless saying, 'I'm comfortable in my own skin.'
The country singer recently posed topless saying, 'I'm comfortable in my own skin.'
What if sex ed wasn't all about prevention and shame?
We take you through the timeline of the salacious profession.
We take you through the timeline of the salacious profession.
Author Catherine Roach describes a sexual and gender revolution driven by young adults.
Celebrity endorsements and image-conscious millennials are driving these procedures.
Genital length in paintings of male nudes has increased dramatically, a new study shows.
If making love is on your to-do list during a trip, do your research and maintain safety.
If making love is on your to-do list during a trip, do your research and maintain safety.
You're eager to see the new baby but remember to respect the parents' wishes.
From 12th-century Asia to today's fitness studios, the art form has traveled to the mainstream.
Turns out, superheroes are better at saving cities than coping with their emotional trauma.
Here are some signs that you're being used like an old coat.
Here are some signs that you're being used like an old coat.
'Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste' dives in.
If you live in Beyonce's world, you've probably heard the term for fat upper pubic area.
The scientific field fails to latch onto a provable theory behind our permanent mammary glands.
Step programs are the gold standard in substance use recovery, but do they work for everyone?
In 1948, Alfred Kinsey changed everyone's perspective of sexology. Is his work still relevant?
The issue may be cultural and the problems societal, but individual consequences can be serious.
From Sisqo to Victoria's Secret, there's a long-standing lust for this cheek-baring lingerie.
Author Laura McGuire explains how parents can teach their children about boundaries and rights.
Historically, getting cuffed goes further back than we think.
Labels and rules given to you early on can affect your perception of who you really are.
What is this so-called STI and why does the internet community continue to think it's credible?
The reason could be hybristophilia, a shared trauma or an attraction to 'bad boy' behavior.
Some viewers may agree the advice is typically bad, so take it with a grain of salt.
Your genetic makeup is a window to your future health. It's also your most precious asset.
It's time to lose those clothes: Stripping down may be one way to boost your sexual well-being.
Gender roles and social pressure may set up conflict between you and your partner.
Tough economic times impact every profession, but like always, adult entertainment will survive.
How much of a difference is too much for a relationship to endure?
Welcome to the era of breadcrumbing, soft launching and virtual dating.
Let's walk through the history of men's undergarments.
From the unconscious to the Oedipus complex, are the pioneer's revelations still important?
Looking to the past may be affecting your dating life more than you realize, and that's OK.
Your relationship is in a good place. Should you risk spoiling that by moving in together?
It's all a matter of risk tolerance and just how close to the edge you're willing to be.
A sexologist weighs in on the film's focus on puberty and the Asian mother-daughter dynamic.
In an exclusive interview, author Rachel Feltman inspires us to ask deeper questions about sex.
If your life has been shaped by social norms, ask yourself some tough questions.
The pharmaceutical industry and HIV/AIDS activism influence the FDA approval process.
The 1970s were a golden age for erotica—or a low point, depending on your perspective.
TikTok jumps on the spiritual wellness bandwagon as some people rethink sexual connections.
An open-access project has limitless possibilities but also renews debates about consent.
Cartoons with LGBT characters complicate the media giant's decades-long role in culture wars.
Telemedicine has its perks, but intimate issues sometimes require a personal touch.
Don't believe your lying eyes. Sex onscreen isn't a standard for real life.
It's time to unlearn prioritizing men's sexual gratification over your own.
Matrimony overseas can be magical, but get the paperwork done early so you enjoy the honeymoon.
Hundreds of Native American tribes need quality education that preserves cultural values.
Perhaps we should be urging peace by communalizing sex like our promiscuous primate relatives.
Here's a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes at strip clubs.
More than 40 percent of women in the U.S. lack access to menstrual hygiene tools and education.
Writers emphasize the importance of listening and 'positive masculine patterns.'
The new documentary is shedding light on this common—and often underrepresented—condition.
