A leading cause of physical disability, the chronic issue also affects mental and sexual health.
Caregivers and family members can diffuse dementia-related behaviors by being kind and gentle.
The period between a woman's reproductive years and menopause can bring myriad symptoms.
The period between a woman's reproductive years and menopause can bring myriad symptoms.
The period between a woman's reproductive years and menopause can bring myriad symptoms.
Here are some aftercare and therapy options, as well as useful resources for caregivers.
There are dozens of forms of this condition, each with distinct characteristics. Find out more.
Learn how to anticipate the needs of someone with dementia, through the early to severe stages.
The inflammatory disease affects a quarter of U.S. adults and is a leading cause of disability.
The inflammatory disease affects a quarter of U.S. adults and is a leading cause of disability.
You should be aware of the causes, signs and misconceptions, as well as other forms of dementia.
A guide to the change of life: what it is and what to expect.
It's vital to educate older adults to ensure they're aware of sexually transmitted infections.
It's vital to educate older adults to ensure they're aware of sexually transmitted infections.
It's vital to educate older adults to ensure they're aware of sexually transmitted infections.
It's vital to educate older adults to ensure they're aware of sexually transmitted infections.
Check for symptoms as an early diagnosis can benefit your general and sexual health.
Perimenopause and "the change" itself present a variety of unpleasant symptoms all at once.
New research reports that couples with favorable views of growing older have better sex lives.
New research reports that couples with favorable views of growing older have better sex lives.
Here's what that means and why it happens. (Don't worry, most changes are normal.)
Here's what that means and why it happens. (Don't worry, most changes are normal.)
Author Craig Bowron, M.D., explains the importance of good health for men ages 40 and beyond.
Author Craig Bowron, M.D., explains the importance of good health for men ages 40 and beyond.
Author Craig Bowron, M.D., explains the importance of good health for men ages 40 and beyond.
The country singer recently posed topless saying, 'I'm comfortable in my own skin.'
The country singer recently posed topless saying, 'I'm comfortable in my own skin.'
Author Craig Bowron, M.D., explains the importance of good health for men ages 40 and beyond.
Author Robert P. Friedland, M.D., explains how good health goes beyond diet and exercise.
Size, shrinkage and how to gain length are concerns many men share.
Being 65 might be the new 40, but you may need to make adjustments to your love life.
Being 65 might be the new 40, but you may need to make adjustments to your love life.
Being 65 might be the new 40, but you may need to make adjustments to your love life.
The former first lady speaks openly about the changes to her body.
Symptoms or not, schedule a prostate exam, a colonoscopy, cholesterol bloodwork and more.
Symptoms or not, schedule a prostate exam, a colonoscopy, cholesterol bloodwork and more.
All exercise is good exercise, but will it help preserve your energy, strength and sex life?
Is gradual mental decline a warning signal or just a normal part of getting old?
'The change of life' is inevitable for half the population, but can it be halted?
Physical changes occur with aging, so don't be surprised if you go up several cup sizes!
New research supports earlier colonoscopies to reduce colorectal cancer risk.
Your love life will be different, just like everything else in this new stage of life.
The FDA mandated new research on this controversial treatment after banning it in 2019.
Don't waste time on exercises that don't deliver results—get the best bang for your buck.
Average life expectancy has increased throughout history. What can you expect in your lifetime?
Lifestyle changes and healthy habits in midlife can decrease your risk of developing dementia.
Osteoporosis and its precursor, osteopenia, can seriously impact skeletal structure.
The menopause transition can be a challenging time. It's important you're there to support her.
You may have retired from work, but it's not the time to stop working out.
Menopausal hormone therapy provides a wealth of benefits, but timing is everything.
At 63, actress Emma Thompson finally goes full frontal as her character gives in to pleasure.
Despite the name, massive bleeding during the menopausal transition is nothing to joke about.
Returning to life as usual following a brain attack can be like walking a tightrope.
