Whatever the prospect of empty nest life evokes for you, whether a return to the feeling of pre-children ease or a sense of dread and loss, honesty is the best policy for you and your partner. If done successfully, the empty nest period, with kids out of the house and on their own, can represent a perfect opportunity to begin dating someone you already love: your spouse.

"You may think you know your long-term partner inside and out, but make time to connect and have new things to talk about so that your relationship—and life—doesn't get stale," said Emily Heard, M.F. T., a mind-body wellness coach at Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine in California. "Enjoy your second honeymoon!"

Remember, this is supposed to be fun

Ideally, communication and teamwork skills cultivated across decades can help you navigate an easily overlooked element of sex: awkwardness, especially when your bodies don't work quite like they did in the past.

It's alright to feel unsure about how to proceed sexually, even with someone you know well.