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'Cheers' Actress Kirstie Alley Dies of Colon Cancer at Age 71

Details of her brief struggle with the disease surface.

By Giddy Staff

Friction Burns on the Penis Are No Laughing Matter

Learn how to ease the symptoms and redness, and prevent chafing here.

By Giddy Staff

Katie Couric Shares Breast Cancer Journey

The journalist says the diagnosis came as a shock, but she benefited from early detection.

By Giddy Staff

FDA Launches New Dietary Supplement Education Initiative

Consumers can now get better educated about over-the-counter products they might be considering.

By Giddy Staff

Culture and Entertainment

New Series: Sexual Health News With a Wink

The Quickie. A show for people who realize TikTok is a video platform, not a healthcare system

By Giddy Staff

Sex 101

How to Give Women Great Head, By Women

Take the guesswork out of the fine art of oral.

By Giddy Staff

Understanding Men's Fertility

A Male Birth Control Pill May Finally Be Close to Reality

Researchers are looking at a nonhormonal solution that might eliminate side effects.

By Giddy Staff