Experts recommend preventive eye checkups—for more than just your vision.
You're not going to experience the life change, but you should have some basic knowledge of it.
Auditory loss is common in older adults, but knowing the signs and treatment options can help.
Buying a fast car and dating someone half your age aren't the only signs of a middle-age moment.
Orgasms, sensual touch and intimate connections play roles in a vibrant love life and longevity.
News flash: If you've had chickenpox, you need to know how to avoid herpes zoster in later life.
If perimenopause has put a damper on your libido, here's how to revive your sex life.
Many of them are very good, but seniors may consider extra features before downloading one.
Older adults don't bounce back like they used to, meaning a minor fall could be a major problem.
Challenges lie on the road ahead, but being prepared can help.
A shift in perspective can radically change how this life transition is experienced by women.
Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. and the U.K. Know your own risk factors.
While getting pregnant does get harder over time, there is no immediate drop-off.
Whether from the ravages of time or a medical condition, bald spots don't have to last forever.
Before you reach for a prescription, ask your doctor about steps you can take on your own.
You don't need all the 'must-have' potions you see on social media.
Cognitive behavioral therapy could be the missing piece in improving your menopausal transition.
Here's what you need to know to get through your menopausal transition safely.
Time is not friendly to most of us, and as women age, the boobs start heading downhill.
Learn how to cope with aches below your waist without compromising your quality of life.
The number of seniors contracting sexually transmitted diseases is on the rise in the U.S.
Losing an hour may seem inconsequential, but it can cause lasting circadian rhythm disturbances.
Our scalps and locks take a beating every day, but there are ways to keep them healthy.
These tips about warning signs and healthy behaviors can help you handle the challenges.
Postmenopausal women are at a higher risk of developing this bone-weakening disease.
Platelet-rich plasma regenerative cell therapy shows promise for erectile dysfunction.
While understanding hormones during menopause is helpful, there may be better ways to do it.
Choices you make—and some factors you can't control—may affect your sperm quality.
The seriousness of the case depends on the cause, so make an appointment with your doctor ASAP.
Don't worry, the discomfort of the menopausal transition won't last forever.
Screening guidelines have changed, and timing can make all the difference in detecting cancer.
While the risk of cardiovascular problems increases as you age, lifestyle changes can help.
A standout profile isn't just for twenty-somethings. A good bio and photos can draw attention.
When bladder muscles start to weaken, so does our control over urination.
The menopausal transition doesn't have to be the end of your arousal, desire or pleasure.
Survivors and alliances are raising awareness, so man up and learn about the disease.
Decreasing hormones during the menopausal transition contribute to this treatable condition.
Getting tested five years earlier could make a difference in detection, treatment and survival.
Research has shown hypnosis can be effective for some women in reducing vasomotor symptoms.
More than 12.1 million Americans will have atrial fibrillation by 2030. Don't be one of them.
People are quick to ignore the symptom, though it's a leading cause of disability.
The noticeable bend of Peyronie's disease isn't always due to one distinct injury.
Yes, you will face mental and physical challenges, but making these changes today can help.
As you age, how you exercise can help protect, and even improve, your bone strength.
Facial hair is often tied to 'masculinity,' but maybe our definition of the word is flawed.
We can all be forgetful, but some simple habits, and a new perspective, can ease the burden.
If you thought turning 40 was tough, welcome to a whole new assortment of challenges.
Hormones and life events impact your body, but lifestyle choices can help you navigate changes.
Dizziness comes and goes but could be a sign of a vestibular disorder.
Congratulations, you've made it to this far. Brace yourself, here's what's coming next.
If you keep getting up through the night, it may be time to check your pelvic floor.
When it comes to your body, turning 50 can be very different from turning 40.
Sexual health experts weigh in on what causes men's sex drives to change throughout their lives.
Aging is an inevitable part of life, but you can help slow some negative changes.
