It's betrayal, but it can also be a wake-up call for self-awareness and a stronger relationship.
It is absolutely ingrained in our culture, but monogamy might not look the same to everyone.
AASECT-certified sex therapist, Savannah Van Besien answers your most intimate questions.
The argument about whose turn it is to do the dishes can negatively impact your sex life.
The argument about whose turn it is to do the dishes can negatively impact your sex life.
Couples counseling is not a quick fix. But following solid strategies makes it worth the effort.
The causes of erection problems are as varied as the men who experience them.
Learn secrets to successfully coping with a military deployment from people who've been there.
For some Americans, Memorial Day is a reminder of the ultimate personal sacrifice.
From family meetings to scheduling sex, these tips make the transition as smooth as possible.
Learn how to get the tools you need for a happy and healthy marriage.
Don't wait until it's too late. Agree on something now while you're still talking to each other.
From the garter toss to bridesmaids' attire, ceremonial customs have changed over the years.
Here's the truth behind the tired sitcom joke.
Here's the truth behind the tired sitcom joke.
Hollywood's representation of relationships often strays from reality, creating expectations.
A formal break may be an option for people who have reasons not to end their marriage.
Here's how evolution, brain architecture and genetic influences predispose us to cheat.
Awareness of your partner's emotions and needs from their perspective can solidify a connection.
Sure, you could call it quits, but that may not have been your goal.
It's a critical time for your relationship, and all third-party advice needs to be beneficial.
How you respond to or ignore emotional bids can affect your relationship's connection.
Here's how to tactfully deal with inquisitive family and friends regarding your love life.
Your love life will be different, just like everything else in this new stage of life.
If you've been busy with kids, career and life itself, you may have missed something: Romance.
No partnership is perfect. Know what to look for when you need help from a top professional.
Matrimony overseas can be magical, but get the paperwork done early so you enjoy the honeymoon.
From marrying sex dolls to saying 'I do' to a dolphin, matrimony just gets weirder and weirder.
Some history, a few innovative matrimonial designs and a look at wedded bliss in the future.
Does co-sleeping with your baby ruin your sex life?
Impulsivity, difficulty focusing, libido issues, inability to climax and ED are just the start.
The real question is how closely—and what you're willing to do to find out.
The friends-to-lovers pipeline is much more popular than we ever thought.
Sex toys bring reliable joy anytime, but especially when you're in need of connection.
A connection can manifest in a multitude of ways. Exploring new avenues can renew closeness.
Prenuptial contracts aren't just for the rich and powerful anymore.
Stepping out on your partner is often the result of a much deeper issue within a relationship.
Platforms can both help and hinder a romance—it all depends on how you use them.
The fires of passion may have cooled down but that doesn't mean the spark is gone for good.
You're going to want to set a reminder for this.
Feeling jealous is a normal emotion, but unchecked it can do more harm than good.
It's hard to overstate the importance of this sex tape in the pop culture industrial complex.
Make the most of this romantic holiday, even when you're stuck at home.
Make the most of this romantic holiday, even when you're stuck at home.
Studies indicate that divorce rates are six times higher if couples meet on a dating app.
Take a look through a different lens to get the real scoop on marital bliss.
Adaptability and good communication take a couple a long way down the right road of divorce.
It's not as easy as one, two, three, but legal separation doesn't have to proceed painfully.
You need to know these things now if your hypothetical breakup starts shifting into reality.
You may get equal rights but not the same opportunities everywhere in the U.S.
The process can be challenging, but nurturing your relationship can help you cope.
Statistically, legal separations see an uptick after holidays, so what should you avoid?
Here's how to become a safe space so your friends and family feel they can open up.
Saying I'm sorry the wrong way can sometimes do more harm than good.
Your baby's needs must be met right this second, but you and your partner have needs, too.
Too much cuddling or sweet talk outside the bedroom might throw cold water on your relationship.
Find satisfaction through family and friends, but don't forget to give back in equal measure.
Strike a balance between privacy and honesty to build trust in your intimate partnerships.
Ahead of a new memoir, the actor and author shared his previously private relationship status.
How to have a successful consensual non-monogamous relationship.
On the latest 'Cardi Tries,' two icons celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.
Matrimony can be difficult to navigate when sex is no longer involved.
Couples living separately report relationship benefits after conscious resettling.
Having more than one partner may sound like a lot of fun, but it's not as easy as it sounds.
Separations are losing their stigma as people celebrate their newfound independence.
The 'LA's Finest' actor opens up about his relationship and talking to his teens.
If your sleep environment is a mess, your sex life could be a mess, too.
The comedian shares how he raises his kids—and how despite divorce, they 'came from love.'