Talking to your kid about this subject can be awkward, but it's essential for their safety.
In its new season, the Starz drama can no longer overlook the reality of surviving trauma.
From marrying sex dolls to saying 'I do' to a dolphin, matrimony just gets weirder and weirder.
You deserve comprehensive and compassionate care regardless of your sexuality.
In an exclusive Q&A, sociologist Steven Epstein explores his book about society and sexuality.
Experts dissect the representations of modern love in the new adaptation of Sally Rooney's work.
Need a mood boost? Psychology experts suggest trying these five things to make yourself smile.
How the merkin has evolved: From medieval sex workers to modern-day movie stars.
Social media offers performers more agency, control and freedom than they've ever had before.
There are no mandatory standards for the care of expectant prisoners.
My experience of getting naked in public wasn't easy, but accepting your body has benefits.
Learning how to identify overlooked signals can reduce suffering and loss of life.
These misguided beliefs around intimacy can lead to unfulfilling sexual relationships.
From semen for teeth whitening to Coca-Cola for contraception, what are the facts?
This approach alone may not save us from climate change, but it's good for you…and the planet.
As heteronormative standards evolve, sex tech for men has become more holistic and diverse.
Drabbles, longshots, smut, OTPs, fandoms—oh, my!
Here's how to navigate through cultural taboos in immigrant communities.
Paternalistic attitudes only sabotage an already marginalized community.
While many monarchs promoted abstinence, they didn't exactly practice what they preached.
Some millennials and Gen Zers are choosing to say a resounding 'No!' to casual sex.
Against many obstacles, people involved in sex work are fighting to manage their own safety.
People shouldn't have to feel shame around menstruation at work, school or anywhere else.
Are you demoralized and stalled in your career? Devise a plan for change or find a way to cope.
A modern look at pea protein and the infamous component that terrifies women trying to conceive.
Renowned for debauchery and penis obsession, their escapades were more complex than that.
If you haven't tried it before, you may be ready for a very special kind of brain massage.
A disability fetish can be enjoyed if done safely, but an act without consent is a violation.
Challenges lie on the road ahead, but being prepared can help.
With impressive accuracy, trained canines can sniff out all kinds of illnesses in humans.
If you're considering opening up your relationship, it's important to be informed.
Depending on where you live, you might be able to get contraceptives without a doctor's visit.
The U.S. economy takes a $210 billion annual hit in lost productivity due to stress and burnout.
I projected my attraction onto characters like me—even though they were straight.
Dating has always been exhausting. Do the apps make it better or worse?
Men don't have to be in a relationship to talk to a therapist about performance problems.
While similar, these three identities differ on the spectrum of sexual orientation.
Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. and the U.K. Know your own risk factors.
My childhood trauma and experiences have greatly influenced my sexual journey.
These residences weren't just a '60s phenomenon. An intentional community may be near you today.
Virginity is a social construct we should probably have in our rear-view mirror by now.
Daily activities and model behaviors can help children establish boundaries.
The friends-to-lovers pipeline is much more popular than we ever thought.
The reasons are many, but it's probably not the best long-term habit.
Here's why the pill is classified as a carcinogen, and why you probably shouldn't worry.
Sex toys bring reliable joy anytime, but especially when you're in need of connection.
There's a gap for women, but keeping track may allow you to be more in touch with your pleasure.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas: Freedom and fantasy are a fun combination.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas: Freedom and fantasy are a fun combination.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas: Freedom and fantasy are a fun combination.
As more male members flood the small screen, their presence becomes less and less shocking.
A deep dive into the comment section reveals gaps in our collective sex health education.
A connection can manifest in a multitude of ways. Exploring new avenues can renew closeness.
Public displays of affection: You either love them or hate them.
We are slowly adopting a sympathetic and, hopefully, more effective approach toward addiction.
Learn how to use this ancient Chinese practice to create a more sensual environment.
What was once a marketing slogan remains in our cultural conscience, because breakfast matters.