Donating your body to science is a noble cause—that not everyone can pursue.
Hormonal imbalances can cause balding in aging women.
Getting older is inevitable, but it's not all downhill from here.
Getting older is inevitable, but it's not all downhill from here.
Differentiating between typical and atypical dermatology can save your life.
The actress opened up about sex, fertility and what she wants to teach her teen daughters.
The disease, which gradually clogs arteries, can lead to erectile dysfunction and more.
Only time and more trials will tell us if the controversial decision was the right one.
Besides driving ejaculation, the gland produces an enzyme that helps regulate its own growth.
Opinions on the procedure are split, and recent research may have had some flaws.
Getting older does not have to be the end of romance. Shed the stigma with a dose of confidence.
However, the common signs of perimenopause are similar, which can make it tricky to discern.
The journalist discusses her IVF struggles and finally becoming a mom in her late 40s.
New research is taking a closer look at the biological factors behind common symptoms.
Largest study to date brings new insights into benefits of MHT for postmenopausal women.
Deciding when to stop hormonal contraceptives can be tricky if you don't know what to look for.
You're as old as you feel, yes? And the right moves, will keep you from generational conflict...
Recommendations may vary, but starting screening earlier saves lives.
New evidence suggests hot flashes can be alleviated by dietary changes.
A lot of American adults have hypertension, but few of us do anything about it.
Approved in 1946, this vaccine has saved lives for 75 years. Make sure to get one.
Urinary tract infections can lead to a life-threatening condition. Here are the warning signs.
Lifestyle changes can help reduce your risk of developing cancer.
While elasticity has nothing to do with your body count, you can strengthen your pelvic floor.
Two female adult film actors discuss the social changes that revolutionized an industry.
Prostate inflammation can be more than uncomfortable. Knowing the cause is key to fixing it.
Addressing a lack of testosterone may head off blood sugar issues or help manage current ones.
Tips and information to help ensure a solid night's sleep.
The U.K. government has launched an inquiry to investigate what's going wrong and how to fix it.
Coping with the bad news can be difficult—staying positive and being proactive is key.
Separations are losing their stigma as people celebrate their newfound independence.
Be on your guard. Are these high-risk conditions just around the corner?
Here are some notes on parenting and having kids later in life.
Who knew? It turns out the fountain of youth may be found in our blood.
While this disease is uncommon, it's also dangerous, so early detection is key to beating it.
Doctors try to avoid it, but in certain cases, tumor removal is the answer.
Coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of the disease, but don't go too crazy.
It’s not just for kids—here’s what you need to know.
Yep, enhancing that once-lush mane might mask a prostate problem. But there's a solution.
While the trend is to limit these surgeries, they are sometimes necessary. Know what to expect.
Is your sleep schedule messing with other bedroom activities?
Jennifer Coolidge of 'American Pie' isn't backing down from the label.
Without critical learning experiences, LGBTQIA+ folks face unique challenges coming of age.
Whether you work from home or at an office, here's how to keep in good shape at your desk.
The two conditions seem unrelated, but evidence suggests they might be intertwined.
Almost 10,000 Americans are diagnosed with a form of skin cancer each day—don't let one be you.
Forgetfulness and other cognitive difficulties during menopause are common, but there is hope.
Kick the cancer sticks or risk erectile dysfunction.
You can't turn back time, but these lifestyle changes may help you look and feel younger.
Gels, injections, pellets, patches: Doctors weigh in on the best treatments for hypogonadism.
Experts weigh in on this unregulated hormone treatment option.
One of the most underrated fitness skills that'll benefit you in old age.
Researchers are testing CCS1477, a drug whose nondescript name belies its powerful potential.
Drug-based treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia are numerous and vary greatly.
It’s not just a hot topic: It’s a real practice that often hurts those it claims to serve.
Extreme cold has been used to help treat cancer for years. Can it help in other ways?
A candid conversation about 'search machines,' suitors, pleasure and learning from experience.