There are many reasons couples break up, but infidelity seems to be a hard line.
After the momentous victory of marriage equality, are same-sex couples prepared to break up?
Lawyers can help you make the tough decisions, but they can't be your emotional support.
If it's not a "Hell, yes," it's a no.
'I never felt like I wasn't married to him, even when we got divorced.'
Helping your loved ones is good, but helping yourself may be best for all.
It's OK to miss being single when you're partnered up. And vice versa!
Almost half of American couples prefer to snooze separately—that's not news to take lying down.
The marriage is over, but the potential for a healthy future is good as you rebuild your life.
Whether it's helpful or harmful depends a lot on the couple, experts say.
We never imagine we'll lose it, but reclaiming your individuality could save your relationship.
While we're 'getting back to normal,' consider adding these recent practices to your lifestyle.
Staying in a marriage for your children might not be what's best for them...or for you.
Finding someone special is difficult enough, let alone trying to date when your ways are set.
The symptoms can complicate a lot of things—including your romantic life.
A sex educator discusses why therapy can be good for you and your loved ones.
My friend's divorced parents have a great relationship years after separating. How do I do that?
Once we understood our mismatched needs, we were able to reframe and rebuild the relationship.
Whether you want to party, crash or cozy up, it’s your choice how you spend this intimate time.
Your partner is struggling beyond your ability to help, but refuses to go to therapy. What now?
Are your arguments escalating? Research shows how you can resolve them effectively.
You may not love your partner's family, but mutual respect is essential for a happy marriage.
Overcoming divorce’s mental health impacts can help you move on without emotional baggage.
Protect your partnership from collapse by spotting the causes of marriage failure early.
You don't need to be on thin ice to benefit from it.
Abuse of all forms can create vicious cycles. Know when to step away.
Is your marriage worth saving? If so, marriage counseling might be your way home to each other.
Divorce doesn't have to be an agonizing event. Try these tips to navigate the process.
Marriage takes work, and if it doesn’t work out, there are several solutions.
The perks of separation are clear for some parents, but what about for the kids?
New resources can help you decide if having a child is the right fit for you.
The art of conflict resolution is one of the most valuable tools you and your partner can share.
Applying new facets of intimacy to your relationship can keep the embers burning.
Applying new facets of intimacy to your relationship can keep the embers burning.
Applying new facets of intimacy to your relationship can keep the embers burning.
Keeping your relationship fresh doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
The right professional can help you and your partner in the ways you need it most.
Though the process may be difficult, it’s never too late to be who you truly are.
Marriage can be a struggle, but with communication and compassion, you can overcome conflict.
Marriage isn't as universal as film and television would have us all believe.
Marriage rates have been declining for years, so what exactly are people doing instead and why?
You might think a domestic partnership is just marriage without the baggage. You'd be wrong.
Making such a move during an argument can sometimes be a sign of power, strength and commitment.
You owe it to yourself to debate every side of this issue before marrying or divorcing.
If the emotional support is gone and you feel better off alone, perhaps it's time to reassess.
Fight much? There's a quick but not-so-easy remedy that will help in a major, mature way.
Moving in with a partner changes a relationship's dynamic, for better and worse.
Being a divorced parent can be complicated, but you can still keep your kids' home life happy.
Affairs can be complicated situations. Is there a link between infidelity and ED?
Sometimes it's just not going to work. Breaking up may be the fastest way back to happiness.
If you find yourself wondering what else is out there in relationships, you're not the only one.
A thorough understanding of divorce can help ease any ensuing stress.
Cheating may be an alluring idea, but the painful ramifications are not worth it.
The tie that binds may feel a little too binding if you're in lockdown with your lover.
More traditional matchmaking hasn't vanished in the digital era, but it has evolved.
Give your marriage the best chance of success by getting on the right side of these statistics.
If you've never desired a relationship or been attracted to someone, perhaps you're aromantic.
If your past is weighing you and your sex life down, it's time to stop facing it alone.
Whether your relationship is rocky or rock-solid, the pandemic is revealing many truths.
Monogamy is just the way things are—right? Maybe not!
Stuck at home? Try these approaches to get your partner to shape up and put out for better sex.
Get out of your comfort zone and fantasize. It will add a little sizzle to your sex life.
To mate for life or for a season? Learn more about the science of back-to-back relationships.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.
Patience and compassion are key to helping your partner be more open and communicative.
A partner's infidelity can hurt. But you can find love again, in this relationship or a new one.
Emotional abuse can be subtle. Know the signs to watch for and the ways to get help.
Being married during a pandemic is a roller coaster, but it’s important to enjoy the ride.
Improve your quarantine sex life, while you and your better half endure the pandemic.