Buzzwords range from funny (hesidating) to fishy (kitten fishing) to frightening (submarining).
Reproductive rights hang in the balance as numerous states move toward tighter restrictions.
Prenuptial contracts aren't just for the rich and powerful anymore.
The majority of Americans support access to birth control, but many women face limited access.
Neurodiverse minds encourage an unconventional approach to intimacy.
Both external and internal prejudice need to be dismantled to have a fulfilling partnership.
It's not easy to get a firm grip on the facts behind a persistent internet tall tale.
If you're planning to get some bling for your bone, you ought to consider several factors.
Our scalps and locks take a beating every day, but there are ways to keep them healthy.
Getting the perfect booty doesn't have to mean spending thousands of dollars on surgery.
More stiff joints don't have to equate to less sex. Confidence and some assistance can help.
It's about time for progress: The femtech industry is projected to reach $3 billion by 2030.
Spontaneous posting can have long-term consequences, so control what you share online.
Psychological manipulation is as insidious as it is harmful, but there are ways to recognize it.
Petition by more than 40 companies states 'sexist' algorithms are blocking educational content.
Reevaluate your expectations of sex to make it less of a competition and more about intimacy.
If you want to decrease your landfill contribution, plenty of green period items are available.
From foxy Robin Hood to Jasmine from 'Aladdin,' is it normal to find them hot?
A study indicates a link between meeting online and potentially unsafe behavior—use your head.
Platforms can both help and hinder a romance—it all depends on how you use them.
A centuries-old stigma about the industry persists, but proponents hold out hope for progress.
The third film in Joachim Trier's trilogy successfully pulls off 'womansplaining' female desire.
Polyamorous creators hope to improve representation, even with hurdles ahead.
You don't have to be a pro to create an unforgettable experience. Try these 7 steps to heaven.
If you and your partner resemble, say, brother and sister, there may be subconscious factors.
While we expect people to put their best foot forward, some photo alterations distort reality.
Don’t fear the worst. There are many other ways to express love, affection and ecstasy.
If you don't want to be swindled on Tinder or tricked into paying for a fake heiress, read this.
Since the mid-1800s, feminism has evolved to widen in scope and protect all women.
A standout profile isn't just for twenty-somethings. A good bio and photos can draw attention.
Unpacking the communication and tension on Netflix's hit reality show.
Research shows pollution, hazardous waste and climate change negatively affect pregnant people.
Intimacy coordination is making onscreen sex hotter—and safer.
…And what parents and teachers can do to help.
An almost-complete primer of LGBTQIA+ slang and terminology.
A community unrepresented in the billion-dollar industry stakes its claim.
Dr. James Barry's medical achievements were revolutionary but overshadowed by gender scandal.
Recording and performing artists share stories of collaboration and communication in music.
As one woman tells us, deciding what to do with leftover fertilized eggs is complicated.
What do our prescription trends tell us about our state of suffering?
Finally, commerce and pop culture are catching up.
You can tell a lot by looking at someone's fingernails—the good, the bad and the ugly.
Feeling jealous is a normal emotion, but unchecked it can do more harm than good.
Their sex-positive messages on pre-cable TV changed the way we look at sex, love and friendship.
Brain regions are linked with motivation, addiction and physical pain.
Your loved one may not be as cognitively present, but they still know what they want.
The BMI has been a key measure of public health for decades, but many say it's ineffective.
The holiday's origins are as murky as they are unromantic.
The holiday's origins are as murky as they are unromantic.
Someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds, but only three percent of us donate annually.
Studies found barriers to menstrual items can negatively impact education.
It's hard to overstate the importance of this sex tape in the pop culture industrial complex.
I can’t tell if there’s something wrong with me, my vagina, or the sex I’m having.
These tips may sound good in theory but are guaranteed to fall flat in action.
If someone showers you with affection and then disappears, you may be a victim of love bombing.
It may be fun in the moment, but that naughty nude may come back to haunt you.