New cancer screening methods give patients the tools to avoid more invasive procedures.
As the original sexual liberation generation ages, understanding HPV becomes critical.
Still an important tool, a biopsy isn't automatic anymore thanks to new techniques and thinking.
‘Paging Dr. Bot’ may be futuristic, but artificial intelligence offers promising developments.
Here's what's going to happen to your genitals as you get older, and it's not a pretty picture.
Focus on what’s gained as you age, instead of what’s lost, and watch what happens.
Stop wasting cash on expensive fads and shop for these science-backed skincare ingredients.
Sometimes you feel more, sometimes less. Why does it change?
Understanding why fluctuating hormone levels cause irregular periods during perimenopause.
Three procedures are lifting the look of this oft-ignored part of the body.
Heart disease is just as common among women as men and every bit as dangerous.
Yes, you can wear a bra to bed.
This new phase in life is a time to listen to your changing body.
Some forms of the disease are so unusual that there's still a lot we need to learn about them.
Fatigue, insomnia, mood swings and hair loss are just a few of the far-reaching effects.
Educating yourself about menopause can help you better embrace this new stage of life.
Learn how to protect your ability to have children before, during and after treatment.
Ease your worries by asking your doctor these questions during your check-up.
A surprising cause of erectile dysfunction is an overload of an essential mineral.
A medication commonly used to treat hair loss has been linked with erectile dysfunction.
Going for a few laps around your neighborhood may do more for you than you think.
Aging takes a toll on the body, but a healthy lifestyle can keep you robust through the years.
Beyond prostate issues, several other conditions may be causing your frequent bathroom trips.
Younger guys facing trauma-induced erectile dysfunction can consider penile revascularization.
The two conditions can seem similar, so only a doctor can help you tell them apart.
Though it's common and often harmless, an ignored case of BPH can lead to complications.
Penile curvature can make sex uncomfortable. Learn the moves that hit all the right angles.
Sudden shifts in emotion are a frustrating side effect of a new life stage. Here’s how to deal.
Is your testosterone level in the normal range? How do you find out? What if it's low?
What's the deal with the veins in your penis? And what should be a cause for concern?
Minimally invasive procedures can help you put benign prostatic hyperplasia behind you.
Aging means some inevitable memory issues, but you can decelerate the process.
Sex may change with age, but these six tips will help keep you active and satisfied.
The (bad) choices you make in five areas could increase your chances for erectile dysfunction.
Summertime brings more sun exposure, but smart strategizing can save your skin.
Entering the wiser years? You get to define your sexual life as you grow older.
Changes in your urine stream could point to one of two prostate issues. Find out what they are.
From causing bad moods to ED, low testosterone can take a toll. Here's how to help your partner.
Low testosterone has many causes. Genetics, lifestyle or medication could be the source.
Symptom mitigation is key to living with benign prostatic hyperplasia, which can affect any man.
Diabetic men are more prone to erectile issues than men at large. Get answers that help.
Breasts inevitably change with age. But there are steps you can take to slow down the process.
How and why ovarian health isn’t just about having children.
From Freud’s primal scene to fear of death, it’s not just ‘ageism’ at play here.
Treating one condition can often help with the other—if you're willing to talk about them.
Hitting the weights may have physical benefits, but it can also boost self-image and libido.
You don't have to feel helpless—here's how to take action.
Empathy, teamwork and attentiveness to the needs of both partners are crucial.
You may be surprised to learn how your reproductive organs respond to the test of time.
You can still maximize your chances of getting pregnant after the age of 35.
Here are some options for unveiling a fresher face to the outside world.
As testosterone levels decline with age, men may experience a range of symptoms.
Though the process may be difficult, it’s never too late to be who you truly are.
Menopause is a life-changing process that women shouldn't face without the facts.
A plant-based diet may aid recovery, while processed foods are best avoided.
Long-term use of certain oral contraception may help prevent some reproductive cancers.
