Aging is an often polarizing topic. Think of celebrity culture and how we talk about women as they get older. Society says people either age gracefully, like a fine wine, or they age poorly, and that becomes their identity as the years pass.

Even non-celebrities are terrified of getting older, of showing signs of the life they've lived, whether it's been fulfilling or not. Why do we want to get rid of laugh lines, physical evidence we have a sense of humor and have been surrounded by people who make us smile? While there's no shame in taking preventative care to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, you shouldn't feel like you have to.

"I think more people, especially women, should embrace their age as they get older. I have found that the benefits of aging have been greater wisdom, more compassion, deeper insight and a fuller appreciation of what's truly meaningful. Although getting older comes with new challenges, the emotional and intellectual maturity that [is gained] with each year far surpasses these difficulties," said Sabrina Hamilton, creator of

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