Despite identical symptoms, Black patients often receive higher doses than white counterparts.
The 'This Is Us' actress is among the 25 percent of women to have an abortion in their lifetime.
Wherever you have wet, naked people in close quarters, sex is happening too. Guaranteed.
If it's been proven both ineffective and harmful, why is it still in practice?
ACV has long been touted as a cure-all, but does it really deliver?
What has the virus really done to us? How will this affect our ability to handle after-crisis?
The social media giant's advertising policies are under scrutiny from human rights experts.
When will the medical community stop pathologizing asexuality?
You don't have to proceed with anything that feels uncomfortable.
From explicit sex scenes to emotional depths, racy novels can make us hot.
Words matter, often more than we even realize. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow.
Jumping from one relationship to the next isn't always bad, but it wasn't working for me.
Artists from one of America's busiest music cities reflect on the rhythm of relationships.
Pay less attention to catchy marketing and more attention to Mother Nature.
The actress explains the abuse she endured in an upcoming documentary.
Knowing the origin of your food allows you to make educated choices for a healthy body and mind.
While this kind of pregnancy loss is relatively rare in the U.S., more awareness is necessary.
When it comes to STI prevention, education beats criminalization.
Studies indicate that divorce rates are six times higher if couples meet on a dating app.
What feels like butterflies in your tummy is actually a cocktail of chemicals in the brain.
Research shows America will reap the benefits if it supports pregnant and postpartum women.
Businesses love it, but customers are conflicted.
Facial hair is often tied to 'masculinity,' but maybe our definition of the word is flawed.
We can all be forgetful, but some simple habits, and a new perspective, can ease the burden.
For anxious people, returning to a well-loved program unlocks all kinds of benefits.
Don't waste it—your day off might be just what the doctor ordered.
Helping people feel safe and comfortable while they explore sexual interests is crucial.
Bust your sexual anxiety by tackling internalized fatphobia.
Without basic healthcare, women face higher mortality rates and other serious consequences.
Romantic aloofness can be an effective dating strategy—sometimes.
Why do beats and tunes get us in the mood?
You may 'drink and know things,' but if you want to do things, put the alcohol down.
Can you suffer from the damage of past generations? In a word, yes.
A look at the internet trolls who come after women speaking on feminism and misogyny.
Let's take a closer look at reality TV's unintentional romantic hellscapes.
Self-lubrication depends on a number of factors and varies person to person.
Research finds stigma hinders diagnosis and treatment for fat patients.
A look at life inside the seduction community from the men who got out.
A dancer discusses the highlights and challenges of her profession.
Sex may be evident at birth, but only you can be sure of your own identity.
They're narcissistic, Machiavellian and even a little bit psychopathic.
Prostitutes, porn and Edward VII's sinful chair: How the Victorians were hornier than you think.
Donating your body to science is a noble cause—that not everyone can pursue.
If you want to become a parent but struggle to conceive, it could be worth considering.
Being subjected to public masturbation can have lasting effects.
With so much data flying around, it's time we got a year-end status update on the pandemic.
This scandalous genre has some hidden benefits, so don't judge it by its cover.
Genitalia clichés are based on dubious research, but their impact is no less real.
Smart devices are in many homes, on our bodies and a part of countless daily routines.
The actress opened up about sex, fertility and what she wants to teach her teen daughters.
Weight stigma can interfere with eating disorder diagnoses, letting a serious issue run rampant.
Get to know more about what you’re consuming—it’s all there, in black and white.
While it remains a great option for prospective parents, you have to think of the child, too.
Only time and more trials will tell us if the controversial decision was the right one.
The singer said watching explicit videos at age 11 'destroyed' her brain.
You may think you know this disease, but even the experts are changing their minds.
No longer could I tame first-date anxiety by getting tipsy. I had to learn some do's and don'ts.
The way you shake it at the club may actually be a biological phenomenon.
Vice President Harris issues Call to Action to improve health outcomes for parents and infants.