The menopausal transition is a time of change, but you can thrive in this life stage.
It's harder to get a good night's rest as you get older—use these tips to help.
Some exercises purport to add length to your 'love muscle.' Hey, it's worth a shot!
One of the most common cancers in men under age 44, testicular cancer is highly treatable.
Seeking treatment for PTSD may help prevent premature dementia and hypertension in older adults.
Coping with cancer is daunting. Learning about the next steps and hopeful outcomes can help.
Reduce your understandable anxiety by knowing what to expect before, on and after biopsy day.
Exercise can reduce the symptoms of PTSD and improve sufferers' quality of life.
Feeling anxiety over a cervical biopsy? Knowing what to expect can help assuage your worries.
Here's how age, medical conditions and lifestyle choices may affect your fertility.
The size of a man's testicles can provide a fascinating insight into his well-being.
Use our guide of do's and don'ts to get the care you need while caring for someone else.
You still have options—and alternatives—for becoming a parent when age is not on your side.
It's not all in your head when it comes to ED, but some of it might be.
You can control some risks for prostate cancer but not others. Find out what you can do.
This isn't just your grandfather's disease—prevention can begin no matter how young you are.
As menopause comes and goes, be prepared for major, lasting changes and effects.
When menopause slashes your estrogen production, the body responds with challenging effects.
Surprise: Silicon Valley is ready to capitalize on a multibillion-dollar market.
Support your partner during menopause in a way that fosters a healthy dynamic for both of you.
Eradication of cervical cancer is an achievable goal—if we can get resources to critical sites.
Whether you're trying to conceive or stay child-free, understanding your fertility is key.
Feeling depressed? Forget the social stigma and get help—for your body as much as your mind.
If you're struggling to stay erect, your first call should probably be to your cardiologist.
If you're struggling to stay erect, your first call should probably be to your cardiologist.
Should all men embrace their silver fox? Here are your options.
Studies give newfound cancer-fighting status to popular foods, including a loved pizza topping.
Even if workouts aren't doable, everyone should welcome stretching into their daily routine.
You can lessen the impact of hair loss with good habits and medical treatments.
Most cases of obstructive urinary symptoms have benign origins, but get checked anyway.
Part of staying healthy and active as you age means taking control of your bone health.
Hypertension affects a man's erection and a woman's libido—as can the meds that treat it.
Testosterone greatly contributes to a man's physical development and overall sex drive.
Ten million new cases of dementia are reported worldwide each year. Recognize the symptoms.
If you're considering solutions for hair loss, educate yourself about some serious side effects.
Egg freezing offers an amazing—but risky and complex—choice for women's reproductive plans.
Don’t be intimidated by your first Pap smear. It’s an important part of reproductive health.
One in 78 women will get ovarian cancer. Know your risk factors, find it early and beat it.
Over 35 and pregnant? Here are tips and advice for moms-to-be.
A healthy diet may help reverse negative effects that are causing sexual dysfunction.
Here's what you need to know about the advertisements you've seen for low-T solutions.
Loss of elastic tissue causes skin to sag. Nonsurgical skin tightening is an appealing remedy.
More than 27,000 women under age 45 are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.
Give your marriage the best chance of success by getting on the right side of these statistics.
Most prostate exams yield nothing alarming, but a doctor may order additional tests.
Proper nutrition and exercise are top priorities, but three additional methods can help, too.
Dermal fillers may provide a more youthful appearance by temporarily plumping the skin and lips.
Your whole body—including, yes, your genitals—changes as you age. But your boys are not doomed.
This BPH surgery, which can produce long-lasting effects, is suitable for many patients.
A strong, healthy ticker is the foundation for strong, healthy sexual function.
Weighing pros and cons, here's how women can make the best choice about embracing gray hair.
The connection between erectile dysfunction and prostate conditions is often misunderstood.
