Living through COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone. The ongoing pandemic has changed so much about how we live our daily lives and even how we experience our relationships. People are losing their jobs or working from home, helping their kids keep up with school from home and rarely leaving the house. In spite of, or maybe because of, the severity of the situation, it’s important to relish in the small victories at home whenever possible.

For some married people, quarantining with their spouse may be a series of frustrating and repetitive moments. In my experience, however, COVID-19 has impacted my marriage in mostly positive ways. My partner and I were engaged before lockdown started and got married in October 2020 in our backyard. But I know that isn’t everyone’s experience.

While there are some clear ups and downs to handling COVID-19 as a married couple, it should be possible, even probable, to come out of this with a stronger relationship.

Up: Learn about spouse’s career

When you’re restricted to home and both you and your spouse are still working, you’re granted an opportunity to learn more about each other’s