Content creators are fighting back against herpes' longtime stigma.
Women living in poverty face significant barriers to access.
Lubricant can help makeup look smooth, but it's not the slickest idea.
Sex toys—or 'immoral rubber goods'—were once as illegal as they were popular.
Don't let fad diets dictate what's healthy and what's not.
Adaptability and good communication take a couple a long way down the right road of divorce.
It's not as easy as one, two, three, but legal separation doesn't have to proceed painfully.
The pervasive history of 'fatphobia' in studies has negatively impacted contraceptive care.
Here's a useful guide for managing expectations in a 'situationship.'
Law enforcement agencies and American courtrooms don’t really know how to handle adult content.
On various sites, men can typically let a nip slip, but for other identities, it's not so easy.
Companies around the world are beginning to institute period policies for people who menstruate.
You may get equal rights but not the same opportunities everywhere in the U.S.
The power lies in subverting pop culture tropes about love and sex.
COVID-19 forced a lot of couples to get serious, fast. Perhaps it was a good thing.
Carbs, proteins and fat all play a role in complete nutrition.
Can you really fall in love over a picture of Spongebob?
The past and future of LGBTQIA+ rights depend on each other.
Statistically, legal separations see an uptick after holidays, so what should you avoid?
The actress shares her struggles with facial hair and adult acne.
Cyber-flashing may give you a momentary thrill, but it's not worth the cost.
Being on the spectrum can be tough, especially navigating the complexities of a relationship.
Just how much do they really know about you? One TikTok goes viral with the answer.
From terracotta clay to virtual reality, here's a multi-millennia timeline of pornography.
Multilingual romance can be magnifique—it just takes a bit more patience and effort.
Strike a balance between privacy and honesty to build trust in your intimate partnerships.
Introduce nature into your home and office to improve your mental health and well-being.
Adult intimacy is a little more complicated than preschool rules teach us.
No matter how a product is advertised, check the ingredient and nutrition labels first.
The actress aims to eliminate the shame around pregnancy complications.
Political activism and education are key for this escort.
If you're happy with one partner or more, you may be ambiamorous—here's how to communicate that.
Almost half of new moms stay home after maternity leave ends—and many feel they have no choice.
A years-long media push has boosted awareness and mental health regarding this penis condition.
The senator was diagnosed with breast cancer after delaying her mammogram.
The film offers an exploration of gender through violence and body horror.
Be warned, you can't believe everything you read on a label.
Often overlooked in men, anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder have sexual side effects.
Buckling your newborn in properly can be lifesaving. Luckily, there are resources available.
Deepfake tech's biggest threat isn't fake news—it's nonconsensual porn.
The model continues to be open about her experience with pregnancy loss.
It's all good when celebs support a cause, but it shouldn't be all about them.
Gonorrhea is evolving so fast that it's outsmarting our ability to cure it.
This subgenre capitalizes on the allure of, shall we say, compromising positions.
While Ruby has been out since last year, the family has only recently been public about it.
When doctors focus on the wrong part of their patient, trust begins to deteriorate.
It's all good as long as you're having fun.
The actor told The London Times he's still learning how to navigate married life.
HB25 forces children to compete on teams misaligned with their gender identity.
When considering a lack of sexual education, porn literacy can help students fill the gaps.
Bass says he's 'never been so happy' after his first five days with his children.
Coming out is an achievement, but what kind of pressure does it place on a child?
'I'm really tired and not a superhuman, and this is really hard.'
After eight years, he's speaking out on the diagnosis shared with more than a million Americans.
On this week's episode, the drag queen educates fans on the reality of living with the virus.
How the demands and failings of a strict religion affected a gender-questioning child.
Disordered eating is more than just a social sickness, the author writes.
Calling her one says much more about us than it does about her.
It's an ugly truth about 20-something sex that many need to hear.
People who feel they came out 'late' seem to have something in common.
Two female adult film actors discuss the social changes that revolutionized an industry.