Arm yourself with the facts, dispel the myths and work with a doctor to avoid cancer.
Hair transplants have come a long way. Know what to expect from a hair-restoration procedure.
Glowing skin, pearly whites and manicured hair don't have to be relics of the past. Stay kempt.
You don't have to live with pain. Learn the facts and don't be fooled by misconceptions.
'Whenever you want to' is always the right time for coming out.
Think you know everything you need to know about premature ejaculation? Not so fast.
Looking to start a family one day? Here's what you need to know about freezing eggs or embryos.
Today, we know more about both erectile dysfunction and depression than we ever have.
Osteoporosis is avoidable, but if you have it, exercise isn't prohibited. Know the facts.
There's more to sperm count than you think. Here are five of the most common myths dispelled.
Recognize ovarian cancer, the most deadly cancer that affects the female reproductive system.
BPH is an enlargement of the prostate gland. That's true. A lot of other info about it isn't.
This misunderstood molecule is the bedrock of your boner, so get the facts.
There are ways to adapt and thrive in a relationship impacted by Alzheimer’s disease.
If you plan to wait before starting a family, consider the role age plays in male fertility.
We bust some heart disease myths so you can make better choices about your heart health.
What you think you know about Peyronie’s and late-onset penile curvature might be wrong.
Early loss of bone mass to osteoporosis can be difficult to detect, but it is possible.
When it comes to colorectal cancer, separating fact from fiction could save your life.
Having less sex does not have to be part of the natural order of aging.
Menopause can turn your life upside down; HRT might flip it back around. Is it right for you?
While they are meant to help in the bedroom, some studies suggest additional health benefits.
The male reproductive system may look uncomplicated, but there’s a lot going on down there.
Full and round are features some women desire for their derriere. Brazilian butt lifts deliver.
Your cup of morning mud might perk up not just your mind but also your sex life as you age.
It’s already getting you through your day. Can coffee get you through sex, as well?
Cardiovascular health is a key for maintaining a healthy sex life as you age.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
Feel too old for sex? You may be under the wrong impression. Sex can still be great as you age.
Though little known, perimenopausal depression can occur in women during a transitional time.
If you have perceived ejaculate volume reduction, try these easy steps to address it.
Are you experiencing urinary incontinence, premature ejaculation or ED? Let’s talk Kegels.
Twenty percent of the population lives with chronic pain. What’s the path forward?
Sex changes as you age, but it still can be just as fulfilling as it was when you were younger.
Romance novels make it appear sex should last all day. What does the data say?
Menopause doesn’t mark the end of sex. These remedies can help sex stay enjoyable at any age.
Every year, about 1.3 million women enter menopause. Are you ready for the Change of Life?
Vulvar cancer is not common, but you need to identify symptoms early for good outcomes.
Regular checkups can help expectant mothers identify symptoms and protect against preeclampsia.
Thanks to embryo cryopreservation, you can safely put your future offspring on ice.
Take time to process your feelings and seek support when dealing with infertility.
Knowing what to expect during a routine mammogram screening can ease first-timers’ stress.
Don't delay! Preventive measures now can help you later.
A varicocele may cause infertility, though the extent of a direct connection is still unclear.
A little known disorder, Peyronie’s can affect the appearance and function of your penis.
A decline in penis sensitivity can be a hurdle, but there are ways to bring the feeling back.
Your semen quality could be an indicator of your overall health, for better or worse.
Living with PE is challenging but not hopeless. Solutions exist. Find one that works for you.
The decision to get a penile implant is a serious one and calls for some serious research.
Treating your hypertension can often worsen your ED. Fortunately, you have options.
Solving the mysteries of erectile dysfunction can ease anxiety and prepare you for next steps.
There’s no surefire way to avoid prostate cancer, but preventive measures may lower the risk.
It’s possible to reduce your chances of prostate cancer with minor lifestyle changes.
Let’s discuss all the reasons you might decide to freeze your eggs.