Playtime without commitment can be a fun way to spread your wings—if you do it the right way.
Stage IV takes the lives of thousands of women, and we don't talk about it enough.
Robert Pitman has ruled SB8 unconstitutional, but the state is appealing the decision.
'These are not party drugs—these medications improve the everyday quality of my life.'
In a catchy awareness campaign, the fashion designer reminds the Netflix characters to TTT.
This unfortunate phenomenon may come for you and your relationship.
Taking a peek inside the world of 'smut merchant' Harriet Sugarcookie.
Celebrities may endorse skipping days or even weeks, but don't turn off the faucet just yet.
The U.K. government has launched an inquiry to investigate what's going wrong and how to fix it.
'I was so tired of rejection...I turned to steroids to improve my physique.'
There are better ways to learn about sex than from a friend on the school bus or from porn.
From 'pencil dicks' to 'chodes,' the truth about average girth might surprise you.
They're different from appreciating compliments, and like other kinks, they can make sex hotter.
The actress shares how she rebuilt her life after sexual abuse and assault.
Having more than one partner may sound like a lot of fun, but it's not as easy as it sounds.
SB4 takes effect Dec. 2 and is the latest addition to the state's strict abortion laws.
Billie Eilish and her generation learned an important lesson from Britney Spears.
Body positivity changed what we thought of our looks, but it's time for the next step.
The 'LA's Finest' actor opens up about his relationship and talking to his teens.
Things are a little different than the days of 'Playboy'…but not as different as you think.
Dissociative identity disorder allows me to deal with my trauma, without being alone.
Despite lots of anecdotal evidence, experts disagree about what’s really happening.
Here are some notes on parenting and having kids later in life.
Who knew? It turns out the fountain of youth may be found in our blood.
Maybe it's not an unending search for love that keeps you hitting 'download.'
Straight couples have a responsibility to treat their third wheels with respect.
The 'heartbeat bill' may serve as a blueprint for restrictions across the U.S.
This form of abuse involves control, and it's happening all around us.
Not all stigmatization is discrimination, but the connection is clear.
A glimpse at global stats reveals the extent of cultural and religious differences.
Whether you want a personal Cupid or have picked your prize already, use your brain first.
Completely severing pole dancing from its strip club roots is more than disrespectful.
Want to stunt with shades on? Turns out this is more than a style choice.
There may be a good reason for why your internal clock doesn’t always work the way you want.
Doctors weigh in on the viral TikTok and the benefits of topical breast milk.
After the momentous victory of marriage equality, are same-sex couples prepared to break up?
The MPAA keeps its ratings board hidden—where it wants to keep sex.
Lawyers can help you make the tough decisions, but they can't be your emotional support.
Broadening our definitions also helps us broaden care, protection and prevention.
Jennifer Coolidge of 'American Pie' isn't backing down from the label.
Without critical learning experiences, LGBTQIA+ folks face unique challenges coming of age.
Quitting or losing a job can strain a marriage, but communication can help avoid catastrophe.
In the name of public health, some states may be disproportionately targeting minorities.
Sorry, folks, 'hacking' your sleep schedule for maximum efficiency is just another urban legend.
An artist shares his story and other tales from the frontlines of the HIV epidemic.
Whether you work from home or at an office, here's how to keep in good shape at your desk.
In life and on popular TV, it involves exploiting vulnerable people who need extra love.
Complaining that your job drives you crazy might not be hyperbole— it could be a warning sign.
Don't believe every piece of nutrition advice that gets posted on social media.
A recently enacted law offers free health checkups for newborns and families following birth.
The serious risks of 'menstrual masks' outweigh any supposed benefits of this skincare fad.
If it's not a "Hell, yes," it's a no.
Almost 10,000 Americans are diagnosed with a form of skin cancer each day—don't let one be you.
Despite years of advancement, there’s much more to learn about this still-misunderstood virus.
There’s a difference between appreciating a larger body and objectifying it.
'My body, my choice' applies to your little ones as much as it applies to you.
IVF is a good option for some people, but 'family balancing' has sparked a serious conversation.
Working out is also great for your health and confidence.
Kick the cancer sticks or risk erectile dysfunction.
From '70s bushes to bald as a badger, these are the era-defining styles down there.
Is moderate marijuana use a smart path to sobriety?
Your romantic life doesn't have to fizzle just because you're in different cities.
A cultural sea change against hookups is underway, and Netflix is riding the wave.
Women in low-income, rural communities often face barriers to affordable contraceptives.
How were members impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and what do the new guidelines look like?
A newly dubbed condition has emerged from patient forums and is entering the mainstream.
The HIV/AIDS epidemic was poised to ruin America's sex drive. Along came the Queen of Pop.
Choose how you want to drop pounds, but be careful of ineffective or dangerous practices.
It's OK to miss being single when you're partnered up. And vice versa!
Research indicates a direct link between what we eat and how we feel.
Almost half of American couples prefer to snooze separately—that's not news to take lying down.
Data shows race plays a role in America’s climbing maternal mortality rate. How do we stop it?
Make the most of this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime situation.
No, they aren't your birthing coach, but they're not a sex therapist, either.
Men shouldn't feel embarrassed to show a crotch-area outline while working out.
Whether it's helpful or harmful depends a lot on the couple, experts say.
We never imagine we'll lose it, but reclaiming your individuality could save your relationship.
The obsession with taking up less space damages self-esteem and health. Gaining muscle can help.
A slang expert helps illuminate some of the best (and worst) sexual innuendos over the years.
The lack of controversy around the trans model's shoot is a harbinger of a more inclusive age.
Communicating your turnoffs can make sex a lot less awkward.
How sharing experiences can disarm gender-based abuse.
While we're 'getting back to normal,' consider adding these recent practices to your lifestyle.
The fight for sexual liberation can include all, as long as we remember who we're fighting for.
From cramps to childbirth, women face plenty of pain, but they're not superheroes because of it.
With vaccines fueling a new 'Roaring '20s,' brands are reexamining ways to grab our attention.
Pleasuring myself opened up a new world of understanding how society views my body.
You're not a failure if you don't climax. There are much more important qualities to consider.
With more and more women delaying pregnancy, the American birth rate is at an all-time low.
It’s not just a hot topic: It’s a real practice that often hurts those it claims to serve.
Finding someone special is difficult enough, let alone trying to date when your ways are set.
'Tube sites' are full of stolen content, which harms the sex workers who create it.
Two lesbian couples discuss the ins and outs of pregnancy.
Consider your motivation before erasing all signs of your ex.
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It may represent entertainment for many, but for me, drag was a revelation.
The ancient practice's whole-body benefits could very well perk up certain pleasurable parts.
It’s not just a challenge for the body or mind but a combination of both that made me stronger.
When you have a gay daughter—who uses TikTok—the standard sex talk isn't going to cut it.
Sex workers had no involvement in state laws written about them—now they aim to rewrite them.
Whether you want to party, crash or cozy up, it’s your choice how you spend this intimate time.
They sound similar, and both deal with self-image, but don't get these two words confused.
The struggles and joys of atypical love lives.
You want to look your best, but there are costs to getting the perfect selfie.
Parents play a significant role in how children perceive their bodies and develop self-worth.
Focus on what’s gained as you age, instead of what’s lost, and watch what happens.
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How are you celebrating this year?
This warm, hazy glow of affirmation is easier to unlock than you think.
Addiction destroys families, but understanding its causes can help family members to survive.
Is the desire to look and feel like a superhero causing men to go too far in their workouts?
Expectations of masculine or feminine posture are outdated and harmful for both body and psyche.
By Luna
Being bare-skinned around your children shouldn't be taboo.
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Floppy members could be a real problem, but NASA’s lips are sealed.
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Standing up for yourself in a clinic is intimidating, but it may save your life.
Women worldwide know their pain won’t be taken seriously, a burden with deadly consequences.
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Protect your partnership from collapse by spotting the causes of marriage failure early.
Misunderstanding of this neurodevelopmental condition makes life harder for people with it.
A TikTok meme has breathed new life into an old desire to change how throats work.
When medical care is inaccessible—or not trustworthy—self-diagnosis can be empowering.
From dim lighting to messy backgrounds and a lack of consent, these are the pitfalls to avoid.
Ditch the textbook first date of drinks and dinner and try something else.
Dating apps are daunting enough. Now add the obstacle course of socializing while plus-size.
Fanfiction led me to worlds different from my own, where girls who looked like me were desired.
It's a challenging time, but it can be easier if you don't buy into generalizations.
Parenthood is a big decision, but not one that must be made right away.
Can you strive for fitness while appreciating your natural form?
With heavily restricted diets picking up in popularity, here's how they can affect your body.
For long-term health, encourage your children to focus on nutrition, not body image.
Celibacy has been redefined and is more prevalent than society recognizes.
While sex declined for many, others got more creative, studies show.
You’ve tried your hand at online dating, but what about good old-fashioned real life?
You're strengthening more than your muscles when you work out.
We change and grow over time, and even day to day. For some people, this includes gender.
Experiencing an erection while pooping isn't abnormal, but it's also probably not recurring.
People can't get enough of this royal facesitting position.
Four millennials prove sex under your parents’ roof isn’t off the table.
They're universally used, but love languages may hinder more than help your relationship.
You've just gotten used to ghosting. Now you have zombieing to worry about.
Why don't dating apps provide helpful information about STIs and STDs on their platforms?
For people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, 'normal' is significantly more complicated to define.
It only took one political scandal to spark a global movement.
If your jizz is yellow, there’s probably no need to worry.
Five tips for crafting naked pics that will have them moaning, not groaning.
Many say the announcement is a step in the right direction but no silver bullet.
It’s said life imitates art. If that was true of sex lives the world would be a weirder place.
Stories about syphilis have been around for more than 500 years. What's real and what's myth?
A loved one's support can be as important as treatment when battling substance use disorder.
Slow strides are being made toward a more open understanding of women's sexual dysfunction.
Raising a child when there’s no official playbook may be the greatest hurdle for parents.
It's worth looking at the nuanced connection between sex and culture.
Systemic racism is seriously affecting fertility rates across the United States.
You might think a domestic partnership is just marriage without the baggage. You'd be wrong.
The viral video platform has become a space to share sexual health info, for better or worse.
Young adults are upsetting sexual norms and changing how older generations talk about sex.
Post-delivery, it's easy to feel pressured to get back at it—but your partner will have to deal.
Meeting the parents looks a little different for people who have more than one partner.
Scientific evidence is piling up: Modern men are beginning to lose their reproductive prowess.
Being a divorced parent can be complicated, but you can still keep your kids' home life happy.
Drag queens? Transgender people? Femboys? What's the difference?
More traditional matchmaking hasn't vanished in the digital era, but it has evolved.
Wondering if you have some kinks in you? Finding out can make for some fun exploration.
Understanding your and your partner's sexuality is a path to a deeper connection of intimacy.
I'd already come out. Did I have to come out again—as bisexual—and how would that be received?
Are you capable? Wise? Aggressive? Learn what your beard might communicate to others.
During pregnancy, intense specified hunger can go beyond just wishing for a cookie.
Weighing pros and cons, here's how women can make the best choice about embracing gray hair.
Thank Hollywood's beautiful people for giving us permission to film ourselves.
Sexting that special photo is a sincere expression of your love today. But what about tomorrow?
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Dating online opens the world for potential partners, but strangers are strangers. Stay safe.
A dirty picture in your inbox can be exciting, but how can you feel safe when you send one?
States are trying to make intentionally slipping off or damaging your condom a criminal offense.